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…of wings and aeroplanes…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 1, 2011

a non-Photoshopped, “in perpective”, in focus, pixel-contiguous shot of the famous Summers flight that never was

Realistically, that picture is really all I should need to post, as it’s all there – but that would make for a boring article.

Here it is, the picture that Keith Summers posted on his website as part of an articled named “Suvarnabhumi Airport”

It’s all there – the *clearly visible* aircraft registration ID on the dorsal (top) of the starboard (right) wing; position of sun, on the horizon as well as relative to the plane’s heading establish time of day as well as direction; position and angle of picture establishes a damn good approximation of the seat position on the plane (to within 1 row); last but not least, the EXIF information in the picture can help determine time of flight and date (note, though, that it’s dependent on the camera date/time being properly set – Summers’ seem offset by an hour):


Finally, a quick look on (the site who’s existence Prufrock marginalizes), identifies Summers’ plane as an Embraer ERJ-145LR jet, flown by PBAir (defunct since 2009, sadly), flying on the BKK – KOP route (KOP is the designator for Nakhon Panom).

PBAir flew two flights a day between BKK and KOP, 4 times a week, as we can see from their old flight schedule, via the always helpful Internet Archive site:

The Embraer ERJ-145 Jet is a small jet plane, with barely three rows of seats across. Here’s a picture of the interior of what Summers saw when he was boarding, as he was heading towards Row 16, Seat C.

At the time, back in 2006, it was not very difficult to obtain a passenger manifest for a specific flight (it still isn’t, as a matter of fact), particular a domestic flight from a small airline – and as luck would have it there was one farang in the middle section of the plane over the right wing”



You don’t have to be Stickman, P.I.,  to leverage Summers’ repeated mistakes, and identify him – and thus, this also takes care of Prufie’s claims of “experts” assuring him there are no ID numbers on the wings of planes, and that pictures can’t be used to ascertain time of time, or heading.

(note: to give credit where credit is due, the salient details were “discovered” with the help of some very smart and well-connected friends.)


Oh, right, Prufie , feel free to drop off payment with your good friend Graham at Big Mango Bar – though I doubt very much he’d honor his own words.

The archive of the original article is here:


56 Responses to “…of wings and aeroplanes…”

  1. smokehouse said

    Snivel, snivel.

    • Oh, I have no doubt that there’s a lot of that coming from the Prufrock Mansion, following this publication. Gotten pretty quiet over there suddenly…

    • Rondo said

      Prufie is quiet over there ? He off his rocker referring to SBDOTKU as a “pro-ethnic cleansing Zionist fanatic”
      But no fear. The pervert is coping it alright… check the comments:

    • I think Prufie’s genuinely too dumb to realize he’s talking to socks, and that none of the users over here actually post on Kenny’s site, but are all impersonated. Kenny knows, of course – I used to think that he’s not telling Prufie, but now I think he’s told him, but Prufie’s too dumb to realize what he’s been told (or his psychosis selectively filters what he wants to hear).

      I’m talking about him keeping quiet about the airplane wing story, which he has been harping about on and on, *demanding* to see that picture. Well, here it is , along with a detailed explanation of what I told him, initially – albeit I note that he has since embellished the story to claim that te pictures was initially emailed to me by Summers … Wtf? Why would Summers email me a picture that he posted on his website?

    • It appears that “Rondo” (commenter above), judging by his garbled syntax (incorrect question forms) and his misuse of the question mark (incorrect spaces added after sentence), has copied and pasted our name over on BBK in order to get the imbecilic and criminal Prufrock all frothed up thinking it was us. I know that Big Dummy Kenny monitors its comments more vigiliantly, so if you can check Rondo’s IP address and send it (as well as any other pertinent information, i.e., an email address) to me it would most appreciated.

    • As a follow up, Rondo appears to have used multiple nics on BBK, all of which exhibit the same problems with questions and punctuation spacing. Notice how every question mark, and in a similiar way, every exclamation point appears separated from the statement entirely. Like Rondo’s above. His misuse of punctuation and confusing syntax reveal that they are all the same person. Because you have Rondo’s IP, you have all the marbles in terms of his identity. Here are all the nics he is plagiariazing, including my own, over at BBK:

      Gomer Pyle:
      Was the girl ….. molested at least cute ? By that I mean, would guys her age even touch her ?

      Seriously, why is it we have issues with the people in the Middle East ? They make examples out of their criminals, not reward them with a place to live and food to eat.

      Brian Piccolo: The hoser child molester should really be keeping his mouth shut !

      Dirk Bonapare: Lock Canuklehead up and throw away the key !


