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Say, Graham…?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on June 28, 2011

“Would you happen to know what time it is?”



85 Responses to “Say, Graham…?”

  1. Graham said

    Its…. Hammer-time!!!

    Or about 04:30…. off to bed.

  2. Graham said

    Just catching up on all this…… Daffy, if they are going to label you as ‘Mango Crew’ then can you at least stop by the Mango and spend some fookin money?

    I am amazed at these numpties constantly holding the Mango Bar responsible for any attacks, retaliation on fuck-face-Kennys site.

    Yes, I don’t like him. But that is ME. People need to realize that he is not liked by many people. Not just by people who may of once come into a bar.

    As I stated before – he has nothing. He’s done. Writing about dick-surgery, drinking water and driving along the freeway is a sure sign.

    Pathetic. The last 2 posts were absolute tosh (as most of his are) with miss-information.

    I am still waiting for the follow up to his claims that the Mango was advertised forsale. That it’s 4 floors, has 1 pool table and has been open since 2000! Total crap.

    He’s done.

  3. Robert said

    Graham, may I ask what “Mango crew” you are talking about? The 3 owners (yourself, SSB & PMMP) have all rode into the sunset and currently are not even residing in Thailand any more. YP for whatever reason had to go back to his mommy in the U.K and BBB (a gifted writer and a true gentleman in my book) has long disappeared from the scene. No more massage parlour trips… However, I do agree with you Graham that as of April 2010 is absolutely the pits and we all know damn well who to thank for this. But on a second thought Kenny has got really only himself to blame. If the two of us ever get to meet and talk again Graham, you’ll still NEVER know who I am.

    • Funny enough “Robert”, when the two of us get to talk, you certainly won’t know who *I* am — albeit I definitely will know who you are. Toodles.

  4. Graham said

    Ah, young Robert, have you learned nothing from embarrassing yourself countless times in this arena?

    Tell me, when did I ride off into the sunset?

    I shall not bother engaging, you are not worth it. I can only assume you don’t want to reveal yourself to me is because you feel intimidated? Ah, bless you. 😉

    • Graham, yeah, it’s always the same with those guys — scared cowards, hiding behind their keyboards, and avoiding any possible confrontation at all costs.

      In some cases, it’s simply because they are scared, in other cases, it’s because if you met them, you’d recognize them… 😉

  5. Robert said

    Graham – One does not have to be in Thailand for very long to realize that the resident farang “businessmen” are pretty vile bunch – particularly the whore-bar operators. “you have the right to remain silent” would be a good advise to any newcomer because if you’re dumb enough to give these douchbags any personal information, they won’t hesitate use it against you. BBK probably didnt expect his Big Mango “pals” to dob him in to his employer back in the States but he should have known better. Spiteful farang are never slow to get their revenge in first. There’s a lesson in here somewhere.

    • “because if you’re dumb enough to give these douchbags any personal information, they won’t hesitate use it against you.”
      — says the guy who video stalked Werewolf, and who’s stalking threats were the principal reason why the blogosphere “lost” Werewolf’s blogs…

      You’re quite funny.

  6. Here’s the lesson! If you go attacking people with a dedicated website be prepared for the consequences. Especially, when you were stupid enough to tell anyone you met who you were and what you were doing in Thailand.

    “Hi, my name is Kenny Ng I’m a Economics Professor in California and have the #1 Thai Hooker Scene Blog on the interwebbie”

    Fucking Idiot!

    Speaking of fucking idiots……who would stalk Werewolf? For what purpose?

  7. bigbabykennethng said

    My legacy site has been hacked by Prufrock’s crack team of english majors.

    Please visit my new better performing site for a fresh take on the Thai Girl Scene.

    Plus, nobody at CSUN knows about it yet.


  8. Wentworth said

    I went into the Big mango Bar a couple of times this week, my 1st visit for about 18 months.
    Looks great inside now with more room and nice lighting. Food was excellent as were the staff.
    The wifi didnt work and there were no computer 😦
    Also liked the LED lighting outside.
    They have good wifi in Bullys but it’s so fucking dark in there you need a torch.

  9. Graham said

    No wifi?? Is that right? I’ll get my crack team on it! Did you mention it to anyone? The problem we have is that there is a bad connection on the router… which is on a shelf. It gets knocked about sometimes and works its way lose. The staff are aware off this and will have a ‘fiddle’ when told.

