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ASTTRU: The Real, Untold Story About Smartphones In Thailand

Posted by BigDummyKenny on May 30, 2011

Nokia X7 iphone 4

The extent to which BBK gets things wrong are quite spectacular at times. Look at his slovenly crafted article on mobile phones.

If you have the background or have done a bit of research you know most of what the Professor Ng says in his article is false. He comes to the wrong conclusions based upon incorrect information and his advice on purchasing a smart phone will have you needlessly throwing away money.

BBK sets himself up with this spectacularly incorrect statement:

Before smart phones and mobile internet, it was possible to use one phone in the U.S. and Thailand. Thailand uses the GSM standard which specifies certain frequencies and data protocols for cellular phones. In the U.S., T-Mobile plus other carriers also used the GSM standard so phones brought from these U.S. carriers worked in Thailand with a simple SIM swap. Verizon and Sprint/Nextel use the CDMA standard which uses different frequencies and data protocols. For this reason, expensive Verizon cellphones are rendered worthless in Thailand because they transmit on the wrong frequencies.

With smart phones, the one phone for both countries strategy is no longer viable even if you have a U.S. phone that supports the GSM standard. US GSM phones use different frequencies for 3G even though they otherwise adhere to the GSM standard. This means that smart phones brought from the U.S. can make voice calls but data service, i.e. 3G, doesn’t work in Thailand. If you want 3G functionality you have to buy a second phone that supports the Thai system and transmits/receives on the right frequencies.

Wrong facts. Wrong conclusions.

We’re not sure of how far back Prof. Ng is referring, but we’ll go back to just before the GSM era.  Before 1990, cell service in the U.S.A. was mostly on 450mhz and 850mhz frequency. McCaw Cellular (later to become AT&T) operated on 850.  In Thailand it was on the 470Mhz and 800Mhz bands. AIS was the first provider to offer digital GSM service on the 900mhz band around 1995 (they were granted a 30 year monopoly on using that frequency in 1990 and the first service was analog, not digital). DTAC provided their service on the 800 and 1800 frequencies (and you can forget about True and Hutch, they came online around in 2002-2003).

It’s self evident what was written by Ng is incorrect.  In the USA (the country Prof. Ng references) the 900Mhz and 1800Mhz frequencies aren’t available. Nowadays AT&T uses the 850Mhz band and T-Mobile uses 1900Mhz, The other carriers use CDMA (Verizon, Sprint, Alltel) on the 850Mhz and 1900Mhz frequencies.

When you consider all the derivates of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, UMTS, HSPA and HSDPA on the frequencies it gets quite complicated.  Those issues are mute because the frequencies used in the 2 countries are different.  In the 1990s and early 2000s with the technology of the time and the different frequencies, you just couldn’t take a phone in the USA and use it in Thailand.   If not for smart phones that would still be true today.

Does anyone remember how big the phones were in the early 1990s? They were huge. I had one and the battery life was terrible, there was no Sim card slot and you were locked to one carrier. It’s only because of smart phones that you have the ability to use the same phone in different countries. Those tech guys I know in the telcomm industry sometimes refer to Gen 1 smart phones as the first phones having the capability to switch between the different frequencies and communication protocols due to the intelligence built into the chip handling the radio functions (transmit/receive). They refer to Gen 2 phones as having full blown Operating Systems with the increasingly complex assortment of features and functionality. Regardless of the definition, it’s the smart phones which made it possible to use one phone in each country.

The real problem, which is completely ignored by Ng, is where you buy the phone, specifically buying a phone in the USA causes problems. The phone companies there have such strong lobbying arms they can get away with anything. Did you know the DMCA as first drafted made it illegal to unlock phones in the USA? Only after complains by consumers and an amendment, which must be renewed every 2-3 years, is it legal. Politics aside, this is the main reason you can’t get a factory unlocked phone in the USA. FYI, phones can be locked several different ways; so they work a) only within one country b) only with one carrier or c) only with one specific SIM.

So the real reason Prof. Ng can’t use that nifty new iphone, HTC, LG, Samsung or any other smart phone bought in the USA is he bought a locked phone from someone like AT&T.  (BTW, their policy on unlocking phones is the worst of all US carriers and for that and privacy reason I avoid AT&T at all costs. Last I heard, T-Mobile and other will allow you to unlock the phone after the contract commitment has been fulfilled.)