      Nice Prufrock. Now go home.
      What did I say ?
      You know. Just go do it.
      Now I feel better.

      วิลเลียม ณ มหานคร says:

      Prufrock – Do realize that you are seriously disturbed, do you ?

      The Watcher: This guy lives in thailand and the mother of his daughter is a whore ?

  2. Jimmy said

    I’m not following. What’s Prufrock’s claim here?

    • Prufrock claims that this picture does not exist, and the ‘experts’ he consulted with assured him that a plane’s ID would not be visible on the wing, and that time of day and heading could not be determined from such a picture. I present, QED.

      Once more, Prufie looking like an absolute fool!

  3. smokehouse said

    looking at the numbers on that wing. What am I missing? What’s missing. Hmmmm.

  4. BigDummyKenny said

    A leading capital ‘L’ in your first sentence and a ‘?’ instead of a ‘.’ in your third.

  5. smokehouse said

    Recess and lunch.

  6. BigDummyKenny said

    I’m sure mum will make you a warm meal when you get home. Don’t forget to button up so you don’t catch a cold.

  7. adman said

    What the hell is this?


    Prufrock’s worst nightmare, that’s what it is.

  8. Well in classic Prufrock fashion he has dug himself in a hole and won’t respond. Some Gentleman Poster he turned out to be!

    It says a lot about a man who makes a bet in writing and then then acts like a spoiled 10 year old when he loses.

    Once again, a total lack of self-discipline. Its intestinal fortitude like that leads one to marrying a hooker.

    Nuff Said!

  9. adman said

    It’s a conspiracy! Oh the humanity!!!

    I’m hungry. Anyone in for a hot Nutjob Pizza?

  10. You know, it’s so weird – he was going on daily, sometimes several times a day, about this airplane story — and now, suddenly, he’s 100% quiet about it.

    Maybe he hasn’t seen it yet. Maybe he needs to be reminded that he lost his bet?

  11. RealDaffyDuck said

    Get ready for Fireworks – maybe.

  12. RealDaffyDuck said

    In response to Prufie’s constant “Post the shot, Daffy!”, I have posted the following over at BBK, marking the first comment I have posted in over 6-7 months. I’m posting the message here for purposes of verification and authentication.


    The shot’s been posted long ago, Prufie, but you knew that.

    You’re just trying to pretend you haven’t see the rather humiliating exposé over at BigDummy’s site… How did Mr. adman put it “What the hell is this? Prufrock’s worst nightmare, that’s what it is.”

    But, clearly, I’m sure you will insist on said shot to be posted *here*, and I would comply, though maybe you can explain to me how I am supposed to be doing that, Mr. SmartyPants?

    You see, Kenny, your proclaimed champion of free speech, edits every URL posted that points to another site, and turns it into a link to “”; further, as had been pointed out ad nauseam to you, it is not possible to post pictures in these comments (again, the brilliant doings of your pal Kenny).

    I am thus left with no other option than to post any references, or pictures, on the BigDummy site (along with some generous commentary, to weed out the reality of what I originally told you, from the fantasies you have “enhanced” it with, since then.)

    You know, over at the BigDummy site, the site you never visit, even though you frequently do, and even though you’ve seen the post already, and are just pretending it doesn’t exist — the post with the picture, the one that’s your worst nightmare.

    Back to you, Prufie…. or maybe you would prefer to just concede, instead of moving on to complete humiliation …?

    (oh, and this is the *Real* Daffy Duck, as I’ll be posting a copy of this message over at the other place, under my name as well – for the record, this marks the first time in over 6-7 months that I have posted here — all other comments signed “RealDaffyDuck” preceding this one are fake — but then again, that’s obvious anyway, and Kenny knows that – even though Prufie appears clueless)

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, and I had to post a secondary comment, minus the URL – Mr. No Censorship censors and moderates anything that includes a URL to BigDummyKenny… Damn, he must be seriously worried and paranoid.

  13. RealDaffyDuck said

    Oh yeah, Mr. Genius (Prufrock) claims to not know about this post/thread and the picture.

    I posted a response:


    RealDaffyDuck says:
    June 6, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Prufrock blathers on: “Post the shot right here”

    I can’t. I described why. You haven’t proposed how to alleviate the inability to post pictures on Kenny’s comment section.

    Maybe you didn’t get to read my message just right above ^^^ there, so :
    “You see, Kenny, your proclaimed champion of free speech, edits every URL posted that points to another site, and turns it into a link to “”; further, as had been pointed out ad nauseam to you, it is not possible to post pictures in these comments (again, the brilliant doings of your pal Kenny).”