    As for the computers… they were getting battered around and abused. I have an Mactop being installed in a week or so.

    Glad you liked the changes and it’s always good to hear that the staff are treating the customers well.

    @Daffy… no wifi a deal-breaker for you? Some people can survive without the cyber-world for an hour or so. 😉

  10. Robert said

    Hahaha I love your sick dense of humor Daffy – blaming me for the demise of Werewolf’s blog.

    Every reader of the Thai blogosphere knows that the SOLE reason Werewolf was forced to terminate his blog and delete the entire archive was because of the threats on his life by deranged commenters associated with this pathetic website. All while being condoned and encouraged by the administrator and in concert with Graham, the owner of the money losing Big Mango bar. Its all up there. FUCKING UP THERE!!

    • Graham said

      Obviously the fuck-wit Robert hasn’t got a clue about anything thing these days (did he ever?) Robert is the sad loser that FILMS others and their girlfriends as that is the closest he’ll ever come to becoming part of a social group.

      WW and I have no issues. I’ve never threatened him. You’ve seen the size of him. I am only little! I am sure if I were to piss him off or offend him, he’d no longer be seen on the Mango website would he?

      – you twat!

      You constantly make us laugh!!!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Beat me to it, Graham – right, “Robert”, go explain to me why Werewolf keeps posting and contributing to the BigMangoBar site, if he is threatened and abused by the Mangoids?

      Please explain.

      (chiiiiiiiirp, chiiiiiiiirp)

  11. Robert said

    Why Werewolf still posts on the Mango blog? The imbecilic criminal has already answered this dumb question of yours Daffy:

    Prufrock says:
    September 6, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Could someone answer this question if there is a conflict between Werewolf and The Big Mango why does Werewolf still drink there?
    Who do you think you’re dealing with? One of your yes-bodies? I fully realize that you pretend not to care when you get caught at your sophomoric jive-ass games but I’m the last guy you should try to run your “smartest-guys-in-the-room” shit plays on, chaps.
    Sorry to reveal this painful truth Big Black but although hardly anyone could give a rats ass and I for one am a little sick of hearing you guys blame everyone but yourselves for the mess you’re sliding into, bit it’s clear to everyone who gives gives this 2 minutes thought that you are the only people who cares about this. And that wittingly or unwittingly you are clinging to this silly idea that “Kenny done you wrong.”
    These are really bad economic times, men. You know that. But hey, if it’ll “team-build, you just can’t fucking resist wailing on some harmless patron you have decided nobody should like.
    SO back to,why does Werewolf still drink there?
    Your silly question is a completely fatuous, disingenuous, simple minded insult to anyone who has any familiarity with the situation. As far as I can see and for as long as I have known him Werewolf has tried to befriend you guys, “arranged to meet (his) friends” at your bar and convened the greater part of his social life at the Mango. (True or not, Wolfie).
    This in spite of all your efforts to distance yourselves from him (it’s up there, everybody) and all the insults and slights you guys wailed onto him over the years on the various incarnations of his blog, Werewolf, continuously bewildered by your slights, nonetheless, has always taken this cruelty on the chin and professed loyalty to your bars.
    Gee, I wonder why he still drinks there. (More boasting? This time implicit?)
    That’s a fact and you know it. And so does everyone he knows know it and anyone who has the guts to say it will say it. So don’t go posting dumb-shit rhetorical questions implying that there are/were/never have been serious issues.
    By your OWN ADMISSION you blackmailed Wolfie (It’s up there genius, are you going to deny that you posted this up there? IT’S fucking UP THERE; you boasting that you fucking blackmailed this guy. Do you deny this???
    Why does he continue to drink there? I dunno. Cheap beer? he’s invested FUCKING years of social currency? Likes being crapped on? You have an answer? Since you ask, I’ll at least try to answer: Here it is:
    Fucked if I know, or anybody else familiar with this stinking stew of shit knows either.
    Go ahead, ask him. I’m sure he can be coerced into posting something to your liking. But you boasted about blackmailing him and personally I consider threats and blackmail to be the scummiest fucking shit one “pal” can play on another.
    So why he continues to drink there is kind of a sad deal in my books.
    “Even after the Snitch Posting?” Who the fuck is “the Snitch?” You claim it’s Kenny because that’s the spin what works best for you. Just the same as you guys got into that whole stupid sack of ignorant shit about that Murati shrine. We’re in fucking Thailand boys, haven’t you noticed that sex and is valued here? Regarded as a gift from the gods? Revered in the Hindu-based panoply (thru various ups and downs) as a blessing.
    If you’d run a simple web check you’d have seen that five Thai language sites had posted virtually the same message about that place. But oh no. This was a golden opportunity to fuck a “creep” you figured wouldn’t fight back.
    This isn’t Lourdes. But that wasn’t your intent was it fellas. You sensed a chance to “team build” around a post that you could smear as “creepy”. Well let’s just look at some of the super duper shit that’s run in your fucking blogs.
    (your) “Answer” ie, that BBK outed Werewolf. End of Story . (Yeah, you’d try to make that fly, we got that Big Black or at least what we got is “That’s our Big Black story and we’re sticking to it.”
    YOU lot BLACKMAILED Wolfie, a harmless, loyal, faithful customer who wished only to be respected and accepted because he had a friendship with someone you expect us to believe “done you wrong” and who you continue to paint as being at the bottom of your troubles.
    And you know fucking know you did.
    But hey, you dissembling blackmailing egomaniac; WTF you’ve got your story and you’re sticking to it.
    Apparently you’ll stick to ANYTHING as long as you don’t have to address the blackmail admission you made back there.
    I answered your question, now you answer mine:
    Just who the fuck do you fellas think you are??

