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A fairly frequent customer

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 1, 2011

Seriously, dude, nicely said — though funny that they thought you were Graham. Hilarious, even.

In the interim, Prufrock continues his fervent and obsessive one-man conversation with “Daffy” — which is hilarious seeing as how I haven’t commented over there, going on 4 months, now.

Of course, this coming from Prufrock, the guy who claims razor-sharp investigative skills, and insightful abilities to uncover conspiracies – yet can’t even figure out that he’s talking to sock-puppets that have zero relationship to me (nor can he figure out that BigBabyKenny = Just Saying).

Anyway – kudos!


23 Responses to “A fairly frequent customer”

  1. Daywalker said

    I think I know the guy, although not sure. Just recently we’ve had many new customers in the bar and I have to say, they’ve all been pretty nice to chat with. If there are Kenny ‘cells’ in the Mango then they’re doing a good job!

    To the idiots on Kennys site. I DONT COMMENT THERE. When I did in the early days, it was in my name. How many times do I have to tell them that I don’t hide from them. They are the ones hiding!

    If they had balls, they’d come say this shit to my face

    • adman said

      “Just recently we’ve had many new customers in the bar”

      An unintended consequence of their continued efforts to in some way harm you guys financially.

      Quite amazing, isn’t it? I see right through the fake Big Mango personas they post under to keep the Big Mango in the center of attention. Yet Kenneth Ng has carried on with his personal campaign against the Big Mango for almost 2 years!

      They are hoping it will drive people away. At the very least it’s having no effect or quite possibly doing the opposite. I wouldn’t have known about the bar if not for his non-stop rants.

      Thanks Professor!

      At this point I believe we should call it an advertising campaign.

  2. Daywalker said

    And can someone please change the link on Kennys site from some Oil & Gas Workers (one of which shares my name) to an actual picture of ME??


    Who’d have thought that there would be more than 1 Jones in the Oil Industry?!?!

    • Next thing we’ll discover there’s more than one ‘Smith’. Where will it end.

      Yeah, like you, I have no problem posting as “me” (RealDaffyDuck), and if I had anything to tell them, I’d post it under my regular name there.

      Of course, in contrast, who do we know who frequently posts under different alas’ “because this is the Internet and it’s fun”.? Well, newsflash for Prufie – no one is anonymous on the Internet (isn’t that right, Paul?), and double newsflash for “Kenny” with that same message.

  3. Kipper said

    I just posted a comment over there. It’s obvious what’s going on. I think they actually believe they’re fooling people.

    Though I must say I’m surprised you give them any mention here. What’s the point?

    I like what I see here with the content about Thailand and experiences you guys have in Thailand instead of the one trick pony discussions that defines Big Baby Kenny. Looking at the statistics you guys posted, it appears that as content has focused less on BBK your visitor count has gone up.

    I do miss the parody stuff though. Some of it was pure gold.

    • I don’t think the parody stuff is going away, but we are going to be cutting our connection and association (so to speak) with Kenny, the disgraced CSUN economics professor, before long – as you observed, we seem to be doing far better with him out of the picture, than when our focus was on BBK.

      As for why give him any mention – well, Prufie is easy. The guy doesn’t even need any of us to push his buttons, he does it all on his own. I bet he twitches when a squirrel climbs the tree outside his window, or when a leaf falls from the sky, calling both of the “Daffy, I know this is you!”.

      Damn, I don’t want to be some hapless caller that might inadvertently call Prufie’s mobile on accident with a ‘wrong number’ – just imagine.

    • “I just posted a comment over there.”

      What did you post? Did you get attacked and maligned 😉

      “It’s obvious what’s going on. I think they actually believe they’re fooling people.”

      What’s obvious is that a disgraced CSUN economics professor, posting as “Just Saying“, trusts the person advising him on “internet matters” far too much — especially considering he continues making a fool of himself. I’m sure he actually considers the guy advising him to be an “expert”, when he’s actually the laughing stock of anyone who knows anything in this field. Say, we haven’t seen “Raul from Venezuela” in quite a while…. Hmm….?

      Yeah, I think you’re right, they actually think they are fooling people – especially when there’s a disgraced CSUN economics professor lecturing on how HR departments work. Quite amusing, all things considered.

  4. Daywalker said

    I would actually like to say at this point that I bear no malice towards Prufrock and have a lot of time for the guy.

  5. Sardo Numsy said

    How do I look?

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    A great write-up posted on Saphan Loy. Nuff Said!

  7. fender said

    I do love the censorship going on over there now: any and all references to Team Yellow are summarily deleted.

    Why would the champion of free speech do this?  My best guess is that he’s worried about offending someone, showing up on the wrong list somewhere in a Thai visa office and not being allowed entry on his next sex tourist holiday. 