Mr. Ng goes on to make the following statement:

If you are a socialist or communist who believes in strong central government that should tell people what to do, what to think, and what to read then you are an Apple customer. If you are more the free market Milton Friedman/Ronald Reagan type who believes people are smart enough to figure out for themselves what is good for them and the most important thing about government is placing constraints on its power you are a natural Android customer.

Ng should add a government which kneels to every corporate whim to his list.  He then goes on complaining about Apple and their pricing policies and again repeats the same incorrect statements about the phones inability to handle different frequencies. It’s not true. The insides of a phone model is usually the same. It would be too expensive to make separate chips and separate models of the same phone for different countries. So the manufacturers lock the phone at either the firmware, network, SIM level (or a combination of the 3) for phones headed to the USA.

What Mr. Ng doesn’t know is the Verizon version of the iphone 4 could have been a world phone. All it needed was a SIM slot, additional antenna and the unlock program. The “Smart” inside the phone is already there:

Again, the problem has nothing to do with the features and functions of the phones and everything to do with the power of the phone companies in the USA to squeeze the consumer (something Mr. Ng doesn’t consider).

How Can This Information Save Me Money?

First and foremost, don’t listen to Kenneth Ng! Seriously, his recommendation will have you wasting money.

If you have a smart phone and are happy with it, see if it operates on the 850Mhz, 900Mhz or 1800Mhz frequency band. Look your phone up and see if it can be unlocked. There are a number of reputable companies online that have the algorithm for unlocking your phone for $10-$30 USD. Doing so will not make your phone unusable with your current network carrier. Also be aware that some unlocking methods will void any phone warranty.  Check if you’re unsure.  If you’re skeptical, take the phone to Thailand and go to one of the phone shops at MBK, Pantip or Fortune. In some instances you can go to AIS, True or DTAC directly. Tell them your situation and that you want to get their SIM and want to put 1000 baht on the SIM, but only if they can unlock the phone using a factory unlock method. You may or may not have luck depending upon the phone being one they’ve carried and have the unlocking software from the manufacturer.

By not following Mr. Ng’s advice, you’ve saved over 16,000 baht and still have your contacts and all your other customized information in your phone.

iphone 4
In the case your phone can not be unlocked or you just want a different phone to use in Thailand, there are a number of low cost phones that have basic features as well as java and web browsing. Low cost being 2,000 – 4,000 baht. Many of these phones are world phones. Meaning they operate on the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 bands and can be used back in your home country because they are unlocked out of the box. My suggestion would be to first go to Carrefour or Tesco-Lotus and shop. The info cards next to the phones at Carrefour as well as Tesco-Lotus are quite helpful. Their stores have close to 100 different models. If you’re on a budget, don’t overlook the i-mobile brand. It started out as a low cost phone and their phones became hugely popular. A quad-band i-mobile could be had for 2,200 baht not too long ago.

Concerning the top of the line Smartphones, again Mr. Ng’s information is incorrect. The HTC Incredible does not have the latest processor as it has a single core 1Ghz processor. The latest Smartphone processors available are the 1.2Ghz dual core processor. There are also dual core 1Ghz processors as well as single core 1.4Ghz and 1.2Ghz phones. The bad thing about these phones is for most of them the battery life is terrible. Also, the Android has a bug in their latest OS. Some non-critical services will automatically turn back on after you turn them off. I mention this because having these services running in the background uses power.

The best advice I can give you is really common sense. Shop for a phone based upon features you need and will use. Not to insult anyone, but don’t take the Thai bargirl approach to buying a phone because it has all the bells and whistles, most of which you’ll never use. That’s just plain stupid. The best site on the internet for looking for phones is GSM Arena. It has an interface which allows you to select the features you want to have on the phones you select. It has nearly every model of the top 30 Manufacturers! Check it out and bookmark it. It really is a great site. If you don’t use it today you will in the future: Optus 3D

Go to the site and select the frequencies in use in your country and the protocol and the website will return the page with the model which meet your criteria. If you want to make use of high speed internet, make sure to get a phone with HSDPA(UMTS). As an example, look at the specs on this LG phone:

Another good site to check out is Smartphone Mag. It provides more in-depth articles on the direction of the industry. Use this information, find your preferred phone and happy shopping. You’ll save money and have a phone that more closely fits your personal needs.

