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I figured it out!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 29, 2011


Me, Me, Me, Me!

So, there’s currently the parade of clown over at BBK, with Keith Summers having joined in, Prufrock regularly attacking him, Kenny chiming in writing as “Just Saying”, and the anti-Keith gang posting overboard.

I just couldn’t understand why, all of a sudden, Prufrock went all “offensive” on Keith, and attacks him every chance he gets — then it dawned on me, it has nothing to do with creating more controversy/traffic, but everything with JohnGalt/Summers stealing all of Prufie’s SPOTLIGHT!!!

With Keith having brought his own baggage, suddenly 9/11 seems old and tired (well, it seems old and tired, regardless), but suddenly there’s Keith, competing for shelf-space on BBK, and getting something Prufie never got – active dialogue from and with Kenny “Just Saying” Ng, dissecting everything Keith says, and giving him added attention.

Poor Prufie – relegated to playing second fiddle, and tossed aside by his bestest friend… 😦


33 Responses to “I figured it out!”

  1. MongerSEA said

    If someone offers you dopes… Just Say Ng

  2. BangkokMilkshakes said

    honestly? does anyone give a shit about ANY of this stuff? your baiting of Prufrock is becoming totally boring. the guys a nutter, we get it. I couldnt give a shit about all this endless crap about who comments where etc etc, in the same way i REALLY couldnt give a shit about the petty legal squabbles of a couple of old farangs. its completely boring. what about some whore fucking articles? please….

    • You’re right – absolutely right. That ship has sailed, and that horse has been beaten.

      Whore fucking articles? Why, yes — BigBlackGulliver — where is the damn Part III of your continuing saga, and SBDOTKU…. yoohoo?

      I’ll dug up the rest of my vacation videos…

    • SBDOTKU said

      I suck. I admit it. In view of my poor performance in turning in my trip chapters on time I am sending back the huge 5-figure advance payment you have sent me.

      I’m working on it, I promise.

  3. BangkokMilkshakes said

    i have a couple of things to submit myself, so rather than complaining. ill pull my finger out and email them in

  4. Prufrock says:
    April 29, 2011 at 7:13 am

    Well, that’s odd thing to say.
    Your hands were shaking and although the evening was breezy you were sweating like a pig when you and I
    met on the Landmark Terrace. I had to invite you to sit down and relax as you may remember and to re-assure you that
    in spite of possibly looking hostile that I was going to honour the terms of engagement.

    We got through several conversational gambits. I noticed that you had to (you just HAD to) trump any conversational topic that came up.
    Education (no specifics, I could see by your diction that you were educated but I could also see an incredibly damaged person. That wouldn’t have been your fault either but it had to be incorporated into the mix.
    As I have said and I think you’ll agree, I’ve had worse conversations and we chatted about this and that. I do recall, however that you
    had to be right about everything. Even if it was an opinion you’s claim to have read some evidentiary thing which I really should read and then I’d see you were right. You claimed to have read all of Giffin’s work . . . . It was there I started to disengage if you will.

    You couldn’t have read all that work: you were, after all giving me the old Chertoff-Popular Mechanics “debunking” jive. I didn’t want to detour into a fact (me) over opinion & conjecture (you -well presented, but, still just opinion)
    So I left it.

    You definitely sought to impress, daffy. Too bad. Because really I am already impressed with people who can handle digital tech (not awed, mind you, just impressed . . .. my kid here impresses me with the tech she can pull off. Your accomplishments and your persistence are somewhat impressive.
    Too bad you lack the good grace to afford others the same regard.
    To even pretend to go through the motions of politesse.

    Look at how you attack people as ill-educated, then impecunious etc. etc. until you run out of stuff and you have to all church-lady with you objections to my elegantly worded suggestions that your presence is olfactorily evident anywhere you comment.

    Anyway, perhaps out of a feeling that you just had to finesse the exchange, you told that whopper of a porkie. 😉

    Really dafft -hausen 😉 You really must get a grip 😉

    Let’s go to www. there Pillsbury and, you know, come up with the lens that could
    have taken the picture you said Summers sent to you. A picture taken from the passenger section that Nok Air
    plane. In flight.

    It was quite a lens wasn’t it? For pocket camera?
    Loads of information in that one shot . . . . . . 😉
    For the, uh, folks at home, here’s what Keith’s infamous shot included:

    a) Keith Summers (in focus?) posing for the famous shot

    b) then from the interior of this Nok Air aircraft, and through a 10″ x16″ triple glazed window
    that happened to be in the background (like, over Keith’s shoulder or something) daffy says that this
    amazing photo included a full shot of the plane’s wing.

