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Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part IV – beaches, squids, and videos

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 8, 2011

Neverland Resort’s beach was definitely the winner in this contest:

Neverland Beach:

Now that's what I call "private beach"

(videos after the break)

Weeeee.... Beach all to myself!

Does it get any better that this?

– absolutely no one on the beach.

– clear water

– surf and body surfing possible

– interesting wildlife in the water!

While wave hopping, I noticed that we would be surrounded by all kinds of of odd ‘squibs’ in the water — they looked like capsules made of jelly, with two dark sections – a round one, and an a cylindrical one.
They were all over the water, and surrounding us by the hundred’s of thousands.
I verified (involuntarily) that they aren’t jellyfish, that they don’t sting, and that they tend to get stuck in your bathing suit… (no comment).
A quick check with Neverland’s staff, and we were informed that these were baby squid, and that it must be squid spawning season – I was wave hopping with about a zillion squid babies today.


Baby Squid — all over the place!

This just left me to wonder where the heck the Big Momma Squid is, and how mad can she get?

Giant Squid! run awayyyyy!


Here’s some of the videos I took – Canon Powershot and Canon underwater cases – FTW:

Baby Squid:

Strange Sea Creatures:

Panorama of Koh Kood Resort Beach:


4 Responses to “Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part IV – beaches, squids, and videos”

  1. BigDummyKenny said

    Beautiful photos. Beautiful beaches. Are those with the i-phone camera also?

    So you were in water 2-3 feet deep surrounded by these squid or in deep water?

    Squid in the bathing suits? Nope, don’t want to ask about that one.

    • Those were taken with my Canon Powershot camera, using the Canon made underwater case — it’s an awesome investment for your camera, if you’re gonna get wet, and Canon makes them for all their Powershot models. Just wait until the continuing adventures take us to the snorkeling trip to Koh Chang next… Plenty of underwater video and photography.

      About 3-4 feet of water, surrounded by tons of squid. The videos show you depth of the water. The big momma lives in deep water – I ain’t going there.

  2. SBDOTKU said

    I thought the squid at the VERY end of the last video looked interesting? I wouldn’t mind getting tentacled by her!

  3. SBDOTKU said

    to get updates

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