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Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 17, 2011

From the pages of the BigDummy lexicon :

proofwreck (-verb)

1. To expose a person’s lack of credibility by use of simple research and elementary logic.

proofwreck (-noun)

1. A person thus exposed.

2. Grandiose claims which do not bear up to scrutiny.

(because it was fun, and so right, the first time around – and because it’s truer today, than ever before)


14 Responses to “ProofWrecked”

  1. Soi Walker said

    I’m not following this feud. You guys say you don’t post comments over there but I was reading the BBK.COM site and see several comments within the last couple days from RealDaffyDuck and Big Black Gulliver.

    They seem like an angry and vindictive lot regardless.

    • Allow me to illustrate – I could post a comment over there, and do it as “Soi Walker”.

      Does that mean you posted the comment? Of course not.

      The point is that comments posted under the names of anyone from this site, over on BBK, are posted by *impersonators” – usually Prufrock (who denies it, but has been caught several times with his pants down, so to speak), but there’s also two other sycophants, including Kenny, impersonating posters from this site.

      Every comment on BBK attributed to RealDaffyDuck, Daywalker, SBDOTKU, BigBlackGulliver, MongerSEA, etc are impersonated. This also applies to other alias’ like PattayaGhost, SaphanLoy, and even the recent spate of comments from John Galt.

      Kenny feels he needs to engage in this sort of subterfuge in order to pretend that his site has some sort of traffic – why he thinks he needs to do so is puzzling, seeing as how hs site is largely irrelevant, and mostly avoided by most legitimate visitors.

      Hope this clears things up a bit 😉

    • Lastly, about Prufrock, the general consensus being that he’s too dense to realize that all this time that he’s claiming a dialogue with “Daffy”, he’s talking to himself – because I haven’t posted a single byte over there in over 4 months (now), and in true paranoid fashion he keeps seeing “Daffy” around every virtual corner, ie comment.

      For the record, I only post under this alias – the only exceptions was a long time ago when I posted comments under 2-3 different alias’ to test Kenny’s filter (he claims user names were not censored – they were), albeit in each case I identified myself as the author of the comments, and this was only over the course of a couple of days.

    • Daywalker said

      I see that KENNY has amended his post – to state ‘Graham H Jones’.

      I will once again ask… who the fuck is that?? My middle name does not have an H in it?!?!

      Kenny is happy to slander some guy out there, and his colleagues because he shares the same 1st and last name as me?! The guy even works on the other side of the world to me?!?!

      Kenny…. just so you know… I WILL BE seeing you at some point. I hope you’ve got a good explanation.

    • You know he’ll hide behind a couple of girls again, if he even stays in Bangkok, and doesn’t just fly out to Nakhon Bumfuck straight from from BKK airport. Maybe he’ll get a ride from Werewolf. 😉

    • They must be quite desperate that now all they can do is look up people with roughly similar names, and focus on them – I guess these guys, in addition to having some serious mental and emotional issues, really suck at all kinds of follow-through as well. Oh, wait, I guess that’s why they are where they are in life, and why they are wildly jealous of anyone that is more successful (which, at the level they are, would be nearly *anyone*) – taking that into consideration, I feel I’m in good company with you (albeit Prufie’s man-crush on me is bordering on embarassing, by now).

    • SBDOTKU said

      One man’s man-crush is another man’s bro-mance… Quit leading him on by not posting over there, you tease. 😉

  2. SBDOTKU said

    Oye! And sorry to co-opt the thread, but do we get to learn the new name soon? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • We’re leaning towards SBDOTKU’s HideOut — with all the money I’m paying you to be my friend (according to Proofwreck), you can afford to run the site.

    • SBDOTKU said

      I like it. It’s got a good beat, you can dance to it… Or maybe SBDOTKU’s Acronym Party Place! “What’s the happ at the SAPP!” Yeah, I’m feelin’ it!

    • Daywalker said

      Payments for friends? Can I get in on this deal? I have a lot of money to recoup.

    • Apparently, you pretend to be my friend, and I pay you – certified by proof wreck, tyeveconomics genius.

  3. Union Jack said

    I’ve been reading that BBK site. Not impressed with the content and the comments range from boring to rediculous to outright disgusting. Those boys are a sorry lot of cowards and miscreants. Somewhere is a wing of an insane asylum missing all it’s patients.

    Perhaps that’s over the top, but not by much and you can be sure Kenny is behind every bit of it by his prodding of Prufrock to continue their attacks against you guys. They are the daily joke on many blogs and there’s good reason why nobody except Keith Summer’s types comment there.

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