    (okay? are you following closely?)

    c) without saying whether we were dealing with the starboard or port, but now well into his story, daffy maintains that the plane’s
    registration number was visible in this shot. That’s right. Through the window we could see this famous number daffy keeps brandishing.
    The plane in question was in flight and levelled off. It pretty well had to be for daffy to claim what he claims later. (It get’s better so bear with me 🙂
    And it was fully visible in this shot. (Unless , you know, from partial visibility and a quick visit to www. daffy was able to sleuth out all the digits by inference.)
    At this point in the daffy’s tale, I was into my poker face. (If this was daffy’s story and he was sticking to it, wanted to hear it all 😉

    So, according to daffy
    d) the various ailerons, rigging hardware, aerials, and other protrusions from the wing’s dorsal surfaces that we customarily think little of
    are suddenly desperately germane to taffy’s tale. So please pay attention. To be fair to daffy and to give him the benefits of an initially fair
    suspension of incredulity, we have to accept that the aircraft was levelled off and above the clouds. In fact at a minimum, we need these conditions to give daffy’s next statement any traction in the story.

    daffy’s analysis
    e) there is no disputing that daffy is somewhat of an X-box hero. He can search and track and sleuth with the best of them. (I know because he’s been stalking me and many others for years. That leaves tracks daffy. You might want to look into that. 😉
    Anyway, daffy noted that the protrusions and struts and other hardware on the wing of his plane cast a shadow. And , yes, those of us who’ve gazed out the window on long flights have mused around that very thing, have we not?
    It seems that the digital photo of these airplane wing shadows now, (unfortunately for Summers) was in daffy’s hands. Daffy analyzed the shot. Once one knows the megapixel count of the camera used, analysis of digital shots can yield measurements. daffy, applied some basic math skills and came up with these measurements . . . . . . of the shadows . . . . . . cast by the protrusions . . . . . on the dorsal surface (starboard or port is not specified) . . . of the wing . . . . . . inadvertently shot with a pocket camera . . . . . . by a friend , fellow passenger, or airline staff . . . . . over Summers’ shoulder . . . . through a small domestic jet en route to its destination.

    “Where was that plane going when the picture was taken?” wondered our daffy.
    The answer was to come shortly to our sleuthing redressor of torts.

    With a measurement of the shadow and some other consideration of its angularity, daffy was easily able to determine the exact time of day the shot was taken. Now that might also have been determined by an iPhoto analysis . . . . possible daffy? I do not want to smear you with claims you haven’t actually made. Anyway, “by hook or by crook” as they say, daffy found out what time that shot was taken.
    I remember that it WAS by the measurement of those shadows and I wondered at the time since we’d already had an interesting exchange on iPhoto analysis and the Fuji color scale regarding a shot on one of his submissions to this site, this got me wondering. But as I said earlier, although this story had had me wondering for some time as daffy told it, I let him roll. I wanted to see him pull it off.
    I was maybe even cheering for him so he’d get to the finish line without embarrassing both of us.

    So, armed with the time of this shot and the registration number or this plane, daffy had all he needed.

    And well, once again, our daffy simply hit the web, didn’t he. (I could see someone trying to build a case for the digital imperative, supremacy even? We’d see.

    His mission? To find out . . . . . .”Where was that Nok Air flight going??

    Back to work:
    Well, daffy just compares the angularity of those infamous shadows with the various flight paths on http://www.popularThaiflight and compares those with the position of the sun on each path (just like on TV, right?)
    and by deduction( yeah, that’d be deduct, right?) he determines that Mr. Summers flight is headed directly to Nakhon Phanom.

    So hey Keith, it was daffy, not any of Keith’s other enemies, guys like Wade, Holt, Stick etc but daffy who (if we are to believe what he says in this amazing account) who wants credit the first to uncover “the amazing Galt’s” Nakhon Phanom lair. 🙂

    What did daffy do with this vital information I enquired dutifully and politely ? (It had been quite story and I was in that strange territory between the awe-strickenness he’s wanted to invoke and the gobsmacked-ness which any sane person would fall into after he’d heard a crock of shit of this caliber.

    At this point I’d sat through your awe-inspiring tale and I didn’t give a shit.

    Frankly, I was more disappointed than gob-smacked . . . but you know that.

    And, we’d passed through a relatively interesting conversational interlude and I saw no reason to rain on the parade of a person who so desperately needed to be respected.

    I was raised to be polite.

