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Angry Little Poodles…

Posted by BigDummyKenny on March 24, 2011

So, BBK goes after the Mango crew — who ignore him.

So, BBK goes after Pattaya Ghost — who ignores him.

So, BBK goes after Stickman — who ignores him

So, BBK goes after BangkokBuddy — who ignores him

So now BBK crew goes after Graham, again — who ignores him

All ignore him.

Desperate times.

Desperate measures.

All done for a higher purpose.

To elicit responses and traffic on his website.


33 Responses to “Angry Little Poodles…”

  1. “I rarely comment on things over there on Big Dummy because I never go there.” – Prufrock

    Here’s a question for you Prufrock: How is it you’re able to comment if you “never go there”?

    • But, he never comes here…. so how could he read what we wrote… 😉

      (don’t worry, Prufie, you’re secret’s safe with us… well, kinda)

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ RealDaffyDuck – He’s king of the conspiracy theories, right? Shouldn’t he be chasing after a new one with the Japan nuclear disaster? I think the 9-1-1 bit is about played out.

  2. david shiel said

    What insight.

  3. adman said

    I checked out their latest series of comments.


    Daywalker, you should expect another surge of new customers with BBK’s latest advertising campaign in full force.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      ROTFLOL. so true, so true.

      You might want to consider sending Kenny $1 or $2 for the promotional exposure he gives Big Mango.

      He needs it.

  4. RealDaffyDuck said

    I love reading comments – best one so far:

    “You’re probably stupid enough to believe it’s actually Daywalker, Bigblackgulliver or Daffyduck commenting.”

    Funny thing is, they are, especially Prufrock.

    Of course, Kenny could dispell that misimpression, but seeing Prufie stumbling around pointing his finger at anything that moves, screaming “Daffy, j’accuse!”, heck, I wouldn’t tell him either.

    Maybe he gets pointers from the voices in his head?

  5. The Man said

    This Prufrock character has little life but these blogs. Or so it seems.

  6. bigblackgulliver said

    Well obviously Prufrock is the balloon chasing guy who drinks the free booze and hates the bar/owners. Case closed, if there was any doubt.

  7. Farang Guy said

    So anyone care to explain what this feud between BigBabyKenny and BigDummyKenny is all about? From the comments I see they are worked up about something and you guys seem to just be making fun of them. What gives?

  8. Top Shotta said

    @ FArang Girl

    Kenny started a site

    Daffy didn’t like it

    so tried to destroy kennys site

    kennys mates told him to fuck off

    now daffy and his mates are trying to destroy kenny again

    nothing like a history lesson 😉

  9. adman said

    Daffy Duck,

    Please allow me to respond to the ill informed sockie “Top Shotta”.

    To start I’m calling bull-sheeet on his comment.

    Daffy Duck initially supported BigBabyKenny. He thought Kenny was being judged and criticized unfairly. He believed Kenny’s claims that it was the Big Mango guys behind comments. Graham invited Daffy Duck to a meeting. He accepted the invitation from Graham. He went to the Big Mango and saw what was going on himself.

    Daffy Duck asked questions and Kenny refused to answer them. Daffy Duck persisted. Daffy Duck realized Kenny was full of bullshit. The Kenny sycophants didn’t like it and attacked him. The attacks continue today.

    Nobody is attacking Kenny. Many people are critical of Kenny. Anyone correcting Kenny or who is critical of what he says is attacked.

    Kenny’s mates continue to attack the Big Mango and Duke of Wellington Pub owners due to their hatred.


    Look at his website and make your own judgment.

    If you listen to “Top Shotta” you’re getting a revisionist’s history lesson.

    Many people think Kenny is way off track on what he posts. You don’t need to be affiliated with any group of people or bar to hold that viewpoint. The supporters of BigBabyKenny think otherwise.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Well summarized, my friend.

