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Back to School Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on May 16, 2011



…and a preview to next week – After School Cheesecake



33 Responses to “Back to School Cheesecake”

  1. tgs1 takes the prize this week. Big Dummy did you take these outside the Ramkahaeng Library?

  2. … and here we thought it’s tough being a teacher in Thailand. I’m rushing into getting my TEFL already!!

    Plus, these girls are less likely to file sexual harassment charges against you, if you write ‘sexy stories’ about them …

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    @BBG – Maybe. Ramthammahaeng or something like that – and don’t underestimate tgs24.

    @RDD – Working in Thailand would be a great opportunity! Maybe look at employment opportunities to be closer to the girl scene. Especially for someone with a career that’s going nowhere at a California State University. The only thing I can think of that may hold someone back is actually passing a TEFL exam 😉

  4. SBDOTKU said

    Donkey Kong in a thong! Love them Uni girls!

  5. adman said

    Nice! I’m back to LOS next week for a few days.

    Looking forward to the eye candy.

    Is there a TEFL For Dummies? Maybe Professor Kenneth Ng of Cal State Northridge could buy a copy.

    A quick check and through the power of yahoo (screw google for their lack of privacy policies), indeed there is TEFL For Dummies.

  6. lach said

    luv it!!!

  7. So, all of sudden, Ng is now a movie critic? Like Rex Reed? Maybe he should review the kind of films that he knows best: gay bondage porn. Also, maybe you guys know better than we do: what does “vanilaized” mean? (Ng’s spelling).

    In related news, per the back to school theme of your post, it looks like there will be a new sheriff in town over at CSUN. Probably not good for the notorious whore blogger Professor Ng:

    • BigDummyKenny said

      Hahaaa! “Like Rex Reed.” – Instant Classic:

      News Ch.9: Now as part of our weekend preview, we turn it over to our own KCAL movie critic Kenneth Ng.

      Ken Ng: I had the great pleasure of being a special invitee to The Hangover 2. This movie, filmed in the streets of Bangkok, brought back my own fond memories of many a drunken morning waking up dazed and confused in the Land of Smiles. Much like a poker player who can’t get a proper read on his opponents…bla-bla-bla (in an it’s all about me manner)……A great example of this character is the close to the line ex-pat…bla-bla-bla…….This scene reminds me of the time I bribed my way out of a traffic ticket. There’s a proper way to approach this…bla-bla-bla……and in closing, let me say if you don’t want this to happen to you, only go after the “good girls” that you find at Buddhist Shrines.

      News Ch.9: Thank you for that “interesting” review Mr. Ng.

      Ken Ng: Did I mention I was a special invitee? I am a ROCKSTAR!!!

      As for the “all of the sudden”, you may be onto something. Perhaps it’s related to the departure of the CSUN President. Therefore, Mr. Ng is exploring other professional options. Movie critic, restaurant critic. How hard can it be?

  8. I don’t believe a word he wrote. Kenny doesn’t have many friends let alone those who would get him into a movie premiere. That review could have been written merely be watching the trailer.

    I suspect it was written to bait Daffy to post.

    BTW, I loved the Jimmy Smithers and Moo date night.

    “I was thinking it had been going pretty well up to that point. I am thinking at least a hand job. I mean, with the durians, the 100 Pipers and all, I thought I deserved at least that”

    LMAO nervously as I sit at this very moment drinking 100 pipers.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “I suspect it was written to bait Daffy to post.”

      Good luck with that, Kenny – baiting me requires that I actually waste my time reading his site, first. 😉

    • SBDOTKU said

      YEAH! And RDD knows all about baiting. As a matter of fact, he’s a MASTER baiter! ;-P

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      (wait) Huh? Bastard!

  9. Jimmy Smithers thanks you, BBG, for the compliment. He added a part II to the Moo story, by the way. I always wondered who actually drinks the 100 Pipers stuff. How is it? (This is coming from someone who prefers Yaa Dong anyway). It is quite remarkable how popular Jimmy Smithers has become.

    On another note, it looks like Ng has been reduced to copying and pasting your whole blog entry and dumping it into the commentary section of his abortion of a website. Typical Ng, but he is probably desperate for numbers, considering that his John Galt thing played itself out like a shadow play of imbeciles.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “a shadow play of imbeciles”

      Oh, what a great tagline – it should really be BBK’s tagline, it would be so perfect.
      a shadow play of imbeciles


  10. 100 Pipers was the worst thing I had ever tasted at one time. I guess it grows on you.