    • So, “Robert”, since you have such extensive abilities to pull up historical comment entries (though, I notice, lacking any kind of URL to properly authenticate them), maybe you could assist your alter-egos on BBK in providing specific posts where I allegedly accused Prufrock of being a pedophile (as you accuse me of, over on

      Sure would beat the chiiiiirping silence every time I ask for a supporting post or link, when these same accusations are made.

    • Uh, “Robert”, the summary of Prufrock’s (usual) abuse-laced diatribe is “fuck if I know”, meaning, in other words, that your extensive copy/paste job has provided zero answers to the question. As usual.

  12. Jimmy said

    So Robert would have us to believe that Prufrock is the pillar of integrity? Based upon what? Reading the content of his vulgarity and anger filled rants on BBK he and Keith Summers are the last two people in Bangkok I’d want to know. From the comments people have made I get the feeling there’s a widespread belief that Prufrock has no problem lying to people when it suits him.

    Are the things listed here things Prufrock has said?

    They’re not really big lies, I know. But my Uncle told me many times something I remember to this day, “Watch out about friends who tell you lies about little things because if it’s easy to lie about little things think how much easier it will be for them to lie about big things.”

    History speaks for itself says:
    June 28, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    All the above rehashed garbage coming from Prufcock. The same guy who said:

    I only comment under my own name – LIE
    I only comment during the weekends – LIE
    There’s no 3G service in Thailand – LIE
    I never read the Big Dummy site – LIE
    Then there’s his biggest whopper: 9-1-1 was an inside job – LIE

    He Is Irrelevant.

    BTW John – How’s that 9-11 crusade coming along? (snicker)

    • Yeah, I particularly love his: “I only comment under my own name”

      Posted it on September 22, 2009 2:32:50 PM PDT, a Tuesday.
      Author : Prufrock (xxxxxxxxxxxx)
      E-mail :

      I have never had any reservations about posting under other names. I think I referred to a relevant Karl Rove post a while back. I’ve done it on many sites. It’s a trademark of mine. I love doing it.

      I think it’s fun.

      That’s the other difference – we say something, we can point to and post URLs to back it up.

      I think Prufrock is still “digging up” the quotes he claims are mine – supporting his fantasies on 9/11, and some “Nok Air” jabberings. He’s even threatened me to “dig them up”, yet when challenged to do so … just more abusive spoutings.

      Just imagine what that first marriage must have been like the moment there was the first hint of disagreement…

  13. Graham said

    Robert, as you seem to idolize Kenny and believe everything he says, can you answer me this…..

    He has written on his site…..

    1) The Mango is advertised for sale.”The bar utilises the first two floors, with the upper floors used for an office, a kitchen, a spare room, maid’s quarters and living accommodation. Assets valued at 1,000,000 baht will be passed on, and these include seven televisions and a pool table.

