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Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part II – Koh Kood Resorts

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 4, 2011

My assistant checked on and booked Koh Kood Resort and Neverland resort. We figured on staying at each, for a night each, and then decide which is better. 

The short summary : I get 3-5 bars of True and EDGE at Koh Kood Resort, and ‘NO SIGNAL’ at Neverland. One guess where I’m at..? 😉

Lush, Green, Peaceful - Koh Kood Resort

Here’s my first impressions of Koh Kood Resort:
Koh Kood Resort has a nice open air lobby / reception / restaurant area.

This is the breakfast area - some seasonal repairs were being done

The bungalows are arranged downslope towards the beach, most with a direct view of the beach. The bungalows are basic, but have air condition and hot water, with a nice veranda to sit on, and enjoy the area.

This is a view from my bungalow's veranda

Next up, Neverland Resort:

Neverland Resort - palm trees, soft grass, stilted huts.

I’m not entirely sure if the naming of the resort was due to the owner’s affinity for J.M. Barrie’s timeless classic, or an enduring fascination with the King of Pop, but it certainly lived up to it’s name either way.
The beach at Neverland is dreamy, rooms are similar – a bit recessed from the beach, but it’s only a short walk across soft verdure away. That’s the sunset reflecting off the water in the distances, through the palm trees.
A nice touch

Neverland Resort - Lobby, reception, restaurant

The sunset reflecting off the water, shining through the palms...

Of course, both claim to have satellite wifi (remember, I triple checked) – neither do (“no hab’ today” – remember, I triple checked), and both have staff overwhelmed by so much as plugging a cable in – the guys from Neverland tried to get their satellite internet system up and running, so kudos to them for trying, but best as I can figure out, they didn’t pay for the service during the low season, so there wasn’t going to be anything happening there…. I don’t blame them — the staff aren’t exactly technical, and wouldn’t be surfing the web anytime soon, and we were the *only* guests at the resort.

Extra iPhone juice...

Fortunately, I came well prepared for this foray into wilderness and unexplored Thai territories – and having dealt with empty promises of internet previously at island resorts (“Yes, hab’, hab’, jing jing!” only to be followed by “mai mee, soorreeee!” upon arrival, I knew I had to bring my own infrastructure.
The internet connectivity was provided by my trusty iPhone , and the relatively stable cellular EDGE network provided by TRUEmove, which has excelled my expectations by being *nearly* everywhere (it turns out that *only* the reception area on Koh Kood resort had no… reception. Yeah, ironic, but the rest of the resort was well covered.
This left only a concern over reliable power – enter, The Power of the Sun™ — I picked up a couple of extra battery powered chargers for the iPhone at Panthip Plaza before our departure – what set these apart is that they also had a solar charging component. Leave then in the sun, like on the veranda, or a dry spot by the beach, and in a couple of hours the power packs’ battery was fully charged again.

...powered by the sun!

Overall, this proved to be a wise, but unnecessary precaution, as all resorts had pretty stead power (albeit, just as everywhere in Thailand, without the benefit of Ground).
We did experience a couple of power outages, resulting in romantic candle light vigils, and even more of a “back to nature” feel for the trip – but none lasted more than a couple of hours (in other words, just like being in Bangkok).
Next up: “The beaches, what about the beaches!?”

4 Responses to “Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part II – Koh Kood Resorts”

  1. MongerSEA said

    Travel Brochure Quality Photography if nothing else.

  2. Big Black Gulliver said

    Daffy, a couple of days without the iPhone, iPad, Macbook and whatever else you have would be good for you!

    • SBDOTKU said


      You do know this is iDaffy 2.0, right? I’m sure the boy’s parts are shaped like iPhone charge adapters by now!

      @Daffy – Beaches? Forget that, You’ve seen one beautifully stunning sunset on a pristine white sand beach in a tropical paradise, you’ve seen them all. I assume this place was BYOTG. So…let’s see a pic or two?

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