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Gotta agree with BangkokBuddy!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 18, 2011

Popped over to BangkokBuddy’s website, and saw that he had some very fitting thoughts about those impersonating our readers and contributors over on that other site.

the neurotics are coming out in full force.

it appears that some person on the site is pretending to be me.  they are using my real name and causing all kinds of havoc hurting people with insults and whatever they can contrive.

who could it be, you ask?  I guess I could find out if I tried to do so.  but in my experience, the best thing to do is to just ignore them. they’re not the kind of people you want to feed.

their lives are so mundane, they have to hurt others to find some happiness.  sad, frustrated, depressed souls forever destined to be tormented by their insecurities.

on my blog, I just turn off their comments using my “moderator”.  hehehe.  maybe when bigbabykenny gets tired of them, he can do the same.

BKKBuddy is pretty much spot on about his views about the sad loser over on BBK, impersonating him and many others on this site – “mundane… have to hurt others to find some happiness,  sad, frustrated, depressed souls forever destined to be tormented by their insecurities.” — yep, that about sums up our friendly sock-puppet over there.

Will BBK do anything about that? Not by a long shot – but we all knew that.

Kudos, BangkokBuddy – keep chasing those happy memories!


8 Responses to “Gotta agree with BangkokBuddy!”

  1. Daywalker said

    We all know how he can stop this. He could switch ON his Gravatar thingys so that the genuine registered posters are easily identified. This was enabled when he 1st launched the site. He turned it off when I posted a picture of him – in response to him posting a picture of my pals girlfriend. He didn’t like it when the tables were turned.

    I think you’ll find that he wont turn them back on because the majority if not all ‘idiotic’ comments come from the Prof himself.

    • I agree. Most of the comments on that site are created Kenny himself who can’t post under his own name because he is being monitored.

      So instead he sits alone at home on his blog making up new screen names and comments to pretend he has traffic and friends.


      Even worse, his peers, students and school administration read that shit all the time.

      They must be soooooooo proud of Little Kenny.

  2. MongerSEA said

    One is less inclined to take seriously a blog whose author is blind to the merits of capital letters and proper grammar.

  3. david shiel said

    Yeah right just ignoe it.

  4. BigDummyKenny said

    Another effective tool is blocking an IP. If a big dummy like me can figure it out certainly a MOTU like Kenny can. But then again, that would cut down the comments.

  5. SBDOTKU said

    @BDK, if he blocked the IP of his major posters (1 IP, multiple IDs I’m sure) the only question is would he have to just block his own IP or does he actually have one (of his 2, 3?) of his contributors with a worse case of multiple-personality disorder than he has?

    • Well, you have a number of identities posting from a Thai IP, several posting from a roadrunner cable modem in Northridge (same names also posting from CSUN addresses, still; and the connections from the T-Mobile address), and a half dozen different names posting from a Melbourne, Australia location.

      So, there’s at least three distinct commenters.

      Let’s see – Kenny (USA, Northridge), Prufrock (Thailand, Bangkok), moRonru (Melbourne, Australia). Weird how that matches. There’s also an occasional Perris, CA address, and an infrequent one from Pak Chong, around Khao Yai national park – each also with multiple names.

      … and Kenny’s still oblivious to blog security.

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