    Prufrock fantasizes: “but the shot I described; Summers, looking into the camera, and in the background we see a plane window and thru that window we see those numbers and the struts and the ailerons you described in your bullshit “I am to be feared for my X-box prowess” fairytale.”

    Can’t do that, because that shot you demand doesn’t exist, because that shot was never described to you that way, and you just made up these criteria. You either have incredibly bad memory, or you (as usual) make up a scenario so you can “prove” how wrong it is (strawman, anyone?). I had described to you in pretty good detail that the picture was taken *from Keith Summers’ website”, as he posted a picture out the window of his plane, a picture that provided significant “tells’ (a term you should be familiar with) as to the time of day, heading, etc…

    That picture, along with a link to an archive of Summers’ original page/site are all over on BigDummy’s site – and only so because Kenny deliberately makes it impossible to post pictures or more details in the comments on here. Maybe you can suggest how I should “post that picture” on here… hummmm?

    Lastly, you claim “I never go there” – c’mon, Prufie, stop lying — we all know that not only do you take peeks over to BigDummy’s site, but you have seen the post and picture. You are just lying about claiming you haven’t see it in a weak effort to ’save face’ — sure, that’s very “Thai” of you, but it also makes you look like even more of a horse’s ass than you normally do. Just man up, and comment on the picture.

    … or suggest how to post anything on here. I won’t do your homework for you, though.

  14. RealDaffyDuck said

    Oh, and for the record, I noticed some extremely sick fucks posting a lot of pedo accusations on Kenny’s site. While most of the noise is funny, this is both sickening and not remotely amusing.

    I had to say something about it – particularly since Prufrock is being unjustly accused of such pedo crap by these idiots. He may be an idiot, but he’s no pedo.


    RealDaffyDuck says:
    June 6, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    By the way, regarding the frequent and repeat pedophile comments littering this site’s comments – I am truly and genuinely disgusted by the couple of sick individual fucks who obviously consider pedophile accusations to be “fun”.

    For the record, they are *not* !

    Don’t feel special, Prufie, though – they didn’t single you out. I’ve noticed that the same pedo accusations have been (and continue to be) leveled against Keith Summers (as well as several other individuals), and since Summers has gone, they have now turned to you, and I don’t consider any of it even remotely funny (including the accusations against Summers).

    Let’s face it :

    – you’re a fun, self-important buffoon, and pretty much the entire Bangkok blogosphere loves to laugh at you, but you’re *not* a child molester.

    – you’re a frequently wrong and misguided conspiracy nut, with frightening social tourette’s tendencies. This is probably the main reason why your ex-wife used legal instruments to keep you away from her daughter until she was old enough. It was *not* because of any pedo crap. Such accusations are immature, stupid, and the sign of some sick fucks.

    – you may have violent verbal tendencies, and frequent and uncontrolled scatological verbal outbursts against your perceived “enemies”, and while you may see your personal demons hiding under every shadow (I’m still amused how you claim to “know” I am commenting to you, when I haven’t posted for a combined 6-7 months, by now), you do *not* demonstrate that aggression in an abusive manner against children. These accusations are baseless, and ridiculous.

    Thus, in conclusion, I would like to do something that you would *never* do, which is step up in your defense, and speak out against these vile accusations that are leveled against you, from what are undoubtedly a couple of extreme sick idiots. While I consider us to be in somewhat adversarial positions, and while I don’t believe you would have the honesty and backbone to defend your adversaries against unfounded accusations, I do consider it to be the right thing to do – to speak out and speak out loudly and decisively against this kind of bullshit.

    You’re welcome.

    Now, back to our regular programming.

  15. RealDaffyDuck said

    This is hilarious – so Kenny has once again stolen copyrighted content for his blog:

    He’s basically just copied this entire post and made it a new post on his site.

  16. What else is he going to do write about the current market rates for banging an 18 year old Lao Karaoke Girl near On Nut?

    There isn’t much he can write about with all the people at CSUN peeking at his website everyday.

    CSUN must be very proud of the current content of Big Baby Kenny!

    I think bringing back the how to buy a hooker posts would be upside at this point.

    p.s. Proofie I know your reading this, pay Daffy the barfine you owe him! Its the right thing to do and you know it. Its all up there you old windbag!

  17. Any and all comments by Big Black Gulliver on Professor Kenneth Ng’s Blog and NOT mine! Thanks.

  18. All Kenny is demonstrating is how much his site is unqualified to be any sort of venue for discussion and debate – as much as I would actually enjoy debating this with Prufrock (notwithstanding his inability to maintain a civil discourse), Kenny’s site makes it near impossible:

    – too much “noise” from abusive and sick sock-puppets that make it pointless to try to maintain a discourse.