    If you think a little swearing is rude, you need to see more stand-up, more George Carlin, Lenny Bruce (no, not me) and others.
    Many others.
    Your finger-wagging is silly.

    • ROTFLOL!

      Good thing I sent you guys the original email – quite the revisionist historian, isn’t he?

      I particularly love how “a picture posted on Summers’ website” became “a picture Summers sent me” – I guess he didn’t bother going to Oh well, I’m glad he deliberately keeps himself in the dark.

    • I do bet he’s getting tons of mileage from it, coming back and reposting at least half a dozen follow-up comments to his ‘missive’ (not counting the various socks that’ll agree with him – “Hi, Mick!”)

  5. mick gernald said

    what is your disfunction daffy?

    you are being revealed everywhere. why dont you get a life, a real one. One that revolves around you, not around others.
    It’s not too late mate – .

  6. I should have used an alias today. I went down to Patts with the intention of doing some mutant watching, bullshitting with the girls and drinking a couple of beers.

    I proceeded to get hammered at Z Bar and taking a fat girl upstairs to the short time room.

    It was a long ride home back to Si Racha thinking about what I had done.

    • SBDOTKU said

      LOL! Awesome, just awesome.

    • I’m assuming you have pictures and that you’ll provide us with a detailed field report…

      Oh, wait…

      Say, seriously, so you’re back from the land of whales, and you were homesick, is that it?

  7. Yes, I am back in Thailand. Homesick? For the states a little bit.

    I hadn’t been back for nearly two years.

  8. BigDummyKenny said

    Whale catching. Nice. The sequel to The Deadliest Catch.

    BTW, doesn’t someone owe us a Part 3? Hmmmmmmm. It was so long ago.

  9. It now seems that Poor Prufie has latched onto the Obama death as a fake.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Obama??? Might you mean OSama??? Or is he saying that The President is actually dead and has been replaced by a dopleganger?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Dude, that’s hilarious, and so predictable – has he already denounced the fake picture? The one that wasn’t released by the White House, and which is 8 years old, and *known* as a fake. Seriously, it’s now all about the Osama fake (and he spells the name wrong, too – hahaha).

      Is he still demonizing Galton or has he figured out that’s a fake, yet?

      I bet he’s still calling out “Daffy!” under every shadow, though – the dude needs his obsessions.

    • This is how daffy “friends.”

      I chose to respond directly to his sick attacks. Nearly two years ago he began to
      direct his venomous spew at me. I endured months of stalking, lies, taunts and smears
      from this misdirections, and ridicule from this internet bully.
      The prick’s crowning glory was some wholly irrelevant reference to some airplane site
      he’d sourced and used to prolong his vicious personal attacks on my credibility.

      —— The above courtesy of John Roy (Prufrock)

    • Funny!

      I love how he reads something, and then somewhere between the original content, and when puts down a response, half the information gets changed, altered or forgotten.

      It’s funny that this is the guy crowing about his superior investigative abilities.

    • He hears and reads what he wants to hear and read. For example…..

      Prufrock says:
      May 5, 2011 at 1:32 am

      How could we have had Obama? Hillary and the rest of them posing for that Photo op in the situation room
      as they claim to be watching a live action feed of the Osama elimination/?

      The CIA has just declared that there is no live feed.

      Nobody really needs to get the Obama/Osama story straight’
      60% of Amerikans are just too thick to question anything the government is trying to make them believe.

      The Obama/Osama ooggy-boogy two-step

      “Got a great beat but it’s really hard to dance to it.”

      OK John, what were they looking at?

      A live feed from the Pentagon. What a jackass!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      No no no. Tell me this isn’t so.

      Area 51
      Crop Circles
      Kennedy Assassination
      Moon Landing
      9-1-1 Attacks
      Japan Tsunami/nuclear plant and now this? Am I missing anything?

      Did I hear someone say there should be a spoof site? 😉

    • I really am starting to think that a dedicated Prufrock spoof site needs to be set up — just about him.

      Of course, there’ll be just one daily visitor – the man who will swear he never visits it – Prufrock!

    • As to what they were intently “watching” – nearly every site posting that picture explains that they were listening to a *SOUND* feed of the mission, relayed via the CIA or the Pentagon.

      You’re right, BBG, he hears only what he wants to hear – his insistence of some picture that Summers allegedly sent me… when I was *very* clear that this is a picture that Summers posted to his blog, and that this is where the plane’s wing picture came from. He’s a true idiot.

  10. He keeps saying Obama on BBK so I’m going with that!

  11. OsBama hUssein Sin Laden said

    now i shall spend all my money with brother bush and many filthy vixens

    we win! 🙂

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