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Unlocked iphone Anyone?

Posted by BigDummyKenny on June 14, 2011

Apple announces availability of an unlocked iphone 4 in the US.  No contract required.

Apple this morning began selling “unlocked” models of its iPhone 4 — for the first time allowing U.S. customers to buy the smartphone without committing to a two-year contract with a wireless carrier.

The unlocked iPhones, though, come at a higher price: $649 for a model with 16 gigabytes of memory and $749 for 32GB. By contrast, the equivalent iPhone 4 models sold with Verizon Wireless or AT&T contracts cost $199 and $299. Carriers typically subsidize the phones, then make the money back as subscribers pay monthly service fees.

It appears that Apple sees the market penetration of other phone manufacturers in the US market and have decided to take action.


26 Responses to “Unlocked iphone Anyone?”

  1. RealDaffyDuck said

    It has nothing to do with “taking action” – Apple was bound by their exclusivity contract with AT&T, Wichita precluded them from providing an unlocked iPhone.

    Once the exclusivity contract had expired, ie they offered the Verizon iPhone, Apple could offer unlocked iPhones, via their stores.

    Likewise, AT&T could now offer to unlock their iPhones, but has already announced that they will not – not unexpected, and entirely typical of these jerks.

    The availability of unlocked iPhones is a great development, though – now I won’t need to travel halfway across the world to get mine, anymore, and it’s a boon to all who travel – including to Thailand where the iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4) are some of the few mobile phones supporting Thailand’s 850MHz 3G band.

    • adman said

      I’m calling “BULLSHIT” on this post and your comment RealDaffyDuck.

      I read on BBK.COM you need 2 Smartphones: one to use 3G in Thailand and one for 3G in the US. He’s never wrong you know. Just ask him. He posted a link to some time zone website that showed the frequency bands in colors, with Thailand and US in different colors. That means that 850Mhz service isn’t available in Thailand. That means you can’t use an unlocked iPhone 3g/3gs/4 in both countries for 3g service.

      You lie!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I am shamed!


    • SBDOTKU said

      Wait! If Adman is right, and thus Kenny is right, I never actually made all those phone calls nor used the mapping navigation app on the iPhone 4 I had with me on my last trip to Thailand! That means I must not have called the girls I was calling and getting laid by these girls. If that’s the case, I need to go ask for some BFs back!

    • adman said


      Ohhhh the humanity!

  2. Robert said

    For fuck sake Dummy / Daffy, what is the big deal about the iPhone that you carry on and on and on about it like a twat? MO expandable memory,MEDIOCRE camera and not even a built in FM radio that every basic $50 mobile phone has. The new Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc shit all over the iphone with 1000MHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM! (my trusty 6yo Dell PC has only 512MB RAM) and the Galaxy S2 at only 8.5mm thickness features a mind blowing 1080p@30ps Full HD (!!!) video camera. And yes, it has a built in FM radio… If I was on the market for a new mobile phone it’s definitely not going to be an iPhone. .

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Good for you “Robert” – by the way, be sure to check with your roommates to make sure that your comments don’t get them penalized… Again.

      I would suggest the LG Optimus with dual-core CPU, or the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S2 for you – I have no doubt you will get a phone that delivers everything to you that you expect and deserve.

      I see, also, that you have taken to “thumbs up” ing yourself again – the last humbling exposé wasn’t enough, then?

      By the way, BigDummy started this post, not me.

    • SBDOTKU said

      As you can see, I just quickly gave myself two “thumbs up.” Since I don’t have obsessive/compulsive disorder, I am not going to sit here and continue to do this but hope this quickly shows that it can be done.

      BDK, I thought you had already proved your point / gathered the information you were interested in gathering. It is obvious again that those regular posters to Kenny’s website will create discord here when they can. I would suggest that you now remove the “rate this” option as it serves no purpose except allowing malcontents a chance to skew perceptions.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @Robert & The Alias’ – Adman gets it. You don’t. That “it” is BBK is usually wrong, late to the party or both. His article on smart phones also showed his hidden agenda, where he slams the iphone under the guise of an article on smart phones. ASTTRU pointed out how little he knew about it, explaining that most of today’s smart phones could be used in any country if unlocked.

  3. Robert said

    Stiff Daffy. You know damn well that it’s not possible to vote thumbs up/down more than once and obviously readers like and agree with my comments.

  4. "Yankel Marantzenkvetcher" AKA Robert said

    Got to agree with commenter Robert. I cant vote more than once and as always you’re talking horse shit Daffy.

  5. "9/11 was outside job" AKA Robert said

    The same here. One vote only.

  6. RealDaffyDuck said

    I guess its time to add another single IP address to the bock list – though I suspect I could also bock the IP range for tye city of Melbourne, and it would solve this problem once and for all.

    Of course, the next step would be matchng the log entries from Kenny’s access log with the data we have here, and it should be interesting.

    It’s kinda funny how these idiots (including Kenny, obviously) think that we have tracking cookies on our site. We don’t. We don’t need to.

    It’s Kenny’s site that still has the tracking code/cookie I placed there long ago (and no, it doesn’t show up under ‘cookies’, because, quite frankly, the ‘cookie’ reference was a wild goose chase for Kenny’s benefit.). I am, quite frankly, amazed how well it has kept since it was first installed.

  7. Robert said

    Fancy that Daffy, the only 2 blog that after each visit my mobile phone immediatly recommends clearing all privacy data is yours and the last one would expect – Bangkok Buddy’s blog. But come to think about it, he’s also a computer geek like you Daffy.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Fancy that, your mobile phone immediately recommends clearing cookies – that must be one fancy mobile phone, there.

      I reckon it’s one of them smartPhones that Kenny keeps talking about?

  8. Robert said

    Sorry, my bad. It’s not your blog Daffy but Dummy’s.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      By the way, why the multiple alias’? I know BBK does it and encourages it because he wants his site to appear busy. But that’s not a big deal to us and we know you wouldn’t want BDK to appear as if it has all this traffic, so what gives?

  9. Robert said

    Excusez-moi Dummy? I comment ONLY under my own name and your accusations about multiple aliases are utterly wrong and baseless. However, it is nice of you to admit that your blog has close to ZERO readership – not that this comes as a great surprise. And FYI, I don’t read BBK’s blog and I’m not familiar with it.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      Submitted on 2011/05/29 at 9:38 PM

      @BDK – I’m afraid you’re wrong on all counts and I’ll try to make myself clear the best I can. You seem to think that I support Kenny blindly but let me make it very clear that this is not so and I have several of my own issues with him. The main one is allowing a dangerous madman, full of hate virulent anti-semite to continuously and freely post on Nazi style propaganda, incitement and disinformation.

      @RDD –

    • Rondo said

      I’m 100 percent with you on this one BDK. Prufrock IS the stupidest person on the face of the earth, but with no doubt one who will be most welcome and cheered on any neo-nazi / antisemitic forum.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Brilliant video, Big Dummy, brilliant.

      Hey, “Robert”, you wouldn’t happen to be blond, would you?

  10. Rundell AKA Robert said

    I fail to understand why the bullshit award to comments that have wide support from readers? Beats me.

  11. I’m going to assume that Robert from Melbourne is that same numbnut who used to post as ronru on BBK?

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