Forgive me if there are any inaccuracies. I am sure most of it is accurate, but aside from 40 minutes of research I am going mostly on memory and may have forgotten a few things. I’m sure the readers will let me know where I made a mistake. Especially those from BBK who believe everything he prints.



59 Responses to “ASTTRU: The Real, Untold Story About Smartphones In Thailand”

  1. I don’t think anyone would care so much that Kenny is whoring for attention with obvious bait articles like his smartPhone article – failing in getting me to comment (becaue of his patently false and inciting IPhone references) I have no doubt the FakeDD has already posted plenty of nonsense. As usual.

    Great article ASTTRU, and thanks for taking the time to write it up – a couple of points of personal observations, since I obviously use a smartPhone in Thailand as well…

    – if you plan on usig 3G, the iPhone is one of the few smartPhones supporting the currently experimental 850MHz band that 3G capable carriers use for experimental 3G (experimental because the usual incompetence and corruption are keeping Thailand firmly anchored in the GPRS/EDGE dark ages of mobile telephony). As such, only the iPhone and a very small number of other smartPhones support the enabled 3G frequency in Thailand – otherwise, you have a fancy smartPhone but a running at the slow EDGE/GPRS speeds..

    – the best pricing plan currently is TRUE’s packages, at 599 for ‘unlimited’ access – access is unlimited, but after (I believe) 5GB of 3G access, the system shifts you down to EDGE/GPRS speeds.

    This still beats paying the 790 baht Kenny suggests, for only EDGE/GPRS service on his phone. Along with using the least reliable carrier (DTAC) you’d also be paying nearly 200 baht more a month, and you would have some of the worst coverage across Thailand.

    TRUE 3G has been rolled out (experimentally, mind you) across portions of Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, with several others planned (it’s also in Pai, wherever that is). It’s fast, reliable and consistent, and easy to manage. Their pre-paid plan costs a 100 baht more, at 699, as I recall. They also have the option of combining your iPad and iPhone into a single plan, to use the same allocation of capacity (ie your 5GB).

    AIS’ coverage is limited to the 3rd floor of Central World mall (I kid you not), and some spotty coverage in Pattaya, and Bang Saen – they have the best coverage in Chiang Mai (no surprise there, in case Thaksin ever comes back).

    Finally, a word of caution about iPhones – you are currently not able to unlock iPhones from AT&T to be used on other carriers (you can jailbreak, but that’s not the same as unlock), so your best bet will always be to purchase an iPhone locally – you would pay around $700 for it, but can then resell it on eBay for around $900, after you are done (or keep it if you travel a lot to Thailand).

    That’s about all I can think of right now – I actually don’t expect Kenny to get things wrong about technology he doesn’t understand, but am frankly amazed that he got so much wrong about stuff he allegedly uses. I sure hope that ronru et al follow his advice 😉

  2. adman said

    One of the things I like about Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and Singapore is the cool electronic gear you can get that you never see in other parts of the world.

    I have friends in the US asking me to bring them unlocked phones nearly every trip.

    The Nokia X7-00 looks cool. Good stuff ASTTRU

  3. Oh, ASTTRU, Ng is right (if that’s what he said) that different phones can not handle the required frequencies – albeit that only applies to GSM/3G, and only to smartPhones. In this case the 850MHz frequency is only supported by few smartPhones, with most ‘status’ phones (including most HTC models) not supporting it. The Samsung Galaxy S will support it, but oddly not the version shipped and sold in Thailand (TiT, I guess) without you hacking it and making some modifications to it.

    You are correct that the Verizon iPhone is a true world phone, sans a sim slot – this is only an indicator that the next model will use that same chipset and will work on all frequencies.

    • ASTTRU said


      I don’t think Ng has a clue about what he’s saying. Reading his article and his comments reminds me of the prophet scene in the Life of Brian. Specifically, “He don’t know…he’s making it up as he goes along” 😉

      Review his latest comment on 3G where he provides a link to as his reference of authority. What does worldtimezone know about the ins and outs of individual service providers and the types of services they provide on their network aside from general inaccurate information? It states that in Thailand there is “planned 3G 2100”. Well, that “plan” was overthrown in the Thai courts quite some time ago. As you mention, 3G is available on the 850 and 900 bands, but only in certain areas, on a trial basis, which is all missing from Ng’s reference.

