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Happy Anniversary BigBabyKenny

Posted by BigDummyKenny on April 24, 2011

It was one year ago that BigBabyKenny buckled under the pressure of public opinion (as well as the Cal. State Northridge administration) and took the hatchet to his Thailand sex oriented blog:

This was, to put it in Kenny’s own words, “the ultimate form of censorship”.  It’s no secret more than a few people dislike the manner in which Kenny communicates his message.  His years of lecturing to a classroom of disinterested economic students bolstered by a position of pseudo-authority has no doubt contributed to his poor online people skills and inability to reach out to his audience.  Say what you will about who did what and why, but it was a simple case of an overinflated and then bruised ego leading to the downfall of his v1.0 website.

The axe he felt the needed to grind, and re-grind would have been settled after one or two articles and some unkind words by most people.  Not Professor Ng, as his virtual rant continued unabated with his not so hidden agenda displayed for almost a year through special interest pieces which always lead down the same beaten path, with a gang of Kenny’s overzealous faithful going after the Big Mango customers and owners.

Having read most, if not all, the stories on the matter, the best matter of fact observation of the history of events is the article written by Billy Bangkok:  Bangkok Diaries on BigBabyKenny

If not for Kenny’s delusional perception of the degree t0 which he was wronged and his never ending efforts toward correcting that great injustice, perhaps his v1.0 content would be online to this day.  Yet, as it stands, it appears nothing has been learned.

Even with his “revamped” v2.0 content he and his lemmings continue volumes of vulgar hate on not only the Big Mango, but anyone with whom they don’t  agree or anyone giving him bad press; Saphan Loy,  mundane Bangkok and Stickman to name a few.

With him allowing such fragile egos to run a muck on his website is it any wonder the quality of content in v2.0 is no different than v1.0?  Atrocious only begins to describe it.  An optimist would say that people change and that perhaps upon careful reflection Kenny will focus on improving content and managing his site.  But there is a time to be optimistic and a time to be realistic.  When you realize that Kenny has repeatedly stuck his foot in his mouth it’s clear he’s not one to learn quickly and BBK.COM will continue to languish at the bottom of the trash heap of blogs.

“I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down”, Ng said in a recent interview. “That’s just a personality thing.”

Indeed Professor Ng, it is just a personality thing.


5 Responses to “Happy Anniversary BigBabyKenny”

  1. I always loved his “personality thing” quote – a week after he said that, he took the site down.

    Oh yeah, “no bullshit” indeed.

  2. BigDummyKenny said

    Doing my early morning reading and it’s apparent that Kenny is on another path of blog self-destruction by his latest addition of Saphan Loy to the list of people he impersonates on his blog. In “The Death Throes of The Mango Empire” post, a lengthy and serious comment is attributed to Saphan Loy. Another in the long list of people impersonated (including myself) on his blog. Kenny’s actions have the appearance of a strange, yearly Circadian Rhythm need for self-destruction without realizing it. Kenny seems to think this is acceptable, justified (because he probably thinks it generates traffic otherwise he wouldn’t do it) and all in good fun. Some other people might not think this so funny. One person being Saphan Loy.

    In fact, Saphan Loy has already picked up on this and has pointed out the slippery slope Kenny is going down:

    Saphan Loy discusses legal ramification of BigBabyKenny’s impersonations

    I do not know Saphan Loy, but I do not take him to be the average type of blogger who would make a detailed outline of the seriousness of what Kenny is doing and then just blow the whole matter off.

    What’s worse for Kenny is that with Real Daffy Duck’s recent e-mail to Prufrock, which has been posted here, he is demonstrating a pattern of behavior that makes him all the more vulnerable to a lawsuit should Saphan Loy be serious about taking action.

    Furthermore, it may even be possible that others may seek to join Saphan Loy in legal action for Kenny’s v2.0 and v1.0 activities. If certain people within CSUN are subpoenaed for (or voluntarily come forward with) information that CSUN knew Professor Ng was/is using university resources for personal endeavors (including his v1.0 commercial for profit website, as he did run ads and receive some revenue) then it is, as they say, a whole new ballgame. One that will be very difficult for Kenny to claim protection under freedom of speech.

    In other words Kenny, this may be getting serious.

    My guess is that once (if) Kenny gets any hint that Saphan Loy is serious he will slap “Fake” on the comment quicker than Prufrock can hammer out another conspiracy comment or possibly delete the comment entirely (gasp).

    Stay tuned.

  3. adman said

    All it would take is a couple e-mails to Saphan Loy from people with inside information and Kenny is toast.

  4. Hmmmm….. Kenny editing and censoring comments during class-hours?

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