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To The Beach-Cake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on May 29, 2011

What were you expecting? Potato Salad and Apple Pie?


11 Responses to “To The Beach-Cake”

  1. Rondo said

    Sensational comment from BBG on Kenny’s site. Gold !

    BigBlackGuliver says:
    May 29, 2011 at 11:13 am

    What you see above are the ravings of a madman, a sick raving lunatic who hasn’t the slightest idea what
    constitutes my life here (or there).
    His fantasies have nothing to do with any reality that has been, is or ever will be part of my life.
    He probably knows this but since Prufie has nothing much to say he repeats them endlessly.

    His fantasies about his young daughter are disgustingly great !
    I see these posts here and I wonder just what this sick mad perverted creep is trying to do.

    I would also like to suggest that anyone over at the Mango Bar would be equally disgusted with this kind of perversion and
    trolling. In any case, no one over there would be so grossly misinformed. No one there would be so perversely fixated on
    complete fallacy .
    No one over there would stoop to this.

    First, these guys know you and they know your personal details and they can see all the information Prufie.
    posts are not wrong. The “personal details” you see here truly bear resemblance to your life. I know what this creep is on about.

    There is a restraining order !

    Prufrock is just a sick, impoverished, morally bankrupted soul howling in the darkness of life’s parking garage.
    (Strike a match in the darkness, you poor bastard. . . . somebody’s tagged the wall.
    The guy’s graffiti is larger than life and it’s highly stylized.

    Just as the match burns your shit-stained, nicotine-stained, fingers you make out the message before you smell
    the fumes from your smouldering fingernails,
    The tag says “9/11 WAS, IS, and CONTINUES to BE a SIDE WAYS job.”

    This Poof is living breathing proof of what it takes to fool most of the people
    all of the time: Just dumb down the hoi poloi to this pitiful level.

    Remember Prufrock 1+1 = 2, cows are “she”, you don’t have to be married to have children,
    and you are probably the uniquely stupidest motherfuckers I have ever encountered.

    • Sad that you impersonate BBG on Kenny’s site, and then failing to get any reaction, cross-post it over here, hoping to get us flocking over there… Nice try, but FAIL.

      I do appreciate the pointer, though, as you pointed me to another, unrelated piece, but comedy gold nevertheless… 😉

  2. I don’t have the attention span to write something that long.

    • LOL!

      Yeah, but I notice the button pushers are dedicated losers… Can’t wait for BigDummy’s report.

    • adman said

      Isn’t is obvious that Prufrock is conducting his own false flag operation?

      Look at the words, punctuation and style. Typical Prufrock.

      “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde

      Oh yea, nice cheesecake. I’ll take a Number 26 to go.

    • “Isn’t is obvious that Prufrock is conducting his own false flag operation?”

      Caught with his pants down, as always — it’s just supremely ironic for a guy who portrays himself as the White Knight of Truth. 😉

    • Mr. Obvious said

      Whoooo – hooooo. Lookie at these girls.

      Wouldn’t work for the Prufrock flake though cause i heard said he only likes ladyboys.

  3. Number 21 wins this week. It was no contest!

  4. Number 21 and Number 26, and a hotel room pre-paid for a week.

    Very nice selection, as always.

  5. AussieBob said

    #18… #21…#24…

    Ah, hell. Just put ’em all in a basket to go.

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