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Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part V – The Escape

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on April 29, 2011

The joys of island life – all three phone networks died the other night.

Around 7:30am next morning they each started coming back to life. Fun.

That wasn’t a big deal — even in Bangkok the power goes off ever now and then, and connectivity problems, while infrequent, are not unheard of.

The other issue is boredom — absolute boredom with absolutely nothing to do after a while. You can only swim with squid and have sexy candlelight “amore” so many times.

While staying at any of the resorts, you pretty much *stay* at the resort – it’s not that there aren’t other places, or other resorts to go to (there are), but during the rainy season getting around is sometimes (*cough* always *cough*) a problem.

Unfortunately, the roads leading up to the resorts are pathetically maintained and are basically mudslides this time of year.

This issue was exacerbated when I headed back to my resort from Neverland resort around 9:00pm – it was pitch dark (which made for some beautiful starry skies), and the driver that took me back apparently drove the only non-4WD vehicle on the island…. which promptly got hopelessly stuck in some soft mud at the most inopportune location.

Fortunately, my iPhone had reception (of course it did, AT&T was nowhere around), I called my trusty assistant, who alerted the super-duper guy from Neverland resort — and within 20 minutes he showed up with a caterpillar, pulled us out of the mud, and dropped us off on the connecting road.


(it was pitch dark, and the video and pictures I took were equally pitch dark – use your imagination 🙂

Driving to and from the various resorts was an equal adventure, crossing Indiana Jones worthy bridges, amongst other perils.

These roads are a dealbreaker, sadly, no matter how much ‘adventure’ they add.

YouTube video of driving on a road. In the day:

The island already has very little infrastructure, but the deplorable condition of the roads during rainy/slow season turn your stays at the resorts into virtual gilded prisons (the resorts are all very comfortable and nice, and, naturally, secluded.)

Not sure that’s really what I’m looking for, for more than 3-5 days — but I certainly want to check Koh Kood out again in the high season – which is also when there are connecting boats going between Koh Chang and Koh Kood (making this a win/win situation).

So, I decided to bid farewell, for now, to Koh Kood, and head back to civilization — or rather, to swing back to the mainland, and head on over with the next ferry to Koh Chang (home to paved roads, and a bit more infrastructure – read: WiFi)

YouTube video off the backside of the boat, leaving Koh Kood behind:

(next up… Back to Koh Chang, and snorkeling adventures)


2 Responses to “Koh Kood Island Adventure – Part V – The Escape”

  1. David Shiel said

    Camping, That’s why we have the Landmark and Mandarin yeah?

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