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BangkokBuddy kills me…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 10, 2011


… of absolute mental boredom, that is!


Seriously, could there be any more uninteresting blog in the blogosphere? I tune in once a week to see if anything changes … nope.

Same Same, and no different.


  • “I sleep until late afternoon”
  • “It’s a chore getting up”
  • “I eat as many all you can eat buffets as I can”
  • “I find any excuse to skip work-outs”
  • “I sleep some more”


So, it comes as absolutely no surprise to read the update to his physical/medical:

since getting the results from my annual physical exam and finding out that I am pre-diabetic, and have high blood pressure, I have been doing a lot of research on the net to get myself a little more knowledgeable about the situation I’m in.

Really, it takes “research” (in between binges of buffets)? Allow me to propose a professional diagnosis, BangkokBuddy:

  • you’re fat
  • you get no exercise (read: you avoid it)
  • you eat too much deep fried, fast food, salt and soft drinks

Correction – it’s not that BangkokBuddy kills *me*, rather that he’s doing it to himself. Not that much will change about the excitement level of his blog when that happens.

Friend of Kenny’s?



21 Responses to “BangkokBuddy kills me…”

  1. Bud said

    Layoff Bangkok Buddy, he’s ok.

  2. Big Black Gulliver said

    I somewhat enjoy the Bangkok Buddy Blog. I just wish he didn’t speak in code. His lexicon documented would be much more interesting than that of a dead blog I used to keep an eye on.

    I would love to know where this 7:30 Free Buffet is. My assumption is that reservation is Soi Cowboy but he never explains where he goes and why? I struggle with who his audience is? Or is the blog just his online diary and not really a blog intended to be read by others.


  3. Wombat said

    He comes across as a harmless soul quietly going about his business. As boring as it seems. Quite why he feels the need to blog about it is anyone’s guess. Perhaps you should ask him.

  4. BigDummyKenny said

    I’d agree that BKKbuddy is an OK guy. Just a normal guy with a normal, albeit a rather mundane, life. Maybe he just doesn’t write about his female relationships because he’s a private guy. If Werewolf was on one end of the spectrum BKKbuddy is certainly on the other.

    My only criticism is that his writing style is not thesis quality. Come on BKKbuddy, give some effort to capitalization and complete sentences. Maybe other people like that style but it’s a little too rough around the edges for me to read regularly.

  5. Raider said

    I found this site a while back, but it looks like whoever was writing it got tired of reading Bangkok Buddy too. Nothing new in the last month.

  6. JustinCider said

    I had a dukes burger with Bangkok buddy (friend of a friend) a year ago and he is a very nice guy.

  7. SBDOTKU said

    I practice the same principle for everything on the internet: keep it positive (as possible) and find what’s enjoyable. I think Bangkok Buddy is funny just exactly because he is being so very forthright about a life more ordinary – even in a place where most of us feel we would happily live a life of rather loud debauchery.

    And if you want to see funny, hover over what Boring has to say about BDK. Awesome! We’re a bunch of douche bags, wrapped in a riddle, covered by an enigma, sprinkled with poor humor, degenerating (mutating?) into some other life-form entirely.

  8. SBDOTKU said

    (testing the HTML tags because I seem to get them wrong…) bold emphasis italics

  9. Since Bangkok Buddy doesn’t answer email I will let him know here that I tried his recipe.

    Although I added some pork,onion and black pepper to enhance the flavor a bit. I also cooked it in a Crock Pot.

    Great little power lunch before I hit the fitness in about 10 minutes.

    Thanks Buddy!

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