      As I read Ng’s article I get the impression he believes that because he has the latest HTC Incredible phone that he’s using 3G on his DTAC data plan. This is impossible since the phone he bought offers 3G on the 900/2100 bands. He would have been better off buying the HTC phone in the US and get it unlocked in Thailand because the North American version of the phone supports 3G on 850/1900/2100. Why spend 17000 baht and then only have GPRS/EDGE data service? You can get that with most quad-band smart phones, including used, unlocked 2G iphones at MBK.

      I take Ng’s article in it’s entirety. He talks about the problem of smart phones today and incorrectly claims before smart phones you could use one phone in both countries. Then he casually give a small mention to 3G, spends 1/3 of the article ranting against the iphone (which should tell you something) and then tells his readers his solution is to buy an HTC Incredible with the DTAC data plan. The collection of his statements in the article are inaccurate, misleading and often wrong.

      Also, don’t get lost in Ng’s improper use of terminology. To put it as simply as possible, GSM is a standard with sections on implementing specific technologies (voice, data, high speed data, etc.). GSM/2G is for GPRS and EDGE. The GSM/3G revision is for UMTS, which is why on there is an overlap of bands listed for GSM and UMTS (why they didn’t just use 2G and 3G now is beyond me).

      The future of data communications is WiMax and the GSM/4G standard for LTE. Speaking of the future, there are certain people inside AIS who are so fed up with the whole GSM/3G debacle they’re considering skipping 3G and using the 2100Mhz band to implement WiMax. What political event could jump start this? I think you know.

      I don’t want to argue with anyone, however, incorrect and misleading information is incorrect and misleading. Ng needs to pick and choose what he want to defend. I stand behind my entire article. If someone tells me I’ve said something wrong with credible references I have no problem admitting it.

      Let’s not lose focus though. This all leads up to the main point of my article: How to save money and still get the type of mobile service you want in Thailand – especially for you socialist/communists in the US. 😉

    • Yes, Comrade!

      Specifically, in his claims to show and do *anything* better, cheaper and more efficiently, Ng proves to be consistently wrong. Like you said, the HTC Incredible that he’s undoubtedly proud of, doesn’t provide him with any 3G speeds for the 17,000 baht he’s paid. He could have bought a used iPhone 3GS for 9,000 baht (or thereabouts) and ended up with better service, a better phone, and a plan that costs less.

      Mind you, though, I wasn’t contesting what you said – I merely gave Ng the benefit of very little doubt, particularly conditional of my disclaimer of “if that’s what he said” 😉

  4. BangkokMilkshakes said

    Daffy – I use Dtac and have always had full network coverage throughout Thailand, including some of its remotest corners. They also have good customer service, which i couldnt say for True or AIS.

    Pai was a backpacker hangout, but has rapidly developed into a cutesy destination for hi so(ish) artsy Thais. See the movie ‘Pai in love’ for an explanation of this. Obviously all these guys need some 3g coverage as they take endless pictures of themselves doing rabbit ear signs next to road signs, hence the decision to hook the town up. Its actually a pretty nice place… great base to start a road trip from – some stunning scenery around those parts.

  5. Great article. In fact, probably the best article on the cell phone situation in Thailand that we have ever come across. We will post a link to this article on our Views You Can Use list.

    Maybe you can do a follow-up to BBK’s latest disaster: dental care in Thailand. If BBK is so concerned about the high cost of his dental care, maybe he should do something quite simpler: brush his teeth.

    Keep up the good work.

    • I thought he was joking about the dental work but just clicked…….

      OMG, the humanity!

    • ASTTRU said

      วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร,

      Unlike Ng, I don’t know everything about everything. I think I’ll leave the response to someone who knows something more than just brushing and flossing. 😉

    • Ng’s article : “This is a dentist in Thailand. The attendants and technicians are pretty. I overpaid, but pretend it’s cheap”

      Good suggestion of following up with a corrective article of our own – I have plenty of experience with dental services in Thailand. Maybe tackle that …

    • adman said

      I’m surprise he hasn’t written an article on hailing a taxi. It would start out by him claiming that nobody else knows the proper technique on hailing a taxi and only he knows all the secrets. How to avoid a smelly cab, an old cab, a rookie cab driver. General master of the universe advice.