    Isn’t the genesis of, his entire raison d’être and wellspring of his vendetta, a noxious post about stalking girls at religious sites, that was pulled down because the site owners, who lived & worked in Bangkok, were concerned about Kenny’s post offending the wrong person in their host country (well, that and they realized the article was gross)?  

    Such hypocrisy of course comes as no surprise from Kenneth Ng.  But come on.  There must plenty of countries a sex tourist can go to hit on girls in university libraries and get drunk with 15 year-olds in karaoke bars.  

    It’s like Jack Nicholson  said in “As Good As It Gets” when asked how he writes women so well: “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.” At long long last, can you grow a pair, bitch?

    (By the way, did anyone ever check to see if he’s related to Charles?)

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Yeah, odd that, about the Champion of Censorship … I mean … Free speech.

      Not only are all references to Team Yellow removed (probably for the reasons you outlined) but all links posted to BDK are magically transformed into a link to ‘rate my doodie” (which is exactly what you think it is), which just demonstrates how low Ng is willing to drop – just goes to show that we have advanced in his and his sycophants’ minds to a serious threat to his ‘superiority’.

      He knows that if you remove Prufie’s traffic of dozens of socks, as well as Mr.PornMerchant’s, that he is ultimately left with single digit traffic – particularly now that there is a coordinated effort to completely isolate and abandon him and his site.

      … which of course won’t stop Prufie from holding court and addressing every single of his own socks as “Daffy! J’accuse!”

    • adman said

      Correct on all points fender. Yes, Kenny’s battle with The Big Mango started for the reason you stated. Kenny’s group of sycophants are no less guilty of many of the same things they claim the owners and regulars of the Big Mango have done. Prufrock is probably the worst offender of the group. How many times has he championed Kenny’s free speech, no censorship policy when we’ve all seen otherwise? Add that to his 911 rants and he continues to solidify his position as some sort of court jester.

      Kenny has managed to up the ante in the way he continues to alienate people. He’s not satisfied with alienating his own audience and raises the bar by adding bloggers to his list of people he’s offended. How many is it now?

      I’ve said it and other people have said it; he could end all this but chooses not to. His attitude toward expats living in Thailand is nothing less than pure jealousy. He’s failed miserably in his efforts to one up them as a source of accurate information about Thailand. Something that to this day bothers him no end.

      People visit his website for much the same reason people go to the freak shows at the circus: sheer curiosity to observe the bizarre behavior of nature’s mutants.

  8. “People visit his website for much the same reason people go to the freak shows at the circus: sheer curiosity to observe the bizarre behavior of nature’s mutants.”

    The trainwreck syndrome – plus, everybody wants to see how it comes to a bitter end.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Well, get ready for a multi-train and multi-track disaster because Little Kenny Ng is on his CSUN Spring Break for the next week!

      So watch and see the postings and fake names pickup and he starts to lose it with waaaayyyyy tooooo much time on his hands.

  9. fender said

    A train wreck & a freak show are both great analogies. Maybe a train crashing into a freak show. Or a train carrying a freak show that crashes. Into an leper colony. It’s god-awful, but compelling in the way it provides a window into a broken psyche. I find reading his website is like watching old Hanna Barbera cartoons or Davey & Goliath episodes.

    Anyway, I think this may be what a dead website looks like, though. Ng can keep it going like this as long as he want (or at least until someone makes him take risperidone to quiet the voices in his head).

    RDD: “Charles” is Charles Ng, an all-around great guy. Look him up on Wikipedia. Or a serial killer database.

    • “It’s god-awful, but compelling in the way it provides a window into a broken psyche.”

      I used to think that his inane ramblings are just done tongue-in-cheek, until I realized the guy is serious about everything he writes (either as himself, or as “Just Saying”…)

      By the way, I think Prufrock is being honest when he says that he doesn’t post under different alias – most parallel personalities cohabitating a multiple-personality disorder sufferer aren’t aware of the other personalities 😉

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Agreed, its pretty much over when the host can’t post under his own moniker anymore.

      The site only lives now in a futile attempt to increase google hits related to three names in a sad attempt to get even.

      Proof positive that Kenny Ng got really hurt out of this ordeal and feels the need for eye for an eye revenge. Revenge I doubt he will ever see.

      I see little difference between Ng and the Sex-pats he rails about.

      They both gave up a lot after getting the slightest whiff of Thai pussy. Same same no differant. Nuff Said!

  10. “The site only lives now in a futile attempt to increase google hits related to three names in a sad attempt to get even.”

    Yet, even at that they fail miserably — and there’ll be a big surprise around the next corner, and a lesson.

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