    My brother in law left a bottle at the house over the holidays.

    Yaa Dong? Wow, you are a real man to drink that. I can handle one small glass with the green mango to help but then I’m finished.

    I usually buy some Yaa Dong (in the recycled Saen Som bottle) for my neighborhood SECU Guy.

    Poor Kenny he just won’t give up for some reason.

  11. Speaking of hot students…………Oh my!

    CSUN professor may be terminated for code of conduct violations

    The original content of this comment is being redacted, because it was misrepresentating CSUN’s Sundial, its contents, and inappropriately misrepresenting one of their reporters in what can best be considered a hoax in bad taste.

    I have found out, and this was confirmed by correspondence from the Daily Sundial, that the falsified article posted here was based on a modified article dating back to 2008, about another professor – that person’s name was simply replaced with Ng’s name in the misrepresenting article. The claimed article, and the allegations implied within, have been misrepresentations, and are simply false.

    We here at BigDummyKenny would like to apologize to the Daily Sundial, which has done a great job exposing and balancing associate professor Kenneth Ng’s shenanigans in the past, and which, I have no doubt will continue to do so in the future, if Associate Prof. Ng gives them reason and material to do so – to be quite honest, there’s really no need to invent stuff with Kennth Ng’s track record.

    Once again, sincerely apologies to the CSUN Daily Sundial for this snafu.

    • Soi Walker said

      BBG – Is this the real deal or a joke?

      In other 2010 e-mails to Palo Alto College Professor Duane Conley, Ng reported on the ‘amazing variety’ of 99-cent lingerie available at the local Goodwill store, where he purchased about 10 items, including an ‘unwashed thong with the delightful aroma.’

      If this is no joke, I now understand the Summers-Ng blogosphere connection.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yeah, how did you get a hold of this?

      This’d be real funny stuff, if it’s real.

    • Soi Walker said

      I’m 99% sure it’s a fake. Look at this here,

      “where he purchased about 10 items, including an ‘unwashed thong with the delightful aroma.’ ”

      If it was about ‘unwashed panties of a 15 year old Esarn girl with pee stains’ then I’d be inclined to believe it.

    • This story is untrue!

  12. How did you get this? According to the byline, it looks like it will be published on Friday. Kristin Hugo deserves a Pulitzer, or at least a guest shot on 60 Minutes. Saphan Loy will obviously have more to say about the more prurient details. Good job, BBG and BDK, for the breaking news.

  13. BigDummyKenny said

    I’m sure certain media websites will be on this in no time if it’s true.

    In the meantime, keep an eye on The Daily Sundial

    Coincidentally, today’s front page story is titled, “CSUN professor rates highly on professor ratings website”

    They may be adding another one on Friday.

  14. adman said

    I think the story is Bullshit.

    No offense, but why would it be leaked to BigDummyKenny?

    Maybe something Kenneth Ng is behind to stir up attention.

  15. The owner of this blog is one of the Big Mango investors. Just come clean its not a big deal.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @BBKN – This has been the problem with guys like you for a very long time. For whatever reason, it seems to be impossible for you to accept there are people without mango affiliation who don’t like Kenny or poke fun at him for no reason other than the way he promotes himself online.

      So again, here it is: This website is not owned by any big mango owner, investor, or regular customer.

      Why is that so difficult for you guys to understand? Care to explain?

    • Wait a second there, BDK – everyone knows that *I* own this website, and that I am a co-owner in the Big Mango. Thought you were as well? In fact, according to super sleuth Prufrock, you are just another sock puppet of mine, as is *everyone* else on this site.

      Come clean!

    • Daffy,

      Everyone knows that you are also Big Dummy and Big Black Gulliver.


    • adman said

      What about me Bigbabykenneth?

      This is just another RDD alias. Didn’t you know that?

      By the way – get it right: hahaha hehehe hohoho

  16. Daywalker said

    I can assure you that this site owner is NOT a Mango ‘investor / owner or even customer.

    If he is, then I need to be getting paid!

    Hang on, come to think of it, didn’t my pal Kenny say the Mango was up forsale? What’s the latest Kenny? And tell me, what happened to the floor that is not mentioned on the advert? But more alarming, what happened to the 5 years of business that I can’t recall? It states the Mango was open in 2000.

    Hope you see you real soon. If you’re looking for work, give me a call – I might have something for you. 😉

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