      BigDummy, how about a parody?

    • That’s BRILLIANT!

      (of course, seeing as he’ll read your suggestion, undoubtedly he’ll try to publish it first — “How to choose proper transportation in Thailand”)

  6. Robert said

    I’ve got no idea what you Daffy and professor Ng carry on about. When I go to Thailand I bring with me a second phone, buy a local SIM card at the 7-11, turn it on and hey presto. No problem whatsoever. End of story.

    • ASTTRU said


      Unless you’re from the US you don’t deal with the issues Ng and Daffy have. If your phone doesn’t supports 3G on 850/900Mhz your data transfer rate is very slow in Thailand. If you don’t use 3G in your home country you wouldn’t notice any difference.

    • Phones from Australian providers are generally unlocked and GSM based – particularly the non-smartPhones, like ronru’s.

  7. Robert said

    last time I was in Pattaya I got a free SIM card from the information centre at the Avenue shopping mall.

  8. Daywalker said

    Hang on a minute… what are we saying? Kenny wrote something that wasn’t true?


  9. To prep for a Saphan Loy posting I feel the need to put on some Arlo Guthrie (City of New Orleans) and light up a nice Montecristo White to enjoy the moment.

    For a Prufrock posting, I need as much Chang and Ice as possible to drown out the upholstery hammer that is him pounding on my forehead!

  10. BigDummyKenny said

    @ASTTRU – I’ve got a locked HTC phone and decided to check up on what you said about unlocking.

    Sure enough, there’s a site that will do unlocking for less than $20.00 using the IMEI number from my phone:

    • Raider said

      There are signs all over the fourth floor of MBK advertising the service of unlocking your phone. I don’t know the cost, but I’d guess that 200 baht or so would do the trick.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Used to be 100-150 Baht for unlocking most regular phones (Nokia, Moto, etc..) – current AT&T iPhones will not be able to be unlocked, though (jailbreak is not unlock).

  11. Why is Kenny re-posting ASTTRU’s article in his comments and attributing it to me, and then responds to the impersonated comment he posted?

    Why he deliberately spreads lies that are so easily debunked is beyond me – one look at iPhone specs proves Ng to be a liar:

    iPhone wireless specs:
    GSM model:
    UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz);
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

    Rhetorical question, of course. I just skimmed the train wreck of comments and saw what you meant about his comments on worldtimezones (and how spectacularly wrong he gets the supported frequencies of iPhone – he must really be jonesing for me to post back over there. Poor fool..

    • adman said

      It’s their little game. At some point someone will say you or BDK posted it there because there is no traffic here. Didn’t BDK establish long ago he is unconcerned about stats and that’s why he’s put the stats up for all to see?

      The real reason Kenny or one of the sycophants posted it is because it’s better information and doesn’t contain any of the Bullshit that Kenny posted.

    • “It’s their little game. At some point someone will say you or BDK posted it there because there is no traffic here.”

      Oh right – I forgot. That’s why “we” do that. 😉

      Oddly our “traffic” is all on-topic comments, observations and discussions – his “traffic” reads the exact same in every single thread: ad hominem, impersonations, “I hate everyone from BigMango”, and endless diatribes by tourette’s posterchild chasing shadows.

  12. Thought this might be of interest to you guys. It looks like some underpaid stoner over at AOL thought he would rehash the old media stories about BBK and post them to AOL. Of course, we already know how weird the Big Baby Kenny Ng story is…but we are assuming that AOL’s reach is still significant judging by the fact that inexplicably there are millions of AOL users left in the United States alone. This aggregate of the old Kenny Ng stories on AOL makes sense, however, considering that AOL bought the Huffington Post for $315 million USD, where these articles appeared last year. They were reposted to AOL on May 25 of this year, however. Whatever the reasons, of course, it still sucks to be him.

    • Mr. Obvious said

      That’s what was censored on BBK. Looks like someone posted a bunch of the article and Kenny deleted it.

    • Wait a sec …. I though “Robert” said that *NOTHING* ever gets censored on Kenny’s site, the bastion of free speech.

  13. Union Jack said

    I have a quadband smartphone and it works everywhere I travel. I buy a SIM, pop it in and it works every time. I want data, I get a data plan and data works every time. My 1 Smartphone works in every country.

