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An E-Mail to Prufrock (for real)

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 25, 2011

This is an actual e-mail I just fired off to Prufrock a couple of seconds ago. Obviously, Kenny is leaving him in the delusion that “Daffy” comments on <a href=””><strong>BBK</strong></a>, and since he ignores several other well-meaning commenters pointing out the obvious, direct contact seems to make the most sense.

I doubt anything will come of if – but at least I can always say “I told you so”.

John, this has gone on far enough – I hate to have to break it to you, but you continue to make a Grade A fool of yourself.

Because I haven’t posted any comment on Kenny’s site for going on nearly 5 months now, so I certainly don’t know who you have been conversing with, but it certainly hasn’t been me.

So much for you uncanny ability to ‘… immediately sniff out the likes of daffy and his asswipe “Gulliver” …” – sorry to say, but your “sniff” hit-rate scores a Big Fat Zero (hence, once again driving home the “Zero-Pruf” moniker I had earlier bestowed upon you.)

So, let me repeat this again, since it does appear that you are quite a bit slow in the uptake of relevant information:

– I have NOT posted a single comment on Kenny’s <a href=””><strong>BBK</strong></a> site for nearly 5 months, either under my RDD alias, or any other alias

– I only post as RDD anyway, but I just added that since you have a history of posting under dozens of alias (something you have repeatedly admitted to).

Thus, in summary, your repeated and regular claims of “recognizing” and “sniffing out” Daffy’s and Gulliver’s posts are, at best, entertainingly laughable, at worst only further undermining your credibility of being a “super sleuth”.

Sorry, the only conclusion is that a couple of others are having a lot of fun while having a go at you, and exploiting your gullibility for good fun. After all, if you’re the one running around with a T-Shirt that says “KICK ME!” – so I don’t blame others for pushing your buttons.

The funniest thing about all of this is that I declared to a couple of my friends that if I completely stepped away, you would keep going, seeing “Daffy” in every corner and every shadow.

I was right (of course, as usual).

Now, go off and do some soul searching. You need to – that, or stock up on the bipolar meds.

(again, anyone feel free to cross-post)


22 Responses to “An E-Mail to Prufrock (for real)”

  1. Hmmmm. I actually posted a public apology to Prufrock on this site and have left him alone for quite some time on BBK (2 months min)

    Kenneth Ng is a beaten man who can’t even post on his own blog anymore so my work with him has been done for quite some time.

    I can appreciate Proofies dedication to something he believes in but once again I ask the question……why bother doing it on Kenny’s Blog? (even when it had an audience)

  2. Prufrock responds – of course over on BBK.

    First, he reposts my email to him, posted as RealDaffyDuck, paraphrasing it and altering it – then he replies in typical abusive Prufie fashion:


    Prufrock says:
    April 25, 2011 at 7:06 am

    daffy, really man
    There was just  s-o-o-o-o-o-o “nothing at all new” in either game or substance in that self serving fucking post you sent to my email address.
    (relax asshole, with your record for honourable comportment, I have no  desire to enter into private correspondence with you any time soon.
    Once was enough. We’ll just keep it here
    You just keep making up names and I’ll just keep hammering your sweaty efforts with the truth.
    Now piss off and write yourself some new fan-mail.
    And while you’re at it, why not try posting on some of these new blogs that have appeared recently in the local blogosphere.
    Their authors haven’t heard of you yet. It’ll take at least a week for them to catch on to your reputation as a notorious fucking troll.
    What an asshole. Starts a fight with a guy whose position he agrees with in principle.
    Attacks another man he’s never met who’s into a scrap with a bar he’s visited once or twice and against which he’s launched a recorded complaint about the food.
    Lies about having started his vanity  blog and then skates away with it when he’s told top cut the shit.
    Listen carefully daffy.
    I’ll give you the same message that your buddy Keith got: stay off this blog and stop posting shit on your own silly trash-talk site and you’ll never hear from me again.
    What else is there to do.
    Just get lost daffy.
    Piss off.
    What could be easier?

    • Here’s my emailed response to Prufie – this will also conclude my interaction with Prufie. It seems anything further is pointless :


      Thanks for confirming that all the “DaffyDuck” comments, posts and other impersonations over at BBK are authored by you. Do you actually think anyone reading your impersonated message would fall for it?

      You really need to do something about that anger issue – your bipolar disorder may be fun to watch, but in the end it’ll take you down with it. It’ll only get worse for you. All that scatological and faux abusive language will blurt out in public someday, when someone pushes the wrong button. Then again – you’re just a keyboard warrior, and too timid in public. Never mind.