    You claim to of been to the Mango, so you’ll know yourself that there are 5 floors, 3 pool tables and 5 plasma. And it’s certainly not been open since 2000.

    So how can you believe him?

    2) “Englishman–Graham H. Jones”
    He states that I graduated from London University in 1991 (I was still in high-school then) in Petroleum Engineering. Two things, if that were true, I’d of started that University when I was 12… and had I of graduated at the age of 16 in Petroleum Engineering,

    How is it he says I am a “dumbass oil field roustabout”?

    You are the guy that idiots call an idiot.

    taken from &

    “IRS Accountant says:
    April 22, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Oh Yeah.

    Speaker’s Biography

    Graham Jones graduated in Chemical Engineering from London University and joined BP working in design and Operations. Since 1991 has worked extensively overseas in the Middle East, Far East and the USA, before joining SAUDI ARAMCO in August 2000. Since joining SAUDI ARAMCO has focused on integrating Engineering and Business software across the complete Supply Value Chain.”

  14. martin d said

    Graham mate – everyone realises you’re not connected with the duck, but you need to walk off this blog fella.

  15. Graham said


    I downright refuse to comment on BBK’s site – I can’t sit back and not defend myself.

    What else can I do?

    – I guess I should just ignore it and they’ll go away.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yes, they will – well, after spamming this blog, again, calling you a pedophile on Kenny’s blog incessantly, etc … Eventually they will latch onto Prufrock, or Summers, or BangkokBuddy, or SaphanLoy – and then the cycle repeats.

      Eventually “Robert” will have to move out of his mom’s garage in the Melbourne suburbs and find a job, and that exercise of having to deal with the real world may keep him busy for a while – of course, he still won’t be in Thailand, so he’ll get frustrated and start running back to his hero Kenny.

      Of course, by then maybe Kenny finally found a girlfriend (Jimmy Smitgers has offered to help him with that), or gets his blog shut down, or gets fired from academia – who knows.

      Either way, considering the Mango has only “suffered” more business and lots of new customers from “RobertRu’s” efforts, I think you’re the one laughing all the way to the bank.


  16. RealDaffyDuck said

    Robert, Robert, Robert … why you Prufrockin’ here, pal? It’s all obvious that you, Martin, etc … all originate from the same workstation – and, really, nobody believes the story of your roommates… It’s not so much that, but the plethora of even less creative names posting up a storm *over on BBK* all come from the same IP as well.

    tsk, tsk, tsk…

    You see, while its funny to have you try to spread the tall tale of “tracking cookies” on our site here, we don’t need or use any (we have logs we can look at, after all), you guys still haven’t realized that the tracking “cookie” is firmly planted and working well *on Kenny’s site*, and giving me all the information I need to know.

    It is kinda funny that, years later, Kenny still hasn’t figured it out, but hey, no complaints from me – oh, and when I say “cookie”, I don’t mean traditional cookie 😉

  17. martin d said

    No ones attacking you. the years old beef with the mango is water long, long under the bridge. but by writing here regularly with daffy people will associate you with him (and that is something you really dont want)

    • Why is that, Martin/Robert/Ronru/etc…?

    • adman said

      Martin, I agree the beef with the mango should be water long, long under the bridge, however it certainly is not for all interested parties.

      Here are a few facts in case you’ve forgotten:

      – It was only a few months ago Kenny wrote an article that a bar was for sale and started the rumor that it was the Big Mango.

      – He then used a number of sock puppets to further rumors about inflated asset values and that a separate set of books were being used to inflate revenue and deflate costs.

      – Kenny also allows people to comment under the names of Graham, BigBlackGulliver, RealDaffyDuck, myself and others to give people the impression that we’re all bad guys here.

      – Links to BigDummyKenny with information relevant to the discussion on BBK are blocked or modified or held in moderation indefinitely.

      Something you should remember: long, long ago RealDaffyDuck was a big time supporter of Kenny and decided to listen to what Graham had to say when the offer was made.

      That meeting changed his mind.

      RealDaffyDuck also met with Prufrock and the outcome of that meeting? Very negative. But the negativity isn’t coming from RealDaffyDuck.

      So if RealDaffyDuck is this big asshole everyone is making him out to be why doesn’t he have problems with everyone?

      The only revealing information in you comment is your negative bias. But based upon what? I think it’s the regular BULLSHIT people are fed on BBK.COM and the misinformation and chaos Kenny and the various sock puppets are creating on his website.

