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Zero_Proof… as always…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 9, 2011

So, Prufrock has constructed an elaborate fantasy over at BBK, whereas he *knows* that “Daffy” is commenting daily on BBK, because (specifically) he knows “Daffy” is posting comments from his mobile phone – which allows “Daffy” (yeah, make that, ‘me’) to post so many comments at all hours of the day – because clearly, it must be because I am posting them from my mobile phone.

Sadly, all Zero_Pruf does is further illustrate his inability to pay attention – because we’ve dealt with BBK’s clever website design in an earlier article about the lack of support for smartphones on Kenny’s website – in a nutshell: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO POST ON KENNY’S SITE VIA SMARTPHONES!

This is just the visual aspect of it – if we were to now attack the functional aspects of how both websites work (or, fail to) on the respective mobile platforms, Kenny’s work just plain falls apart (…) it is entirely impossible to post comments from a mobile device.

Sure, you can enter your name and email address in the respective fields, but the actual comment entry field does not allow you to enter anything on the mobile devices (i.e. the field never becomes active, no matter how much you tap on it).   This alone is what makes Kenny’s site extremely user-hostile to visit – if you wanted to contribute to any of the discussions (ha!) while you are mobile, you simply couldn’t.

Whoops, Prufrock !




9 Responses to “Zero_Proof… as always…”

  1. Big Black Gulliver said

    I’m sure he will provide some evidence in the near future. Probably with the screens shots of those phone threats.

  2. Union Jack said

    Damn it. I’ve been sending him threating SMS messages for months and he still won’t do anything about it or post them online. I think I’ve actually scared him.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Impossible! *I* am the one sending him dozens of SMS every day – then again, I am you, as Prufie *knows*.

      IT’S UP THERE! IT’S FUCKING UP THERE! Don’t ‘cha know?

  3. Top Shotta said

    Them bunch of sad losers (all 2.5 of em)

    Enjoy the mental asylum

    Nuff said


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, it’s always enjoyable to watch retards attempt feats of mental and physical coordination.

  4. Prufrock said

    Ahhh yes, there you are, all 2.5 of you. Alot of typing and comments which, again, says nothing at all. Listen here peckers. I’ll post the SMS in good time. I won’t cave to your bullying like all the *OTHERS* you regularly deal with on this pathetic blog. I’m not a coward like YOU.

    If you want an honest debate about 9/11 then come on. We will debate all you want on BigBabyKenny but not on this site which is not an fair playing field. I will never comment here and we know you won’t engage me there because you are COWARDS. So go back to your NBA basketball and Oprah Channel you emasculated male cowards.

    I have spoken and this is my last comment on this pathetic blog.

  5. SBDOTKU said

    @ Prufrock, a lot is two words. Best, SBDOTKU

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    More mistakes from BBK. Dave the Rave’s Blog has not been shut down, just looks a little revamped.

    LOL Dr. Kenneth Ng, CSUN wrong again!

    • Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho

      “If you don’t understand the need for moderation of comments, visit for an object lesson in what results when an administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments.”

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