      Oh, and I have received confirmation from Gulliver that he hasn’t posted anything over at BBK going on two months – not really sure who you keep sniffing out, but it ain’t either of us. Then again, you couldn’t even “sniff” me out when I posted pictures of my whereabouts, back in the day. “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho”, indeed. 

      Maybe you could ask your pals “ronru” or “raul” to help you out?

      By the way, I find your message to me puzzling “stay off this blog and stop posting shit on your own silly trash-talk site and you’ll never hear from me again”

      Uh, John, I’m already “not hearing from you”, seeing as how you’re already “not talking” to me (well, except the imaginary Daffy in your head, but that doesn’t bother me), and that you’re not even remotely capable of bothering me. Thus, like I said, your message and empty threat are, at best, puzzling – at worst, laughable. Once again, “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho”, indeed.

      What’s funny about all this is that you demand that I stay off “your” blog (well, Kenny’s blog) yet when I comply, you are so desperate to interact that you have to fabricate and invent “Daffy” lurking in every corner and shadow – because you know that no one else will giv you the time of day. 

      Enjoy your loneliness….


    • As is common by now, I expect Prufie to spin up to 10,000 rpm, and a slew of Prufie posts, peppered by numerous impersonations, to follow in short order and high frequency.

      Stand by!

  3. Here’s the altered copy of my initial email to Prufie that he posted impersonating RealDaffyDuck:

    Real Daffy Duck says:
    April 25, 2011 at 6:50 am
    Hey daffy, this has gone on far enough – I hate to have to break it to you, but you continue to make a Grade A fool of yourself.


    Because you have been posting comments under fake names on Kenny’s site for going on nearly 5 months now.  So I certainly don’t know how you know it’s been me, daffy, you’ve been  conversing with, but I’m certainly impressed.

    Kudos to you and your uncanny ability to ‘… immediately sniff out the likes of daffy and his asswipe “Gulliver” …” – I’m embarrassed to say, but your “sniff” hit-rate rings all the bells  (hence, once again driving home the “blow-monkey-to-the-stars” moniker I had earlier bestowed upon myself.)

    So, no need to repeat this again, since it appears that you are quite astute when it comes to picking off even my best trolls:

    – I have posted at least a hundred comments on Kenny’s BBK sit-in the last 5 months, either under my RDD alias, or any other alias I felt like using at the time.
    – I used to only only post as RDD anyway, but I just added that since I do have a history of posting under dozens of aliases (something I have rarely admitted to but, as i said, you really did ring all the bells).

    Thus, in summary, your repeated and regular claims of “recognizing” and “sniffing out” Daffy’s and Gulliver’s posts have been, at best, mind-chillingly accurate, at their best only further undermining my credibility of being a “super troll”.

    I am really sorry, that the only conclusion is that a couple of others are getting the shock of their lives now after I lied and deceived them into having all those goes at you, and exploiting my boundless vanity and my infinitely over-blown assessment of my own super-powers. Hey, all for good fun, right?.
    After all, if you’re the one running around with a T-Shirt that says “9/11 WAS AND IS AND INSIDE JOB!”  . . . .bring it”

    so I don’t blame others for pushing your buttons.  Of course I know that there’s lot’s fishy about 9/11 but since I don’t have the guts to use my talents to help fight this tremendous battle I’ll just watch others bite your ankles,

    The funniest thing about all of this is that I lied to a couple of my co-workers that I like to call my friends that if I didn’t completely step away, and continued lying through my teeth that you would keep going, seeing “Daffy” in every corner and every shadow.

    I was right (of course, as usual).

    Now, after that confession I’m going off and do some Big Black Gully searching. I need to – that, and stock up on the finger condoms for my slightly miniaturized however aesthetically pleasing weenie.

    (this was posted for all to see here:
    you know, the site you *never* go to, except every now and then… s

    Your lying fucktard
    daffy duck

  4. and thus, we now have confirmation of two items:

    – I know Prufrock’s email address is accurate, and that he read what I sent him.

    – we all know (again) that he posts under multiple monikers.

    – we have confirmation that he posts frequently as RealDaffyDuck

    – we have confirmation that he is unable to communicate without hurtling scatological references and abuse.

    Bipolar – for sure.

    Wow, that first marriage of his must have been a living hell on the (now) ex-wife.

  5. RonBaltimore said

    I’d like to point out that I identified Prufrock as a self-righteous know-it-all years ago on the Big Mango blog. This of course set him off on an incomprehensible tyrade and it became obvious that debating him was a waste of time….funny thing is the Mango guys had re-posted Prufrock’s message as an enlightening piece of work and then posted mine as an example of what not to do on the blog 🙂 haha!