    – Kenny’s continued selective censorship (while claiming to not censor any content), further contributing to a bad signal/noise ration.

    – his continued broken editor that makes it impossible to post a comment from any mobile device – iPad, iPhone, or even Android browser.

    I’m altogether ignoring his complete disregard for copyrighted works and IP – his effectively stealing my article is a clear example. It wouldn’t have hurt him to send a short email asking for permission to re-copy the article. The fact that I would have granted it is irrelevant to the debate of legal violations, which Kenny all too regularly engages in.

    Finally, Prufrock – came as no surprise that he flounced off, under the cover of yet another fabrication. Doesn’t really matter – I enjoyed digging up all this old material and writing the article… and I enjoyed that deep down inside, in his own little box, Prufrock knows fully well that he’s screwed himself over with his continued taunts. He may try to deny it, but he’s not even fooling himself – despite being such a tool, and such a fool.

    Indeed, “Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!”

    • BigDummyKenny said

      “- Kenny’s continued selective censorship (while claiming to not censor any content), further contributing to a bad signal/noise ration.”

      If anyone had any doubt it was BBK himself behind the comments using your name and knew it wasn’t you commenting on other threads, did you notice he explicitly stated in that post he would not allow anyone else use your name? But sadly the references to this website are still redirected to the rate my doodie website. 😉 No Bullshit happening over at BBK. No, none at all.

      The noise level is quite high lately. While Kenny tolerates Prufrock’s regular posts with the same re-packaged material it’s clear there are a few readers who are tired of it. My guess is Kenny loves it because it provides him with the traffic he craves.

      I saw Prufrock’s very weak response with all the expected excuses. As someone there commented, the guy has no class or character. If he is all he claims he is, he could prove it by simply stating that he disagrees with you but none the less is paying the $5.00 bet. The fact that he hasn’t done so raises several questions and supports what people have said about him.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      See, he thinks quantity of traffic means anything, we believe quality does.

      We have a very high quality of readership, who’s ability to communicate in a civilized manner I certainly appreciate. He has the exact opposite – pondscum that rattles off dozens of redundant posts.

      It all comes back to what mundie said, doesn’t it?

  19. Jesus Christ, I am bored to tears with the Prufrock and Ng Show.

    Is getting a quality takeout meal just as easy and convenient as getting laid in Pattaya?

    After today, I say yes!

    I left my house this afternoon with ONLY the intent of getting some takeout and bringing it back to the house in Si Racha. Every month or so I get the craving for some Farang Food and this place always hits the spot.

    I stop in, order the usual, pay and decide to take a walk down Soi 6……..just for a look and nothing else.

    When I reached Lisa Bar I was “convinced” to enter and enjoy a drink in the Air-Con.

    “I think you hot, I think you need shower”

    10 minutes later I am in the “shower” with Pla and her friend May.

    2000 Baht all inclusive package = Two 5 foot/40 kg hookers, with short time room and a beer. Sweet!

    Pla licked May, May licked Pla as instructed, Pla and May sucked me without instruction!

    Pla was even kind enough to leave her little fake red glasses on while I banged her from behind (nice touch). She tried to stick her toes in my mouth which i didn’t really understand coming from a Thai girl.

    I assume somebody had planted this fucked up idea in her head in the past. The idea of a dirty little whores toes from Soi 6 in my mouth didn’t seem very appealing!

    Less than an hour later I blew a nut on May’s face (one of those three globbers that come around ever so often) and literally told them both I had to go and pickup my food.

    By the time i reached Greg’s my food had long been boxed up and ready to go,

    Driving home I just had this sorta grin on my face thinking about the fact that that I can get in my car, get some takeout food, have a threesome and be back home within three hours including drive time.

    hehehehahahahohoho indeed!


    And Greg never charges me for extra onions…………………….

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Driving home I just had this sorta grin on my face thinking about the fact that that I can get in my car, get some takeout food, have a threesome and be back home within three hours including drive time.”

      … Careful, you’ll make the ronru angry and envious ….

      (and people wonder what’s special about Thailand – why don’t we see more of this from Ng, instead of endless incorrect information on smartPhones)

    • I never thought Ng’s Blog was about having fun. You never can have fun with a camera in front of your face or strapped to your body. First of all, those around you can’t be themselves (especially Thai girls) and the camera kills the atmosphere. BigBabyKenny was a mirror image of his lectures…..boring and un-prepared. Kenny never answered questions on his blog or in his class. A captive audience is his wheelhouse.

