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BigBlackGulliver: Laos Business Adventure (Part 4) – The Lao Girls, Fuzzy Kens’s & How to read an ID Card

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on May 11, 2011

Our supplier picks us up at the airport and treats us to a great day golfing at Victory Park Country Club in Nong Khai.

Getting ready to be dropped off at the hotel back in Udon he asks us both “you want young Lao girl tonight”

Oh Shit!

I ask him how old are the girls and how would this go down?

“18, I send them to the hotel”

How much?

“3000 Baht for each girl 9 to 6”

You mean they will leave at 6 in the morning?

“Chai, must stay in room”

My radar is now on high alert, I knew a guy staying in Udon Thani two years ago who got totally screwed when he took a girl back to his room and the Thai Police came a knocking…..she was underage and he paid greatly.

What really bothered me was the staying in the room thing and the six in the morning departure.  WTF?

Plus, we were staying at the Centara Hotel.  Not the Plaza but still expensive and nice by Udon Thani standards so we looked liked marks.

I told my customer not to worry we would go to some bars later tonight and he would find some company for the evening.

His response…..” no, I want a young girl”

OK, I had my own backup plan in case it hit the fan!

We had some time to kill so we checked out Fuzzy Kens which is one block from the Centara Hotel.

I highly, highly recommend this place.

The owner is sort of zany but he has some great food and some girls.  None I would ever barfine, but they are the friendly sort.  He has a website that shows the place well.

I got a little buzzed on the Chang over ice and liked the place so much I actually asked him if we wanted out of the business.   He seemed semi-offended by this!

Next stop Nutty Park.  Basically it’s the Queens Park Plaza of Udon with a couple of exceptions.

With what was to come later that night we should have grabbed some hags from there and taken them back to the room but it was not in the cards for us that night.

Many great girls can be found in Nutty Park.  They seem to be on both ends of the spectrum so to speak.  Those who worked in the bright lights of the big city in the past with many, many miles on the odometer.

On the other hand there are LOTS of new girls nearly every week who are “Farang Curious”

Pay attention now……….

What I mean is that they have relatives who married and live with a Farang in Udon.

They see some semi-decent guys living there with Thai Wives leading semi-normal lives and they want some of that. 

The other place to check out in Udon is Day and Night.  It’s basically a bunch of beer bars under a covered roof.  There is a place that looks similar in Chiang Mai but is much better than Day and Night.  We stopped for a couple of drinks and talked with the girls.  I included a couple of pictures to give you an idea of the lack of talent here. (pretty lacking)  Most girls at Day and Night seem to be semi-retired Bangkok and Pattaya girls.

About 2200 we headed back to the hotel lobby to wait for our delivery.  Five minutes later here they come just a prancing in through the doors. When I say prancing I mean these two very young looking girls walked in and strutted through the lobby like they owned the fucking place.

Both were really good looking.

Two really hot, young, white skinned, thin nosed Lao Girls with Mama leading the way.  They hit the elevator headed to my room on the sixth floor.  My customer was on number five.  We followed them up in the other elevator and headed to my room.

I checked both ID cards which were Thai and said they were 21.

They were neither and I gave Mama a look that said please make this happen with no problems if you would.  She smiled with a look on her face that meant either have fun or your fucked and told us she would see us at 0600.

I won’t bore with the details other than to say she was Lao, worked a day job, her mom is Lao and her father is Thai .

I could tell you I’ve been there and done that…blah, blah but two or three days with this girl and I would have had some serious issues on what I wanted to do next.  She was that much of a perfect package.  I had her stay till around 0100 and sent her packing home.

An hour or so later I’m sleeping and my phone rings.  Mama is on the other line and we have big problem on the Soi.  Down on the 5th floor my customer is having a problem with his girl.

The problem is the condom and his lack of wanting to wear it.  The girl has called Mama twice now and the “Big Boss” is ready to come to the hotel.  She is calling me to help with the situation.  I take a quick shower and get dressed just in case I need to do some evasive action.

10 minutes later I call my customer and he answers with lots of background noise.

Where are you?

“I took a tookie to party with her friends” (later to be determined Soi 2 in Udon where the Lao hookers ply their trade)

Are you crazy…….you’re out on the town with a young girl.  Here is the number for Mama you need to call her and tell you where you are before we both have a big fucking problem.

“I’ll see you in the lobby at 1000 for our trip to Lao”

The next morning I awaken to a slight hangover, a little red shirt protest outside my window and no calls from my customer.

1100 my customer walks into the lobby with what looks like a black eye, broken nose and some clear tape holding a piece of his lip into place.

The two girls were named Speck and Job.  Their services can be secured by visiting “Tommy” at the Charoen Hotel.  He is one of the bellhops there.  Just make sure they are in your room ready to go at 0600 when Mama comes to pick them up.

Broken nose, busted lip and all we head for Laos Business Adventure – Karaoke, Mekong River Madness and some Jail Time! Read part 5 here.

For those who missed the previous entries: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


12 Responses to “BigBlackGulliver: Laos Business Adventure (Part 4) – The Lao Girls, Fuzzy Kens’s & How to read an ID Card”

  1. So, I am having less and less sympathy for your customer – the guy acts like a typical ass, no, make that typical childish ass.

  2. SBDOTKU said

    Definition of “adventure” = someone else, somewhere else, having a really tough time. Cheers to your ADVENTURE!

  3. Graham said

    I’ve always maintained that the customer is not always right.

    (unless it’s me)

    • LOL!

      Yeah, but there comes a point where “I don’t got their back” and I walk away from the train wreck. Done it before, will do it again.

  4. SBDOTKU said

    When “got your back” becomes “got your bail” (as BBG’s next chapter title implies), I think a rethinking of the situation is in order.

  5. Graham said

    If ever an advert to have a second passport…. 😉

  6. adman said

    It keeps getting worse for your customer BigBlackGulliver.

    Is there a Part 5?

  7. adman said


    Has Part 5 been locked up in the vault?

  8. Laos Business Adventure (Part 5)

    We had two nights planned in Vientiane with a short plant visit, the only time we needed to be sober and fresh to discuss any business related transactions that didn’t involve hookers.

    We never made it to the plant visit and my customer only got back from Lao last week…………….

    Working on it now due to peer pressure!

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