    • “funny thing is the Mango guys had re-posted Prufrock’s message as an enlightening piece of work and then posted mine as an example of what not to do on the blog”

      Fuck me! That *IS* funnier than anything!

      Now if only pmmp and Smitty had done the same to Kenny’s embarrassing and tactless piece on the Murati shrine, we wouldn’t be sitting here…. what am I saying, of course we would. Something else would have set Kenny off.

      You wouldn’t happen to have a link to those gems from Prufrock’s past, would you?

    • Holy cow – I just did a search through the Mango archives! Aside from most of Kenny’s “contributions” being kept alive, there’s plenty from Prufrock around as well… must have been the period of his life when the Canuck medical services kept him up-to-date on his meds.

      Too bad Kenny’s very best work didn’t make the restoral.

  6. RonBaltimore said

    sorry I don’t have a link…it was from the older version of the blog….Prufrock’s post was something along the lines of his expertise on Thai culture….can’t really recall exactly what.

  7. —– Who on earth could give a shit about any of this nonsense you are spouting to actually waste time “pouring over IP addresses” ????


    The above quote is funny because Ol’ Proofie was having his “former students” looking into my IP address at one point. More bullshit from Angry John.

    • Yep, exactly – and he’s also had “experts” analyzing the dozens of threateningnSMS’ sent to him by spacemen, yet oddly we never heard anything about that – not even a screenshot.

      … and after he claims that no one wastes time pouring over IP addresses, IN THE SAME SENTENCE he states “oh, it has come up”. Seriously, that guy doesn’t even fact check his own stream of consciousness.

      I’m posting his whacky response next, so no one has to waste their time on BBK.