      Example: Read all the comments from December to April where impostors used the RealDaffyDuck name to further inflame people. Even before then, for almost a year, when RealDaffyDuck was commenting, Kenny would protect the BigBabyKenny name, Prufrock name and a few others who were “Kenny friendly”.

      Then you say it’s RealDaffyDuck who has the bad name and Graham is guilty by association? Are you kidding?

      Kenny’s site is home to people who have nothing better to do than slander people they don’t like. They keep the hatred going because Kenny encourages it. My belief is Kenny hopes to pull in unwitting visitors into muck to keep the feud going as long as he can.

      This is not water under the bridge to him. If you think I’m wrong and you have a better explanation I’m interested in hearing it.

      While you’re at it, can you explain why is it when people are challenged to provide the facts or proof all we get back is rhetoric and lies? Take the Smartphone posts on BBK and here as a example.

      Kenny decides he needs to revise his original post to V2 and in it furthers his claims that 3G can’t be received by his friend, using an iphone from the US, while at the same time his HTC phone had 3G reception on DTAC. His proof is a photo of his phone with showing Edge data service and not 3G? WTF?

      This site has screen shots from RealDaffyDuck and ASTTRU showing 3G reception in Bangkok, with ASTTRU’s being an unlocked iphone from the US.

      Kenny tried the same sort of shell game with the photos in his “Nothing Ever Changes” post I believe. When he was called on it he faked that he did it on purpose. Total bullshit.

      And yes, I did say “we”.

      Having a choice between being associated with this site and Kenny’s site, I’ve chosen this site.

      Here you at least know who you’re really conversing with and if someone tries their BULLSHIT here you can call them on it.

    • Graham said

      Well said Adman!!

      Like you say, it’s not water under the bridge for Kenny. He recently revised his post from April 2010 to read ‘Englishman–Graham H. Jones’ & “Graham is an Engineering Consultant in the oil industry who in the past has worked a consultant for Saudi ARAMCO.”

      Now, Kenny knows that isn’t me, so he is happy to LIE about some poor bastard in the Oil Industry that shares my 1st and last name.

      The man has no morals or credibility. But then we knew that anyway.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Thank you, adman, well said.

      If “Martin” were serious about his concerns and argument, then he should confront Kenny with the very points you just made, and press Kenny for answers.

  18. martin d said

    because your a fruit and nut daffy

    • Is that so, “Martin” — because I’m *not* the one hiding behind multiple fake aliases, and impersonating other posters by the troves, as you and “Robert” are doing…

      You might want to check you definition of “fruit” and “nut” –

  19. Let me guess Martin D is either Prufrock or Ronru, right?

    Two lonely guys if you ask me.

    • “Martin / Jay” is *not* “Ronru / Robert / etc” – but yeah, two lonely, frustrated, bitter and angry guys – mostly frustrated that their grand plans are failing, mostly due to their own ignorance, incompetence, and lack of doing.

  20. Ok, enough of Kenny Ng. I am in Lao right now looking at the Mekong River and chillin out. Looking forward to a great night out if I can only get the Kip Funny Money figured out.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Are you there with another crazy customer of yours again?

      How about another installment?


  21. I think I can manage that. 1000 Baht = 260,000 LAK

    OK, some luck lady tonight will be getting a unexpected bonus tonight.

    I wonder who she will be?


    • But what do these 260,000 LAK buy you, in terms of goods?

      I’m actually quite interested in your Laos Adventures and feedback, as I am considering hopping over to Laos in a couple of weeks.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ BigBlackGulliver – How’s the trip going? Did you find what you were looking for?

  22. Robert said

    Graham – You’ll never find a buyer for your money losing bar because there are simply not enough suckers going around. The best you can hope for is someone to take over the lease and pay you pittance for stock and fittings, same as happened with the money losing Duke Of Wellington English pub you once owned in Silom. BTW, is The Big Mango is opens at 7pm or now trades on weekends only? Shit bar in a shit location with ugly hookers.

    • Last I checked Graham has said several times that the Big Mango is not for sale. Where has he said, anywhere on here, that it’s or sale, and hence why do you address him as if it were?

      You’re answering a question that wasn’t asked, yet you are not addressing any of the questions and facts pointed out to you.

      Why is that?