      Prufrock is something else……

      Never trust a man who:

      1. Wears a belt and suspenders (Kenny)
      2. Ass is wider than his shoulders (Kenny)
      3. Doesn’t pay his bets (Prufrock)

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh yeah, though Prufrock’s trying to weasel out of a $5 bet tells you all you need to know about his integrity –

  20. Robert said

    You’re so full of shit Daffy. As if this site makes it possible to have any meaningful discussion or debate. Any commenter who disagree with you gets censored / deleted and his IP blocked. Who do you think you’re fooling?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      There are plenty of examples of debate and discussion of opposing viewpoints on this site (the 9/11 discussions are a good example – too bad Prufrock is too chicken to articipate, because he is afraid his multiple alias’ would be exposed).

      As BigDummy pointed out already – you may be shellshocked by a non abusive environment.

      The only one you’re fooling is yourself.

  21. @ Robert

    “All comments will be held in moderation, and may be edited or deleted without explanation. Complaining about moderation will not change it. For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog. Comments here are expected to contribute to constructive discussion, and to be polite and civil”

    I’d say the above quote pretty much says it all.

  22. Robert said

    BBG, you’re quoting from the wrong site and you know it. Daffy is misleading readers to believe that there is a meaningfull discussion and debate on his lame blog. All others get censored and IP’s blocked. Mine is one of them and the only way I can post here is by using a mobile phone.

    • Robert, you need to chill out. May I suggest an afternoon on Soi 6. It will definitely help you with that tension problem your having..

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “BBG, you’re quoting from the wrong site and you know it.”

      No, he’s not. The quote from mundie’s site perfectly illustrates our points.

      “Mine is one of them and the only way I can post here is by using a mobile phone.”

      Then maybe you should have a talk with your foul-mouthed flatmates, and whatever you do, don’t lend them your phone …

      As you can note, you are not being censored or deleted – why, because (so far) you are managing a civil discourse. See how that works?

  23. Wesley Snipes said

    can Daffy point me to a single comment which opposes his *words of wisdom*?

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Wesley “Robert” Snipes – If Daffy can’t I’m pretty sure I can.

      But that’s not the issue Robert. Maybe in your realm it is, but the reason the person you’re defending, the same person who you claimed used your computer who is blocked, is they were dispensing repetitive garbage. Something to the effect of: “F’off you faggot shill. You’re still a goat”

      I realize that in your world, as in the world of that blog you love and cherish so much, that type of commentary passes as “meaningfull discussion and debate”, but here it does not.

      As for Ronru’s comments being deleted, it has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with him. There are scores of his comments that remain where, although I disagree with much of what he says, and believe he’s being an ass, the comments remain. We realize coming here from that other site is probably culture shock for you, much like someone living next to a garbage dump in a tin roof shack your entire life and then moving to a neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes, it’s hard to adjust to the new surroundings. The red ink will help you see where you’ve gone astray.

      There’s a quaint phrase that I’m sure you’re aware of which is quite apropos: Live and Learn.

  24. “Oh, by the way, how’s the digging going”

    Prufrock has his crack team of students working on that right now!

    • I have absolutely no doubt – if only he ever paid attention to what’s going on over here, I’d gladly help him. All he needs to do is locate the “complacency does not imply complicity”, which were my exact words written.

  25. adman said

    So I’m getting on my JAL flight to LOS a few weeks ago and as I’m settling down in my window seat near the wing and what do I see?

    The airline code and plane number on the top of the wing.

    JAL - Airplane wing and number

    JAL - Airplane wing and number

    • …. what it is that you see?

      Prufie’s worst nightmare, that’s what !


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Adman – send any pictures you have to I’ll be happy to publish them on here.

    • Bangers Bill said


      Wait a minute. Prufrock said there aren’t numbers on the top of wings.

      This is a conspiracy I tell you. Those photos have been doctored 😉

    • Preposterous – there is no coverup going on here.

      Now excuse while I vehemently argue against your claims, delete or alter your comments, and start posting under 18 different aliases, attempting to discredit you, vile human trafficker that you are, while extolling no censorship and no bullshit.

      Oh, wait — wrong website.

    • BBK said

      This is all lies. You guys have ‘doctored’ the pictures. I should know.. I am an expert in telling lies.

      Speaking of numbers…. do you guys ever remember me posting GPS coordinates of where to find underage girls?
      Banging better… cheaper and more efficiently. – oh, and younger.


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