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SBDOTKU: Return to Man Heaven – Part 2

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on March 31, 2011

First, an apology, I know that this part A) took too long and B) is too short. I’m already in the middle of part 3 but this was a just a logical stopping point. So enjoy and part 3 is coming soon! (Link to Part 1)

Next day, more fun. I’ve been to the LoS enough to know any warning signs of the girl becoming clingy or trying to scam – my new sweetie was refreshingly free of B.S. So that meant she could stick around some more. Did I mention the gorgeous face, gravity proof breasts and the ability to orgasm on cue? They have nothing to do with my decision, no really…well, maybe a little. OK, a LOT. Off to MBK where I watched to see if the claws would come out and reach for my wallet…

Nope. Once again she was extremely refrained. I ended up buying her a purse for 300 B and of course paid for the movie and food. We went to my favorite sushi place in SEA, Fuji – pretty good sushi at a pretty good price. I’m a huge sushi eater, and am always amazed,  the Thai wasabi is actually hotter than in other countries, including Japan, go figure. Then it was off to the movies.

Three-D effects make my sweetie woozy so we settled for the posh VIP theater with the big fluffy chairs and blankets. Let me say that that will probably be the last time I buy tickets for the VIP theater in MBK. They had the air con cranked so high that me and my sweetie were still FREEZING even after stealing extra blankets from empty seats nearby.  Yeah, we get it, the idea is to snuggle in, but it had to be around 10 C in there and this was my second experience with the AC monster in that particular theater. Unless the idea is to have people start sharing seats (which could lead to other things) they have got to change the temperature.

After food and the movie it was back to the hotel to get ready to go out for the evening.

My sweetie wanted to check out other gogos because she obviously never has a chance. “What’s that honey? You want me to take you to clubs full of hot naked women so we can ogle them? Well, OK, but only for you.” *GRIN* So off we went to Angelwitch, because she heard the dancing and choreography were different than her bar and she wanted to check it out. I got the idea that she wasn’t as impressed as she thought she would be because after less than an hour she was ready to go.

Next, I decided to check out this new gogo I had heard about called DC3. Located on the second floor of NEP on the left side, DC3 is very small. I didn’t realize how small until I entered and sat down. (FYI, they had a smoking hot greeter I would have gotten to know if I wasn’t already attached.) It is about the same size as, well, a small airplane, or standard bus. Bench seating ran down each side of the place facing the center of the room where there is a small raised dance area runs down most of the middle of the room. The small bar and toilet are located in the back.

There were a few small groups of customers, with one guy who seemed to be holding court with tequila shots flowing and a group of girls surrounding him. We sat down and ordered drinks and watched the girls. The “airplane” theme goes as far as having the girls wear little silky old school stewardess hats. I’m sure it isn’t easy to get quality girls for a new place, and the girls present definitely reflected this. My girl suddenly got mischievous and jumped onto the little stage and began to shake her stuff (you do remember me mentioning that she is a fantastic dancer, right?). Yes, she easily put the other girls to shame.

So there were no hard feelings I bought some drinks and we chatted with the girls, all was good. Then the bartender/waitress came by and gave us drinks from the gentleman with the harem. We thanked him and we went down to meet him.

It turns out he is the owner. Nice guy, I wish him well with his endeavor. He complemented me on my choice of companion and I advised that she was a feature girl at a Cowboy gogo to which he nodded in understanding. We were having fun hanging out, chatting with the owner, his girlfriend and the girls, with my sweetie shaking her stuff every so often. But soon another small group of guys came in. I could overhear them and so could tell they were African (I mean apart from having black skin, obviously). They then proceeded to light up cigarettes that seemed to belch twice as much smoke as normal (no, they did not smell any different than normal tobacco cigarettes). That was the cue for me and my sweetie to take our leave.

Once again it was off to my hotel to pound like bunnies and me watching her explode like a firecracker. Damn, I was addicted to her crack!  But it would be “sawatdee krap” tomorrow as I was to get on a plane to Chiang Mai. (End Part 2)

4 Responses to “SBDOTKU: Return to Man Heaven – Part 2”

  1. BigDummyKenny said

    Any girl that can wear a carbon fiber bra has my respect.

  2. SBDOTKU said

    It’s actually black lace. I did mention she had some of the best breasts I have ever seen? Sincerely, there is something about Thai women. They have the best breasts I have ever seen. They’re like helium filled oranges/grapefruits. Perfectly round and right below their chin. And no, it is not just that they are youthful. I’ve had plenty of females in my life and the Western girls (white ones anyway) didn’t have breasts like these.

    And just for the record, yes, the opening picture on Part 1 and this opening picture (Daffy added the cockpit and Fuji pics) are of the young lady I have been talking about.

  3. Soi Walker said

    Really nice breasts. How many days did you hang with her?

    • SBDOTKU said

      Quiet a few, though I am about to talk about some others (yes, part three will be sent by tomorrow) – Not that I didn’t dig her stuff, I think it is obvious that I did, but y’know, when you are a kid in a candy store, why confine yourself to just one of your favorites?

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