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More Thai Tattcake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on March 28, 2011

What can I say. We were overstocked in tatt cheesecake.


18 Responses to “More Thai Tattcake”

  1. I wish they wouldnt

  2. Bangers Bill said

    Ink with Soi Cowboy and Pattaya sluts. Like peanut butter and jelly, they belong together.

  3. MongerSEA said

    Whorehouse Quality Photography if nothing else.

  4. BangkokMilkshakes said

    nothing approaching the quality of the ass in the last picture of the previous collection

  5. BigDummyKenny said

    @ BangkokMilkshakes – What can I tell you. It’s the leftover cake.

  6. BarRaider said

    WTF is that on the back of @21 and #46 (bottom left)? A couple of the ugliest tattoo’s I’ve seen in a long time.

    Well, OK. There was this one on the stomach of a girl in Shark Bar I bar fined a couple years ago that was damn ugly too. Looked like the artist was buzzed and had to start over a couple times.

    • alib said

      Saw #46 and the tattoo a few nights ago! Ugly tattoo is right and she’s got the attitude to match. All friendly and flirts to get ya to pay her bar. You’ll see the Jekyll to Hyde change when you get her back to the hotel. If you go to Baccara stay away from Gao unless you want a starfish who can’t wait to leave after business is done.

    • adman said

      Oh I don’t know. Nothing says, “take a look at my cheap bargirl date” more than a bunch of tattoos on a girl in a backless or low cut dress.

      The butterfly on the right shoulder is OK, but I’d agree the other one is quite ugly.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @BarRaider, adman & alib

      Ugly tattoos are what happens when a Thai hooker has too much free time, money and is drunk at the end of the night.

      Correction: scratch “Thai”


    • uhhhh-huh said

      Late night and yea, #46 at Baccara. Yea, saw her dancing and YEA, that is one ugly tattoo an she’s got another ugly one on her left arm.

      I like the one on #50 and the butterfly above #28’s butt is cool.

      #37 is funny. Wonder what makes a girl get something like that?

    • #37 – a good sense, and a lack of respect for her own skin.

    • #46 – yeah, but can you overlook the ugly tattoo, in favor of her other qualifications?

    • Uhhhh-huh said

      “can you overlook the ugly tattoo, in favor of her other qualifications?”

      Not me. Going on the way she looks those other qualifications are so-so. Too many other girls in Baccara that outshine.

    • “Too many other girls in Baccara that outshine.”

      That, certainly, is true!

  7. Soi Walker said

    In my humble opinion many of the girls who work the low season are damaged in one way or another. My observations have been that those girls working out of necessity have made their money and gone back home. They were able to save the money they made during the high season and want to be with their families.

    Many of the girls working now have the stereotypical thai bargirl issues: someone in the family or their boyfriend has gambling issues, the girl has drug addiction issues, the girl just can’t manage money. Many of them are in a cycle they can’t get out of and no amount of money you give them is going to change that. There are those who have just started that are the exception, but for the most part these girls are real charmers in the bar and something different once they get in private. Buyer beware.

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