  8. Wow, just Wow – that’s all I had to say when I saw Prufie’s “reply” to my last email to him. Total whack job.

    Oh, I just got another personal letter from daffy. In this letter he rages around like a soi dog with ants up his ass whining that all the anti-daffy posts must actually be from me. For daffy there’s just no other explanation. Well no other explanation that will excuse his insane stalking antics and his incessant pestering of me with e-mails. As proof he offers nothing but opinion and conjecture and the usual grasping at straws.
    This time the “proof” he offers is that for laughs I had taken his first raging torrent of smarm and posted it here under his name. This irresistible button-push is enough for daffy to conclude that I am responsible for his current obsessions and psychoses. Something like that. as you can see, I didn’t take his post seriously enough check it over.
    Oh yes, the other “proof” he offers is his stock-in-trade smear of my credibility. He’s been working on that one for years now.
    Credibility comments from a tool who has misrepresented himself to the extent daffy has, who seeks to lure me into making threats and who has consistently LIED , misdirected, redacted, smeared and misrepresented his way through life up till now is the most pathetic of projections.
    After these whoppers of his (hey daffy, Summers is around, maybe you can get him to back up your super-cyber-sleuth airplane wing claim. That was a good one. We could call it BULLSHITTER X-BOX SLEUTH FOILS KEITH SUMMERS AND REVEALS HIS IDENTITY TO STICKMAN
    See inside for details. (Pathetic, daffy, like something out of a kid’s movie . . . . or a computer game.)
    That would make great reading wouldn’t it. You’ve had almost two years to work on that particular lie and maybe by begging Summers help and Stickman’s help you can  put this all together in some way or other and then you can stop appearing on this forum.
    See folks, when daffy appears on this forum under one of his many aliases to lie, misdirect smear or ridicule, we are expected to believe that it is some nameless prankster. That’s right. We are to believe that all the daffy smell is just some clever dude imitating daffy.  And as proof?? well, we are accept daffy’s word on that, aren’t we. (The lies he’s been telling along along and the conjecture he encourages and the nonsense that he needs to validate his right to stalk.
    See, in X-Box-land where if things look bad for you you just make up stuff, daffy wants the folks at home to accept his accusation that “ronru” the Panama Guy, just sayin’ frequent customer etc etc, etc are all me. He needs that. His whole bullshit deal rests on that. But we, as sane human observers of this charade are to accept without question daffy’s conjecture that all these daffy-speak crackpots who get on here and talk shit against me are “people have fun with me”
    We are actually to believe that shit.
    Why? Well it has been suggested tactfully to the lying scheming brain-rotted cunt to just drop this thing. That, after all, Prufrock just does political stuff.
    But he can’t.
    He’s fucking sick and he cannot do it. He tried but he just cannot.
    How else could he feed this unwholesome obsession he shows for obliterating the truth. For corrupting and obfuscation the line of inquiry.
    But for the daffster?   Hey, this is his addiction and he’s sticking to it.
    Daffy, a well-known internet bully and forum pest has been kicked off loads of boards.
    Nobody has time for this asshole. Nobody ever responds to him.
    Daffy was definitely not expecting anyone to fight back. He’d ruined Bangkok Tonight and made enemies of the whole board. And then he erased the evidence.
    Believe me this guy is a total pest
    When I am attacked, smeared, slurred, libelled slandered or cheated I respond.
    In most cases I ignore daffy’s specious denials and I fight back.
    Stop the attacks on what I say and I’ll stop defending myself.
    But see? Since everybody knows I’m here exclusively taking advantage of Kenny’s free speech policy to post political stuff, daffy has had to fire up his non-stop campaign to glue me to Kenny and to  stick me with all the anti-Mango posts.
    He knows that he cannot debate the facts about 9/11 with anyone who knows the facts and the science. So he seeks to attack people’s spelling. Colourful language is frowned on by daffy. He’ll nit-pick for hours over a post until he can conjure up the slightest inaccuracy to call your integrity into question. He’ll look for anything.
    As an example, I told him that he should stop coming here and sliming around. Since all my posts are defensive against his slurs and smears I suggested this might be an effective way to put it to an end. I know I was not the first to suggest this.
    daffy’s reply??? If you are ordering me off here,  you must own this blog then right???
    Why does he make such a statement??? He has to.
    Otherwise he just reeks of insanity . . . . . . and well there’s that human excrement thing.
    At this point he’s desperate to do this.
    You should see the email he sent me under what I can only imagine is a “real name” another commenter had previously searched out. One never knows with freaks like this. I imagine one day in the near future we’ll see this guy trapped in some woman’s back yard ’s surrounded by cops on the six o’clock news.
    The case of daphne would be fascinating if it were not so sad.
    I mean daffy here wants us to accept some cock and bull nonsense so that he can blame this all on me. I don’t think anyone except maybe ole pedo-gully buys into that shit.
    So what’s left? As daffy threatened in his latest e-mail to me he will continue to post here in his style and, well then there was his  trademark troll comment that I should get meds and reflect and all that shit.
    This asshole is a complete and utter maniac.
    So res ipse loquitur in my opinion.   . . . . . . .  the thing speaks for itself.
    And no daffy. Although we know you’ll never stop working on one or another of your fucked-up stories here, I’ll never stop posting my political comments on this blog unless Kenny, the blog’s owner,  hints that he prefers I don’t.
    The hits are good and it seems quite a few people stay around, don’t they ;-?
    Beats talking to yourself on your vanity blog over there and the sneaking over here to agree with yourself.

    • Yeah, all that to address a very short email I dropped on him. Wow.

      It’s almost tempting to push his buttons face to face – maybe I will, next time I’m in Tilac.

  9. Wow, seriously, that dude is way too easy to spin up – I’m not surprised that some other well-natured souls can’t resist the temptation to push his buttons – I just find it funny that he is obsessed that it *must* be me, when I know at least a dozen others who find him equally ludicrous.

  10. Prufrock says:
    April 26, 2011 at 9:02 am

    “Hey daffy (who of course never comes here to read the news)
    As you can see, Kenny has finally taken my post out of moderation”

    I don’t think you said you go there, you just said you don’t post there.

    Daffy do you own an X-Box?

    • I don’t think you said you don’t go there, you just said you don’t post there.

      Exactly – I’ve said in my email, which he quoted, that I *do* read the comments on BBK, I never even denied that. I only said that I don’t post there anymore – obviously, how can Prufrock expect any credibility, when he can’t even read properly what’s right in front of him. No one needs to discredit him – he does that well enough on his own.

      Daffy do you own an X-Box?

      Nope – and again, there’s one of those weird references of his that I simply don’t get (though I’m sure it has some intrinsic meaning to Prufie, and he considers himself oh so clever for using it … despite the fact that no one, least of all me, understand the significance).

      I have a PS3 – I couldn’t care less about the x-box.

  11. Boil, boil, boil!

    Steam, steam, steam!

    Fume, fume, fume!

    The clock is ticking!

  12. John Roy AKA Prufrock is a 100% Asshole and has been for a long time!

    It never ends with this old fart.

    Notice the panadol reference in the thread…….now Prufrock rails on and fucking on about people taking it yet here he is quoting prices on it.

    More bullshit John!

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