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Thai Tatt Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on March 21, 2011

Cheese cake with a bit of a different flavor. Enjoy!


20 Responses to “Thai Tatt Cheesecake”

  1. David Shiel said

    Well good morning!

  2. wacka dacka dooo said

    Shit. I think I’ve been with half the girls on this page. Is it possible I’m spending too much time on Walking Street and Soi Cowboy?

  3. BangkokMilkshakes said

    this might be the best cheesecake so far, purely on the strength of that ass in the last picture.

  4. adman said

    Bangkok Milkshakes. Do not underestimate the strength of the ass in the middle photo, row 2.

    Wacka Dacka Doo. Yes, it may be time to find some new places to work into your rotation. As if I should talk. I also recognize a couple of those girls. 😉

  5. david shiel said

    Get off the funny pipe.

  6. SBDOTKU said

    Whoa, there is some serious ink on some of these girls. I have to admit, the tramp stamp right above the ass is a sure sign of a fun ride – mostly it has been the “pro/am” girls I have met that have had that type of tattoo. Some of the girls I’ve known have also had the mystic protective tattoos near their necks like the girl in the third row, left picture (label: tat2) but usually I’m not into the heavy tattooed girls. Though I did see this one girl with an odd tattoo above her breasts that grabbed my interest. The fact that she could shoot dart, play a horn and open a bottle with her happy hole has nothing to do with it. No really. Well, maybe a little…

  7. BigDummyKenny said

    @ SBDOTKU – Serious ink indeed. I’ve never been into girls with tattoos and that’s why they’ve generally been excluded from cheesecake posts in the past. As I’ve gotten them they’ve been filed in their own folder for special “tattcake” posts.

    “she could shoot dart, play a horn and open a bottle with her happy hole has nothing to do with it. No really. Well, maybe a little”

    Is there a story there? 😉

  8. I would like to dedicate my response from looking at these fine female canvas’, to Prufrock, who still hasn’t figured out that I’m not commenting over at Kenny’s site anymore (and haven’t for months) :

    “These are what a *man* does!”

    (… and not monologuing endlessly, lecturing sockpuppets about 9/11 – yeah, talk about a keen investigative sense – NOT!). 😉

  9. Bangers Bill said

    Wow! Look at all that ink! Awesome butt on #14.

    Overall a nice collection. Very nice.

  10. gogo monger said

    What a collection.

    tat6 and tat10 – same girl – cowboy gogo slut. Take a pass – starfish and wants the $$$$

    tat14 and tat9 from patts. tat9 was a go getter 😉

    tat5 looks familiar – thinking patts too

    Go after the pattaya tat girls – dirty and more fun than bkk girls 🙂

  11. Soi Walker said

    Hey hey The tattoos are ok but I’ll take the standard cheesecake. Bangkokmilkshakes is right about #14 tho as that is one great bubble butt for a thai

  12. BigBabyKenny said

    Where can I meet girls like these? As master of the GPS universe I can tell everyone where to find the underage Issaan girls but these reservation girls may be a bit out of my league. I will say that the tattoos are quite attractive. Most people don’t know that most of these girls get them as a permanent form of jewelry because you don’t need to put it on or take it off and it never gets lost.

  13. Prufrock said

    If you look carefully at these tattoos you can quite clearly make out:

    The location of the Knights Templar’s treasures and the Holy Grail.

    The deciphering algorithm required to map the location of planets with alien civilations hidden in crop circles.

    Look even closer at the back of the last lovely lady you can identify a nano-barcode. This nano-barcode contains all the details concerning Bush, Cheney and the cabal of bankster’s involvement in the September 11 attacks. The attacks of 911 was an inside job.


  14. Union Jack said

    I suddenly have an urge to go to Pattaya in search of a slut with a tattoo.

    @ Prufrock. Can you tell me what the hell you’re on about?

  15. adman said

    My suggestion: Don’t bother with the gogo girls and head straight to the clubs.

    The girls are more fun, better behaved and better looking.

  16. just lookin said

    Nice ass on tat5!

  17. Just Sayin said

    Yea these girls get around and yea I saw a couple of them shown here last weekend with older guys in tow. A cute face or body with the obvious tattoos make it way too easy to remember so if ya plan to take em out anywhere you should have em cover up cause you know them gals have some mileage on the odometer.

  18. oodle flip said

    don’t like the tattoos. but the cheese cake looks good.

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