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Lach: Dating Agencies In Thailand

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 3, 2011

Firstly let me say I didn’t think I was the type of guy who would end up using the services of a dating agency. I suppose we all have rose coloured glasses when we look in the mirror and I see a reasonably good looking, fit, 40 year old who is able to play the dating game with western women well (its just a shame that my tastes have turned from western women). But what I found is that Thailand is different when it comes to meeting good thai girls (GTG).

In a word it is difficult!

Like many farang, I had done the usual circuit of bars, go gos, discos and the like and had my share of the trials and tribulations of the naughty Thai girl. Don’t get me wrong I had plenty of fun and sex doing this but when it came to looking beyond the sex it became clear after a few bad experiences that I was looking in all the wrong places. We have all seen the articles on websites like this, Stickman, etc of the “bar girl done me wrong.” Looking back I cant believe I wasted all that time and money thinking I could take the bar out of the girl!

I went and tried to meet GTG’s in a range of places including shops, restaurants, etc. I didn’t go as far as Kenny suggested in trying to meet them at shrines and temples! I don’t have a huge circle of normal Thai male or female friends so this avenue for meeting GTG’s was not available for me. What I found is that in everyday situations, even with good game, it is hard to meet GTG’s due to language and cultural issues and their general shyness. I can tell you I had a few embarrassing moments along the way.

An expat friend of mine suggested trying a relationship agency and gave me a recommendation of one he had used. The fees seemed reasonable at $500 – equivalent to a couple of nights out cruising Cowboy or NEP so I thought what the hell lets give it a go!

I made contact and was sent a profile form to complete which I duly returned. There weren’t too many lies in there and those that were could be considered “Thai lies” after all up until now my Thai relationships had been with bar girls. I communicated with the agency via email on what I was looking for in a relationship and they matched me with 6 ladies. My profile was circulated to these ladies to see if they wanted to meet me – 5 did and 1 didn’t. I was then sent the profiles of the five ladies to see if I wanted to meet them. The profiles contained a lot of information and I found it quite useful in developing my initial impressions about the GTG’s. I opted to meet all 5 and so began my initial courtship. Language, especially written English, is a major barrier and not to be underestimated but the agency helped overcome this with some translation which was included in my once off fee. After communicating via email I narrowed my choices to 4 and then spoke with the ladies via phone for several weeks.

I then arranged with the agency to have a first date with all four and they set this up and attended each meeting for about 20 minutes to make sure all of us were relaxed and that I wasn’t some sort of homicidal maniac! I am not kidding all the GTG’s had heard stories of girls going away to foreign countries and being harmed or enslaved so it is a real fear to overcome.

My first dates consisted of meeting in a coffee shop (usually Emporium) and then dinner or a movie. I had a great time with all of them but I really clicked with 1 lady almost immediately. There was a real chemistry straight away that is quite hard to describe – I guess we both felt at ease with one another immediately.

I should point out that my grasp of Thai is really limited but the agency did spend time with me explaining Thai etiquette and providing me with some basic Thai conversation. With this and the GTG’s limited English we were able to muddle through our dates with plenty of laughs.

After our first dates the agency spoke to the ladies and then myself on how the dates went. I had positive feedback from all but in particular the GTG I clicked with. So I made the decision to spend more time with this lady and get to know her better.

We went on a range of regular dates after this and slowly but surely got to know each other better. The agency kept in regular contact with both of us to see how our relationship was going and provided the occasional help when words or actions got lost in translation. The key here is that most Thai ladies say one thing but mean another and this takes some time in coming to grips with. But I guess all women throughout the world are like this.

It has now been 6 months since I first met May and our relationship is still going strong. The difference between GTG’s and bar girls is like chalk and cheese. There are none of the games and lies that were part of my past Thai relationships and I can tell you it is a refreshing change. I truly feel I can be myself and that is enlightening. Who knows what the future will bring for us and neither of us are in any particular rush.

Now I cant say that using an agency is for everyone. If you are looking for hook-ups then you are better sticking to and the other myriad of websites that are predominantly filled with working girls. If you want a quickie then there are thousands of bars, go gos and massage shops to meet your needs. But when you finally reach that stage when you want something more than that, then using an agency to both screen the girls and break the ice is a real option.


5 Responses to “Lach: Dating Agencies In Thailand”

  1. Well I hope you are staying away from Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza

  2. lach said

    Sir Marjalot – luv your blog and ramblings!!!

    I still go to Cowboy once in a blue moon when i have friends in town and do the tour guide thing. NEP was never my scene. The teerak understands this but being a GTG does not accompany me and there is a real trust of her in me – i guess unlike bar girls she hasnt had her heart broken by too many farangs yet.

    The difference is i havent bar fined a girl in 6 months. We are still in that early stage where i am getting more sex than i can handle and not having to wrap the merchandise is a big ++++. Its also a lot more passionate and definitely not mechanical

    My stomping ground has moved to thonglor with the occassional trip to RCA and Bed supperclub.

    My circle of thai friends is expanding to as i socialise with her friends.

    All in all it is a lot different and much more satisfying than my naughty boy adventures in Cowboy and NEP.

    • “The difference is i havent bar fined a girl in 6 months. We are still in that early stage where i am getting more sex than i can handle and not having to wrap the merchandise is a big ++++. Its also a lot more passionate and definitely not mechanical”

      Just be careful for there not to be a little Lach showing up unexpectedly – not quite sure you’d want that.

  3. Glad to hear it Lach, was a good story read a few success stories like this, use to be a regular monger on the WSG who took his teerak back to the USA and got a family now, last I knew was very happy with his choice.

    But, its not just the girls you cant take the bar out of its the boys too. 🙂 Good luck mate

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I think you hit upon an equally important point, notably many of the boys being just as much part of the problem.

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