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Let’s Revisit Stats! Now Over 100,000 Served!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 20, 2011

We know a certain other website would frequently talk about gaining traction and being the new #1 in the Thailand blogging space. But when called on it, the response always lacked substance.

In most instances you wouldn’t get a response. Funny huh? Unlike that other place, we have no problem showing everyone what’s going on with the stats at

BigDummyKenny wasn’t started with the dream of becoming a commercial success. Just a place to have a little fun at Kenny’s expense and give everyone a place for their voice to be heard without the bullshit.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and reader’s submissions. It’s been an interesting and fun read.

Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!


6 Responses to “Let’s Revisit Stats! Now Over 100,000 Served!”

  1. Wow! I had no idea we were doing so well – and growing.

    I mean, we were being told repeatedly by ronru, Kenny and Prufrock that “no one ever goes to that site” – I am shocked, I tell you, shocked to find out that they might have been inaccurate.

  2. They are really good stats. Its a very good blog, that is why. Content is king.
    Has it always been this good, when did you start getting the real traffic and how?

    Do you intend to have a little advertising going on in the sidebar and try and make some money on the side?

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    @ SirMarjalot – The website is going through a bit of a revitalization. When that site was first started the content was mostly parody pieces directed at BBK.COM and traffic was maybe half of what you see in the latest stats.

    After BBK removed all the content from his website we didn’t have as much content to post and the visits dropped to the single digits. We started posting again on a regular basis in December and the numbers have grown to what you see now. As you noted, content is king and with new content we’ve gotten more readers which in turn has resulted in more content through reader contributions.

    At the current time there are no plans to make this a commercial endeavor. Just enjoying ourselves and swapping stories and experiences.


  4. Is their a term for when the parody site actually surpasses the original site? I mean, this place was setup to make fun of Professor Kenny Ng but it now has more traffic, more articles and usefulness than Ng’s blog.

  5. Oui, I just thought of that term.


    Chok Dee Na Krup!

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