      (then again, not much different than what you are doing over on — not answering questions that would be too embarassing for you to answer)

    • Graham said

      Robert… ha.. good one.

      If the bar opens at 7pm, then someone should tell the staff who open the doors at 4pm EVERYDAY!

      Bored with you now – silly little boy. C’mon.. come see me.. I dare ya!!

      – thought not.

    • Yeah, these kids are getting tiresome.

      Odd, he’s not giving himself thumbs up scores anymore 🙂

  23. martin d said

    “So if RealDaffyDuck is this big asshole everyone is making him out to be why doesn’t he have problems with everyone?”

    Isn’t that called a contradiction in terms?

    • SBDOTKU said

      Uh, no, that’s called “logic.” Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts.

  24. Robert said

    Daffy – How about instead of keep demanding answers to your dumb questions from all and sundry, you start giving some explanations yourself. Lets start with 1. What precisely was the crap Graham told you that made you switch over to his camp. 2. What possessed you at the time to reveal your true identity to him? Graham got you by the balls now! Idiot.

    • Graham didn’t tell me any “crap” – he just invited me to meet him at the bar, to hear his side of the story. I met him, decided he was a nice, honest and upfront guy (not to mention hilariously funny and enjoying a good time), and that Kenny’s tales didn’t hold up to scrutiny, once more facts were known.

      There was no ‘switching to his camp’ – it was obvious after meeting with him that Kenny (and thus, your camp) was full of crap, and that none of his stories stood up to the least amount of scrutiny.

      Why should it matter that Graham has my “true identity”? Why do you think I gave that information to him?

  25. Robert said

    Daffy – Your bullshit ain’t gonna work with me and you should know it damn well by now.

    Nobody will believe that you switched over from Kenny’s camp to the Burga Boys just because of Graham being a “nice, honest and upfront guy” blah blah blah… So lets try again: 1. What PRECISELY Graham told you about BBK that made you switch sides. 2. What possessed you at the time to reveal your identity to him? GRAHAM GOT YOU BY THE BALLS NOW! Idiot.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Fair enough – let me provide you with the necessary detail for an answer:

      He invited me to meet with him, he answered my questions truthfully and provided sufficient details on Kenny’s tale to clarify that it was Kenny who was full of crap, dishonest, and erroneous in his tellings – something he has sufficiently proven in numerous other ‘articles’ of his (and which appears to be a MoTU quality he shares with Prufrock).

      Finally, the crucial factor in all of this was that Graham was open to meet and discuss the situation – Kenny was not, in fact Kenny is too cowardly to ever respond to emails I have sent him over the years to explain his side. Not a peep.

      I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and *will* listen to their side of they reach out – that’s what Graham did, and that’s what Kenny refuses to do (despite having an open invitation from Graham to meet and bury the hatchet). The same happened with Prufrock – I agreed to meet him, though I came away from that meeting with the realization that he was a genuine unbalanced nutcase – which is a whole different story.

      People that meet can put aside their differences – therein lies the difference between Graham (win) and Kenny (loser).

    • BigDummyKenny said

      Robert, you certainly are a dense fellow. Sorry you don’t like RDD’s answer, but I find it to be a reasonable one.

      In most instances I’d ask someone writing the things you just wrote what their theory is on the matter. But you’re only trolling, so I’ll just give you the Bullshit Award. Trophy shelf must be getting quite cluttered by now. 😉

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, and “Robert”, while we’re at it – what ever happened to Kenny’s website?

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ RDD – BBK is offline? No problems! Just follow the link to the new and improved NEW BIGBABYKENNY.COM

      The best place to find stories about a nutty professor’s adventures in the land of smiles 🙂

    • You know, you are right – I keep forgetting how much better the NEW BIGBABYKENNY.COM website is. One of the few good ideas of Kenny’s was to finally move to WordPress hosting.

    • By the way, “Robert”, what’s with all the theatrics and cloak and dagger posting over at BBK.COM — if you want to know what I look like, you can just ask me.

    • Graham said


      There is no fear of me ‘getting you by the balls’ ever.

      – you’d need a pair for that to happen.

  26. martin d said

    did you make that site daffy? you really are sick mate – seek help

    • What site?

      Seriously, “Martin” (or should I call you “sock puppet #5”?), you need help communicating more clearly. You have the same problem on Kenny’s site – where you throw out allegations and statements without clearly expressing what it is you actually mean, or any other specifics.

