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Hat Tip to Saphan Loy!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 27, 2011

Just saying “Hi!” to Saphan Loy for yet again giving us a chuckle:

It has been clear for some time now that the BBK blog has been abandoned to all but a few lonely, schizophrenic and probably homeless men posting commentary from a public library somewhere. A high limit poker room? Hardly. More like an uncomfortable teacher’s lounge at a large, mediocre state university, where tense, resentful smiles are exchanged in lieu of pleasantries.


6 Responses to “Hat Tip to Saphan Loy!”

  1. Soi Walker said

    This kenny fellow is doing a rather good job alienating everyone in the Thailand blogging space. Saphan Loy’s description of BBK.COM as a wall of graffiti is a perfect description.

    “not unlike the walls of a shitter in a public men’s room. ”

    Well put.

  2. I love how Kenny has started to recycle his photos now. How many times have we seen those same same girls dancing on top of the cars in Issan.

    He must be out of pictures to post, other than the underage ones he has.

    I look forward to Saphan Loy’s review of Bangkok Buddy!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “I look forward to Saphan Loy’s review of Bangkok Buddy!”


      I’d almost have Kenny to thank for discovering SaphanLoy – I really enjoy his writing.

      My guess is that he’s run out of pictures, and considering his PNG status, he won’t be getting any new ones anytime real soon. I’d offer to take some new pictures and send them to him, but I’m afraid my quality is not up to Kenny’s criteria…

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    It’s hard to believe that Kenny’s decided to go after Saphan Loy. I can smell a virtual literary BBQ cooking. Don’t do it BBK! Just say nooooooo.

    Too late.

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