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Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part III – The Beaches

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 7, 2011

iPhone GPS – FTW

There were effectively two beaches for us to compare — the one at the Koh Kood resort, and the one at Neverland resort – they were quite different.

Koh Kood Resort appears to have originally been a rock strewn beach, which the resorts in that bay cleared to create a sandy beach.

Rocks to the right...


Beautiful beach in the center

Beautiful beach in the center

...and rocks to the left

This is in fact quite nice, with the rocky ends enclosing the beach nicely and offering some nice tide pools to explore in the mornings. The beach-ends are remarkably clean, for Thai beaches, but that may also be because this is a remote area *and* we were nearly the only visitors at the resorts.


Neverland Resort is an all-natural sandy beach, that stretches from each side of the bay to the other.

In case it needed to be reiterated – we were the ONLY guests at Neverland resort (there were, I believe, 3 guests at Koh Kood Resort), and hence also the only people on the beach.

No people to the right:

No people to the left:

But we did have company on the beach, though — of course, you know it (wait for it) — A DOGGIE!

Determined to catch his dinner, in the shape of various sand crabs (who, I’m sorry to say, always stayed one step of doggie.).

No worries, though, as I made sure to order extra chicken and rice with my dinner for doggie — who ate with rapacious appetite (yes, they don’t often get fed by the locals either, no matter how friendly or cute they are — differences in cultures, I guess.)

The other nice thing about these island is that they give you some Killer Sunsets, once the evening rolls in.

In case you’re wondering – all the pictures were taken with my iPhone – damn good camera.

(continued in part IV)


8 Responses to “Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part III – The Beaches”

  1. david shiel said

    Ever feel like a target?

  2. adman said

    This looks like a very peaceful place. When were you there? During high season?

    • I was there during extremely low season – there’ll be more about that in Part IV and Part V.

      I’m told that even in high season, there’s never more than 10 or so guests on the beach. It’s actually a great place – the only problem during low season is that it rains a few times, and all the roads to and from the resorts are mud (the main roads are asphalt).

  3. RonBaltimore said

    did you bang your assistant or not?!

    • Of course not – I don’t piss where I work.

      That’s why I brought other girls along – besides, her husband might have something to say about that. 😉

      Odd that that’s the first and only thing people can think about.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Girls, as in plural? You took a married woman to Thailand with her young son? And you brought working girls with you also? Who is the girl in the two piece on your squid video?

      Daffy, there are 4 questions there………..

    • What are those questions, I wonder?

      You see, it’s always fun to shake up allegedly wild ‘n crazy folks.

      Graham met my assistant, and her husband, when they were along on an earlier trip.

      What’s the shock with the ‘working girls’ part? I mean, I wasn’t bringing along skanky Vegas hookers…

      Maybe I should dedicate a separate article to some enlightening explanations – if you guys can tell me what the questions on your mind are…

  4. Macy's Customer Service said


    Could you please report to Lost and Found. We have Part 4 of your Business Adventure here looking for you.

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