      I’m just trying to help you here… Maybe if you listed “that site”, I’d know what you are talking about – it really feels as if you and Prufrock come from the same (bad) school…

  27. martin d said

    the site above you fucking monkey


  28. Robert said


    Just as I thought Daffy. BBK wouldn’t give you the time of day while Graham was willing to waste a bit of time on you (+ couple of free beers?) and you switched sides in the hope to make new friends. Did you really expect the Burga Boys to accept you into the *exclusive* inner circle, become part of the “team” and join with them on the weekly massage parlours trips? You’re even more pathetic than I ever imagined you to be and I’d bet you are a lonely miserable person without one real friend in this world. The guys at the Mango surly despise you Daffy. Also now I understand why you revealed your identity to Graham. Idiot!

    [Again Robert, you just doesn’t “get it”. RDD told you why and it’s not his problem if you can’t accept it. – BDK]

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello Robert,

      Most of us don’t personally know either the owners of The Big Mango or BBK, though we obviously know of them. The fact of the matter is that people are judged on their behavior and BBK’s has been, uh, shall we just say extremely poor? Daywalker and others from the Big Mango have presented themselves as good guys. Sure, they were mad at BBK, but I have to say if it had been me, I would have been even less circumspect and restrained.

      Add BKK’s poor behavior to his lack of site moderation, his pomposity, his inaccuracy and passive-aggressive duplicity and you may understand why I do not think highly of him. And based on many statements by others on this site, I believe my feelings are echoed fairly closely by others.

      Remember, most of us read and posted to BBK’s site when he first went live, but when he went off the rails in so many ways we all gravitated over here where we could shake our heads and chuckle while we started our own conversation.

      And again Robert, you don’t like what BDK has to say? Go find another site. Nobody is making you come here.

      And I am having a hard time understanding you. Below you “call bullshit on this entire pathetic website” yet in your latest comment regarding Raider’s post, you praise this site as having the potential to become the next Stickman because of the interesting content. I could speculate on the extremely divergent opinions you so strongly express but I will save that for others/professionals.

    • SBDOTKU: “And I am having a hard time understanding you. Below you “call bullshit on this entire pathetic website” yet in your latest comment regarding Raider’s post, you praise this site as having the potential to become the next Stickman because of the interesting content. I could speculate on the extremely divergent opinions you so strongly express but I will save that for others/professionals.”

      Glad you went ahead and pointed out the obvious, here.

      Yeah, reading “Robert’s” hate/praise sure makes me wonder about the guy’s stability….

  29. Robert said

    Big Dummy – It is obvious that you live up to your name, project yourself on others and the dense one is actually yourself. How many more times I’ll have to express my opinion about your bullshit *awards* until it sinks in? Lets try one more time and hopefully it sinks in once and for all. The *awards* are NOTHING BUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL OPINION which nobody gives a shit about and what really counts is readers feedback. Most of my comments which you red inked received fair few 5 stars and as far as I’m concerned this is the only indicator. Of course you will respond that I give myself all the 5 star votes…as if it was possible. I’d challenge any reader to actually explain how it can be done. SBODTWAT?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      5 stars? Really? I don’t see any comments of your’s with 5 stars.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Robert – As I’ve explained it to you several times, I’ll explain it again. Someone calls bullshit on something you say and you either put up your proof or you get the award.

      Spin it anyway you want, but that’s how it works. Thus you get the award, again.

      As a reminder, votes are logged and the IP is available. Your game of only giving negative votes to RDD or anyone else who doesn’t agree with you is quite childish. But the type of lies you like spread are what we have come to expect from most long time BBK regulars. Birds of a feather and all that I suppose.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, but over at BBK site, “Robert” and “Martin” insist that “asking for proof is stupid” – not to adults, it’s not.

  30. Robert said

    OK Dummy. I’m calling bullshit on this entire pathetic website of yours. Now, you either put up a proof that I’m wrong or red ink the whole site.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Robert – So you’re saying the whole site and all the stories, like those about the Duke of Wellington Pub, is bullshit? Sorry, but the photos, post and comments say otherwise.

      The appropriate thing to do is…well, it’s already done.

    • “Robert”, on July 6, 2011 at 9:50 PM, says “OK Dummy. I’m calling bullshit on this entire pathetic website of yours.”

