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BarRaider: Thai Clubs, Drugs & Hookers (Oh My!) – Part I

Posted by BigDummyKenny on May 19, 2011

Party on Wayne....Party on Garth!

So you’re a party animal and want to come to Thailand to partake in your same “come hell or high water fast track lifestyle” you live back home, but are worried the strict drug laws in Thailand will curtail your partying and carefree ways. Damn, life in prison can be a long time.

That would suck big time.

Screw those thoughts. This is Thailand! The land of smiles.

No worries my friend. Just make sure you have access to plenty of cash and don’t ever carry any contraband on you and you’re good to go. Let me explain. You see, I once lived that lifestyle on a regular basis. If I wanted, I could still get a quick fix, any day of the week and any time. So sit right back and let me tell you how it goes down.

Now for most of you who have spent more than a couple weeks in Thailand what I’m going to tell you comes as no surprise. You see, drugs are another of Thailand’s little secrets. Sure, you’re gonna read about the occasional big bust. But that’s just a puppet show to keep international agencies off the Thai government’s back:

What you don’t hear about are the stories where former soldiers and police work with the current army and police leaders so that “their” drugs make it into the country. It’s a standard business practice. You do what you can to shut down the competition and corner the market.

To the cheers of the Thai government and the opening of the nightly TV news stories, you’ll hear about those who try to smuggle drugs in on their own and get caught, but why should you take the risk when there’s an easy way to enjoy your party favors almost risk free. How is that possible? Why through your favorite bar girl, of course! Come on. You gonna tell me you didn’t know? Sure you did (nod-nod, wink-wink). You see, there’s plenty of profit in the drug trade for everyone to make out. The boys in brown, the mafia and the dealers/runners. What better way to run one illegal cover operation than by running it under an open illegal operation?

What I can tell you for sure is that more than 50% (sometimes, way more than) of the girls in most of the venues (and an even higher number of freelancers) use yaba (remember, my gf once worked in a bar and her sister still works in a bar). Forget about the desire for these girls to use the drug as a rec outlet. Keeping thin in Thailand isn’t as easy as it once was with the McDonalds, KFC and Dairy-Q popping up all over the place. So these girls have found that yaba is an easy route to get a nice high with a customer who wants to party (or with their Thai bf) and keeps their appetite down.

Any doubt? Next time you go to a gogo ask a couple girls you know, or hint to a girl who’s gotten friendly with you that you want to pay the bar with a girl who wants to party all night with booze and ya. You take the girl back to your place and then have her make the call to her contact to deliver the goods (no, not to your door or the lobby, it’s a street transaction). That’s it. You’re set for the night. Party on Wayne!

Regular partying activities will expand your influence and contacts. In no time you’ll have a direct line to the runners and the cabinet will never be empty, so to speak. Now in the slim chance you do get setup, the extra cash and negotiations for a quick payoff can be arranged if you don’t have a bag full of pills. It is the LOS and the boys in brown will be smiling with their new found windfall.

Yea, it’s that simple. I know there’s gonna be some of you who are thinking: but BarRaider, the police conduct random raids at the clubs, massage parlors and gogos to get these bad people off the street and into jail, I mean, into rehab.

Not so fast Somchai. I’ll address that in Part II


15 Responses to “BarRaider: Thai Clubs, Drugs & Hookers (Oh My!) – Part I”

  1. adman said

    It’s not just the girls in the gogos.

    Last year during one of my trips I was in a clubs with a few friends and a couple girls.

    One of the girls pulled out a breath mint container that had quite a few ya tablets in it.

    She works in a office in Silom. Something I didn’t expect from an office girl.

  2. MongerSEA said

    More than half of the girls? Hardly.

  3. Nuff Said said

    Skanks and faggots use that drug

    • BigDummyKenny said

      Sounds like this article hit too close to home. Maybe you want to find a better class of people to call your friends. Just a suggestion. 😉

  4. Nuff Said said

    why are you promoting it you fuck?

    • BarRaider said

      Nothing Said, WTF is your problem? You’re one of the shills from BBK aren’t you? Chill out.

      Let’s see if you can figure out what this is about after Part II is posted up.

  5. BarRaider said

    Monger, Dude, I’ll put my experience and information up against anything you got.

    That includes 4 times I’ve been in a gogo when drug raids have happened. That includes watching as the mamasan ran around with a notepad asking girls if they’ll be staying or leaving and then marking number after number up on the blackboard after erasing more than half the numbers on the 3 stage rotations. That includes that last time I was in a gogo last November, where 60 or 70 girls were in the club one night and the girls were told there would be a drug test the next night, where only about 40 girls showed up that next night and then about 1 hour prior to the drug raid all but 10 or 12 girls suddenly left the bar.

    That includes talking to my gf, her sister and a couple of her friends and girls I know who work in bars and massage joints who’ve told me anywhere to about half to most the girls they know are on a drug of some sort – including a couple of the girls admitting to taking it themselves to lose weight (of course they denied they were addicted).

    There are my sources bro, so what you got?

  6. SBDOTKU said

    I’m shocked, shocked I say, to find [drugs] in this establishment!

    I don’t think anyone doubts that this exists in the manner BarRaider indicated – as to how pervasive it is, who knows? I certainly don’t. I tend to go for the sweeter girls more than the harder edged girls – though we all know that is not a perfect predictor. I did have one incredibly beautiful curvy sweetie who had a reoccurring problem with drugs, ya-ba in particular. Whether she did it for the high or to keep skinny I don’t know and I’m pretty sure she didn’t either – I said she was beautiful, not smart 😉 .

    And anybody else love that fact that BBK and/or sycophants have decided to try and come over here and spew their bilge? Hey look, GRAVITARS, let’s you know who’s who. Though if the person identifying himself as BigBabyKennethNg is actually him, despite the photo gravitar, is unknown.

    Love the further immaturity of now going around rating the comments as “thumbs down.” Really? What are you, twelve?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Love the further immaturity of now going around rating the comments as “thumbs down.” Really? What are you, twelve?”

      Did you expect anything else than 5 year old behavior?

    • Raider said

      If you’re going to offer people the chance to rate the comments, then you’ve got to accept the fact that a lot of people won’t agree with what is written. That’s not immaturity. In fact, it seems less mature to expect everyone to agree with you and click the thumbs-up button, especially on comments following a blog post about drug use that is likely to divide opinions.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I’m referring to the fact that all the thumbs down on all the regular contributors were pushed by the ONE AND SAME person, who also gave himself a thumbs up (and tried to do so repeatedly, but the function detects and prevents repeat offenders). Then again, I’m not telling you anything new, am I?

      The rating function is a good one, when used by mature individuals – and in fact it’s better to know what kind of content is less liked than what is popular.

    • Raider said

      If you’re interested in opinions on content, you might want to use the rating system for the articles themselves instead of/in addition to the comments. You can see how skewed opinions on comments get by looking at the thumbs up/down on New Mandala, where the argument could be made that the readership is ‘mature’. It is largely often just a question of whether a particular POV is popular, or whether people agree with it, even there.

    • I’ve read New Mandala, and the readership is far from mature — just as some of what passes for “writers” over there is equally far from mature.

  7. peter smith said

    Raider…. when are you next over, seems like your counting down the days, like you I WORRYabout the skinny pills.

  8. peter smith said

    sorry, shxx Smithy….

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