      We do need to add, for our friend shotta / ronru / raul / bill, that the BigDummy site was created as a satirical site by BigDummy (and not myself), who is and remains the owner of this site. This just to dispel the popular misconception that this is my site (it isn’t), a belief particularly held by Señor Prufrock.

      Then again, Prufrock still believes he’s talking and engaged in an active conversation with me, declaring every new sockpuppet to be “Daffy” and being pissed that “I” don’t answer.

      I haven’t posted on the BBK site in nearly 3 months.

      So much about Prufie’s investigation skills and insight.

      By the way, “shotta”, glad you got your courage up
      again to start commenting. Desperate times, eh? Seems you haven’t learned from history. 😉

  10. Top Shotta said

    Adman (still a faggot?) lol just joking 🙂
    Kennys not the sharpest tool in the box – but he means well.
    No body gives a monkeys about the duke or the mango. sink or swim – good luck. 911 was an inside job. you and yer ilks denial of this has set the dogs on ya. thats all.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @Top Shotta – You’re looking at the wrong website. Need some help? Every day the goofballs are talking about either the Duke, Big Mango or their owners.

      E-mail me. I can provide the link if you want.

  11. Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho said

    Whoaaa. You guys really pissed off the sockpuppets on BBK – they’re going ape shit over there. What’s the deal? Maybe the bullshit award go to em? They’ve got one big hard on for ya.

    You guys knew it was coming tho cause it’s right there in the BigBabyKenny tweet tweet!

    Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho

  12. RealDaffyDuck said

    “Whoaaa. You guys really pissed off the sockpuppets on BBK – they’re going ape shit over there. What’s the deal? Maybe the bullshit award go to em? They’ve got one big hard on for ya.”

    I think they are starting to painfully realize that no one cares about anything over there anymore, and that subsequently they are in single-digit traffic numbers, and just *maybe* someone has realized that myself, and others, actually haven’t posted over there in months and months… maybe… and now someone’s desperately vying for the attention they let slip through their fingers — particularly since *we* have started to have ourselves real traffic, a real audience, and a real community of fun-loving readers…

  13. The Judge said

    The evidence is overwhelming that you have a group of miscreants occupying the website known as who have nothing better to do with their life. Their continuous attacks are a sad reflection of their pathetic so called lives where they are no doubt chided and isolated from their community and society in general. Surely they stay locked in their home most days because of their fear of dealing with unknown spontaneous situations which occur when interacting with other people. Thus they cower in their room, well hidden from the public view plotting their next virtual assault.

    They are nothing more than cowards.

  14. poodle said

    I am poodle. That dog in the picture isn’t a poodle. Don’t defame poodles, we’re cute.

  15. david shiel said

    way to much time on your hands, get a fucking life. Besides nobody really gives shit about what you think.

  16. Top Shotta said

    @ The Judge
    Are you a homo? – or maybe just a feminist?

    • david shiel said

      How about lucky.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Looks to me like we’re going to have to start curating posts again. Ah, the price we pay for a well-manicured lawn.

    • The Judge said

      @Shoddy- You’ve got some crossed wiring. Either take your medication or don’t comment while you’re drinking. It is so ordered.

  17. david shiel said

    Yeah,I forgot, Stewie and Brian are two of my favorite Charactors likewise.

  18. Top Shotta said

    anyone here go on regular visa runs and screw pretty girls in the border towns?

  19. Top Shotta said

    nope – didn’t think so

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      You know, you gotta give people more than 90 minutes to respond to you – especially considering you don’t respond to questions posed to you. Just keepin’ things real.

    • @Top Shotta – Hey there King of the One Liner, sounds like you’re a big time play-ah.

      Perhaps you could share your stories of conquest and virility? If not of your border town conquests maybe some in town adventures.

  20. Big Black Gulliver said

    I’m in Virginia right now, I got screwed and its near the Maryland border, does that count?

  21. adman said

    BigBlackGulliver. I think that does qualify. Unless she was over 60kg. Then it never happened.

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