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XKCD – Prufrock’s comic…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 20, 2011


17 Responses to “XKCD – Prufrock’s comic…”

  1. SBDOTKU said


    Is there more to this comic? Seems to end a bit abruptly. :-/ (though poignantly true)

  2. mick gernald said

    i think you guys are wrong and prufrocks right

  3. Something else for Prufrock to munch on:


  4. mick gernald said

    “Popular Mechanics magazine looked into the claims and was able to “debunk each of these assertions with hard evidence and a healthy dose of common sense.”

    so a magazine called “popular mechanics” debunked it – err ok.
    enjoying your site wonder why it isn’t more popular .

    thanks –

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello Mick,
      No worries. You feel free to believe him in spite of the mountain of solid scientific evidence to the contrary. Popular Mechanics is a highly professional journal that has a bit of an antiquated moniker because it has been around for something like 100 years.

      As to why we’re not “more popular” the simple reason is we don’t care. This of us that participate here do so because we enjoy it. It started out as a lark and house grown into a small, enjoyable, CIVIL community of Thailand afficianados sharing some stories and discussing all things Thai. You’re welcome to interact or not, your choice.

      Best regards

    • SBDOTKU said

      Apologies for the autocorrect feature making my above entry a little odd.

    • That’s okay – you’re odd, so odd posting won’t stand out…

      (sticks tongue out)

  5. adman said

    Mick. Check out a few of the “Prufrock Channel” threads. The King of Crazy was debunked on several of his imagined theories:

    Prufrock was given an opportunity to respond to sound science and could not. A mouthpiece for someone with an agenda is all he is. In other words: He is irrelevant.

    I won’t hold my breath for you to challenge RDD on any of the information posted in any of those posts.

    I get the feeling that you’re not really interested in it. It’s a trolling expedition.

    The popularity of the site? It’s that other site that’s trying to impress you, not this one.

    • I get the feeling that you’re not really interested in it. It’s a trolling expedition.

      The popularity of the site? It’s that other site that’s trying to impress you, not this one.

      It appears to me that these are points that Mick would agree with Mr. Van Hoogstratten wholeheartedly about … 🙂


  6. mick gernald said

    i looked at the first video.
    so let me get this right – i am a little slow.

    you want to prove to me that a plane would hit something, then explode into a raging inferno that then melts all beneath it and collapses in freefall – by showing me a video of exactly the opposite i.e a plane crashing into concrete and completely disintegrating and not even starting a fire?

    what am i missing here?

  7. mick gernald said

    look carefully at the pictures on this link – then we will discuss.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      No, Mick, I think I’ll save myself the time.

      Look through the links adman referenced, as they *ALL* address the exact same pictures you are attempting to reference here, including your 45 degree cut steel pillars, and the Pentagon pictures.

      I’m not going to regurgitate everything, when we have already dealt with it all, once before.

      The links are there, in adman’s comment to you.

  8. mick gernald said

    you’re a very strange chap
    i see why most people don’t comment here and perhaps that everyone else is right about you.

    • Who are you talking about? SBDOTKU, adman, myself or Prufrock?

      I think everyone, including the 3-4 socks on Kenny’s site, would agree with you that Prufrock is not just a strange chap, but an absolute unstable nutcase. Since you’re talking about “everyone else”, that must be who you’re talking about.

      Enjoy your stay – I’m glad we can agree on some things. So what did you think of the other articles in the Prufrock Channel? Compelling stuff, right?

  9. adman said

    Mick. First off apologies for the assumption you are just here trolling. On the links I provided point out where you have the problem if it hasn’t already been discussed.

    RealDaffyDuck has provided a straight forward approach to discuss things individually instead of the Bullshit approach you get from Prufrock when attempting to discuss things point by point.

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