    I don’t know what the BigBaby is talking about. Does anyone else?

    • SBDOTKU said

      He has an ego the size of…well, his head actually. But the encephalitic cognitive matter of a chia pet. He can’t write about banging underage girls anymore or he’ll lose his job, SO he writes about whatever he can desperately think of in a pathetic attempt to garner and maintain attention.

      So I guess the answer is no, we don’t know WHAT he is talking about either but we do understand WHY he won’t shut up.

    • adman said

      Not only can he not write about underage girls anymore, he can’t risk going into the go go bars either. I’m sure Saphan Loy’s open offer for a photo of Kenny has him looking over his shoulder every time he walks down Soi Cowboy or into Nana plaza.

      I’m sure he hopes everyone else’s photography skills are as poor as his. I wonder if he’ll ever learn. Doubtful, but we can all hope.

    • Oh, I’m sure news of the 20,000 bounty for pictures of Kenny will spread soon….

    • BigDummyKenny said

      Is that right? 20K Baht? That’s a respectable amount of cash for a photo. Are there any conditions? Like does he need to be in a gogo bar or have a bargirl in tow?

    • A picture of Kenny, recognizably as being in Bangkok Nana or Cowboy, of course, even better if pictured in a GoGo, or with a girl straddling him.

      Time for some paparazzi action.

  14. tooer said

    wot happened to stickman? he got banged up or wot?

  15. adman said

    Kenny gets caught again…

    Mr. Obvious says:
    June 3, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    @ BBK posting as Real Daffy Duck

    Haha Kenny. Your reference has already been debunked by ASTTRU on the Big Dummmy Kenny site. Thailand offers 3G service on 850 and where’s that listed? Relying on a generic website about time zones like worldtimezone .com for details on 3G service in Thailand is like relying on you for information on where to download your mp3.

    As Ronru pointed out, your advice is just stupid. Only a moron would think he can’t add music not bought on itunes to his iphone.

    Listening to you will cost people money.

    • So, he’s posting ASTTRU’s article, under my name? What an ass.

      Anyway, that entire article really only had one purpose – to bait me into commenting over there. I mean, he couldn’t possibly be any more transparent than the bashings on Apple. The egregious factual errors are just bonus (or, in Kenny’s case, to be expected). Seriously, I had no idea Kenny and Prufie had such hard-ons for me… Scary 😉

    • adman said

      Kenny posted a comment under your name and Mr. Obvious caught it.

    • This is getting so ridiculous – there’s no sense in parodying him anymore.

      I wonder if someone will win the 20,000 baht bounty for a picture of him.

  16. Soi Walker said

    I spent some time looking at the GSMARENA site tonight and it appears more and more smart phones are supporting quad-band 3G.

    That would mean the exact opposite of what was being said by BBK. Right?

  17. RealDaffyDuck said

    So, now, he’s resorted to just plain lying – not even making an effort to appear correct.

    • It makes you wonder what motivates a guy like Professor Kenneth Ng……

      Since 2006/2007:

      An Overall Financial Meltdown
      A housing Crisis
      Sub-prime Mortgage
      Iran on the Euro

      Just to name a few .

      What has Professor Kenneth Ng been doing since 2007/2008? Not writing about anything related to these issues.

      No, Kenny Ng has been writing about hookers in Thailand and how to fuck them on the cheap.

      Google Search “CSUN Economics” and see what you get! Not pussy, hookers, Professor, Kenneth, Ng, Thailand, etc. Just “CSUN Economics”

      Notice who is missing in the pictures this year.

      and here

      A guy who has so little respect for his craft or his reputation would never stop at lying.

      Just like a guy like Prufrock, who would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground to tell the truth. Or pay a fucking wager that he lost!

      Ng like Prufrock are best ignored. Two piggies in the mud so to speak.

      p.s. I agree Prufrock is no Pedophile! How do I know?

      Easy, I checked his daughters ID card when I barfined her at Z-Bar on Monday


    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ RealDaffyDuck – This is like listening to a guy tell you a story about something he claims to have seen but really doesn’t know much about, with the story changing each time someone with more accurate information comes forward. “What I really meant was….”. It’s rather comical. In the past three weeks the comments had all but dried up and now he decides to come forward in an attempt to prove what? It must have really bothered him. Not the, “well, I maybe wrong but it’s not a big deal” type of bothered him but more the “I can’t sleep at night because my mind is working overtime on how I can spin this so I am seen as Master Of The Universe” type of bothered him.