      “Robert”, on July 7, 2011 at 10:38 AM says “With this type of information, the good trip reports, the cheese cakes BUT some badly needed changes this site can revive what the Big Mango blog used to be in its glory days and become a truly leading Thailand nightlife site.”

    • Robert said

      OK guys, I’ll explain. My opinion is that the Mango owners behaved despicably by dobbing BBK to his employer and this is my #1 gripe with them.
      Love BBK or hate him, version 1 of his blog was ground breaking, controversial and mostly made fascinating read.

      I suppose it was a mistake on my part to discredit this entire site and parts of it are very good indeed e.g BBG and SBODY trip reports, Raider informative posts and the cheese cakes.
      But on the other hand there’s so much crap here that it’s not funny and IMHO the Achilles heel of this site.

      As I wrote in another comment. With some badly needed radical changes this site has got the potential to become a leading blog and not necessary the new Stickman but more like the old Big Mango blog.

      It’s up to the administrator which path he chooses to follow.

    • …and what brought about this radical change of opinion and direction?

      Sorry, “Robert”, but your history of duplicity, dishonesty, and not to mention pushing the “thumbs up’ buttons up to 30 times, do not do your credibility any favors…

    • Robert said

      This type of reaction from you Daffy is the heart of the problem of this site as far as I’m concerned.

    • Quite a roadblock, then, that you have created with your historical record of duplicity and dishonesty, haven’t you?

      I’d say “Let’s meet and discuss this”, but you have made it quite clear what you think of that avenue of conflict resolution, haven’t you?

    • Robert said

      You just don’t get it Daffy. I’m pointing out generally my opinion about the strength and the weakness of this site and you take it like a little child on a personal level.

    • Robert says on July 7, 2011 at 3:16 PM :”You just don’t get it Daffy. I’m pointing out generally my opinion about the strength and the weakness of this site and you take it like a little child on a personal level.”

      RobPuppet #5 says on July 4, 2011 at 8:10 pm : “Daffy. You still don’t get it. You are the GoGo girl with hepatitis B who has already infected a couple of customers and the word has gotten around. You are the GoGo girl everyone avoids because they fear infection with something nasty.”

      “Robert”, I am only pointing out the historical record of your comments – it gets nastier the further I go back ….

    • Robert said

      Haha Daffy. You remind me of BBK version 1 where every commenter who disagreed with him was accused of being a Big Mango owner / investor / author.

      You know as well as I do who is posting under the screen name Sockpuppet #5 and it’s not me.

      I don’t believe you are as stupid as you pretend to be and don’t see any point in continuing this pointless “discussion”.

      Much more fun at the moment ‘over there’.

    • Uh huh…

    • Graham said

      “My opinion is that the Mango owners behaved despicably by dobbing BBK to his employer and this is my #1 gripe with them”

      – now listen, and listen carefully you fucking idiot. You have no idea of the facts and what went on. You were not involved. All you have is Kennys bullshit. If you have a gripe with me, then come see me. Don’t hide behind your monitor. If you want to be brave and spout off, at least have the decency to confront me and find out the whole truth. (as did Daffy)

      Kenny will not meet me because knows he has done wrong. He knows he has lied. He knows that he stepped over the line. You harp on about the Mango contacting his employer? That wasn’t me. But what I can tell you is that he drew 1st blood by publishing lies and purposely tried to harm the Mango businesses. So where is the difference? If you are to have a gripe with the Mango, then you should have a gripe with Kenny also.

      As for the old website, again, if knew about the Thai laws when it comes to THAI REGISTERED then you’d know that there are certain things you can and cant write about. The old site did not meet the requirements so it had to change it’s content. We, unlike some, respect our surroundings. – Which, incidentally was what started this all off. We showed a little respect after much public feedback and pulled a post.

      Get it all in perspective.

      If you don’t understand after all that has been said countless times. then you are not worth the keystrokes.

    • Robert said :”You know as well as I do who is posting under the screen name Sockpuppet #5 and it’s not me.”

      Why don’t you enlighten us all, then, since you know who it is…. 😉

      (chiiiiiirp chiiiiiiiirp chiirpppp)

  31. What seems to be the performance problem with the Gookamonkey site? It takes 2 minutes to load up at this point?

  32. “You know as well as I do who is posting under the screen name Sockpuppet #5 and it’s not me”


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