      I see that he was asked where the test was run and who the carrier was. He answered the where, but not the who. There is another comment by someone stating they can get 3G on AIS, but it’s limited in coverage, which backs up what you said about AIS 3G service in BKK.

      @ BigBlackGulliver – OK BBG, on your suggestion I googled “CSUN Economics” in quotes. The first 3 hits are for CSUN’s school of Economics. No surprise there. The next 3 hits, and 6 of the next 8, are about Kenneth Ng and his now defunct sex tourism website. Results are similar to the following
      CSUN economics professor Kenneth Ng runs Thai sex tourism website …
      22 Apr 2010 … ‘I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down,’ Ng said in a recent interview. ‘That’s just a personality thing’…/csun-economics-professor-kenneth-ng-runs-thai-sex-tourism-website/ – Cached – Similar

      “Just like a guy like Prufrock, who would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground to tell the truth. Or pay a fucking wager that he lost!” – How true. At some point in his life Prufrock realized the man in the tree shouting lies is often more effective than the guy on the ground telling the truth.

  18. Mr. Obvious said

    Why bother with him. Kennys got an inferiority complex. Plain and simple.

    Remember that stupid story he wrote about buying a pickup truck? It don’t matter how many people tell him he’s wrong, he’ll go to the grave believing that the world is out to get him. Everyone’s telling him lies! It’s a conspiracy!

    OMG! Prufrock was right!

  19. RealDaffyDuck said

    I’m going to assume that the comments I posted on that thread will be “held for Moderation”, and possibly not even posted since it discredits Kenny’s claims, but here’s the plain facts – anyway, just posting them here to keep things honest:

    From TrueMove’s website, listing their 3G compatible phones (ie 3G/850MHz compatible phones) – the very first row – iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS, and iPad:

    Here’s TrueMove’s FAQ on their 3G service:

    iPhone 3GS specs:

    supported frequencies:
    UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

    iPhone 4 specs:

    supported frequencies:
    UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

    iPhone 3G specs:

    supported frequencies:
    UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)

    TRUEmove 3G has some of the widest coverage – along metropolitan Bangkok, along the Sukhumvit corridor; in Hua Hin, in Pattaya, in Phuket – and they are expanding.

    Nevertheless, Kenny is correct that his friend was not able to get 3G coverage in the Sukhumvit 11 area — because an iPhone FIRST GENERATION was a 2G phone only, and did not have the ability to use 3G (notice how Kenny cleverly (not so) did not mention what model iPhone his “test” was performed with (nor what carrier).

    AIS only provides very limited coverage (basically, just outside the Central World shopping center) and would not extend coverage to Sukhumvit Soi 11.

    Smart smartPhone users use TRUEmove – I switched to TRUE a long time ago, and have been very satisfied – in fact, TRUE allows the tethering and (with iPhone 4) Personal Hotspot feature without any additional hassles (AIS limits that feature and charges extra – leading me to believe that, as usual, Kenny has done a half-assed job, and making comprehensive statements based on incomplete and incorrect information).

    That’s the facts – I have no doubt he’ll now proceed to make claims to the contrary. I don’t actually care.

  20. Bangers Bill said

    ASTTRU – Thanks for the article. I was looking into buying a new phone and the Nokia X7 you listed caught my eye. I went to a Nokia store and after checking out the features/functionality decided it was a good value proposition. I’ve had it just under a month now and couldn’t be happier. The display is fantastic and it has 5 3G network bands. Haven’t had a problem yet with 3G service on the phone, and that includes Thailand.

    Anyone else who is looking for a full function phone that is capable of 3G in Thailand and most EU countries may want to look at the X7 as well.

  21. Graham said

    I see I have been ‘sleep typing’ again over on the Kenny site?!?!

    I guess he still needs our names to attract interest.


    • Yeah, there’s a flurry of fake comments over at Kenny’s attribute to the usual selection of us, making the usual fake comments.

      Really sad, not only to see how desperate this idiot is, but that he apparently still thinks it makes any difference to any of us.

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