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adman: Just Another Thursday Night In Bangkok

Posted by BigDummyKenny on July 1, 2011

I took a stroll around Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza last night. It wasn’t a good night to go out as the steady evening rain which started early gave way to an absolute downpour late in the night. If last night was an indicator though, there’s a shift in the bar crowd spending more of their time and money on Soi 4 and Nana Plaza. Soi Cowboy seems to be lacking in everything but the girls attitude; no, not in a good way. Baccara had the best line up though, with a couple absolute stunners. Usually Shark gives it a run for it’s money but last night between around 9:30pm to 10:30pm it wasn’t close. Baccara was stacked with good lookers. Midnight was OK as was Tilac. I was disappointed a bit with Tilac though. They’ve slipped a bit and you may notice the stage sags a bit with a couple of the rotations. All told of the 15 bars I stepped into, 10 of them I did an about face. It just wasn’t worth having a drink.

Nana Plaza was another story: Lolipop, Pretty Lady, the Rainbow Bars (to name a few) had plenty of good looking girls. Unlike Soi Cowboy, of the 10 or so bars I stuck my head in I would have stayed for a few drinks in 8 of them. The only thing missing were the attitudes (in a good way). During the few nights I was out with a couple guys I know, we noticed that Soi 4 has a better vibe than Cowboy. There’s a more interesting assortment of characters on Soi 4 that makes hanging out at a place like Big Dogs and shooting the breeze with friends more fun. Then you have the many new pool bars and beer bars up and down the Soi that gives you more to do and explore. If you’re hungry and want something different, there’s a guy running a cart with 2 giant skewers of meat selling gyro’s near the entrance of Nana Plaza that you may want to add to your rotation of chicken/beef kabobs, fruits and the bug cart.

I’ve read several stories predicting the demise of the bar industry on Soi 4 should Nana Plaza close. I don’t see it happening. There’s so much available real estate for bars, pubs, restaurants and gogos to be developed. The development outside Nana Plaza has been moving fairly quickly during a time that business has not been good. Look at the bottom 1/2 of the Soi where there are very few night life venues. That area is larger than all of Soi Cowboy and if developed I can imagine what it will look like in another 2-3 years. I just see more new places opening in the area, whether Nana Plaza closes or not.

Speaking of closing, those of you who like Apache Beer Bar best get your last few drinks while you can. A friend who frequents the place told me it’s closing down in the next couple days. Apparently the Beer Bar theme isn’t working. When I was there last night a couple girls confirmed they’re closing down and the girls are moving to Shadow Bar and Wongs. One girl said it would be reopening bigger and better as a gogo bar with the bar next door. At least that’s what I thought she was telling me. She may well have been telling me she wanted to go with me and the girl in the gogo next door as for whatever reason she was quite wasted.


19 Responses to “adman: Just Another Thursday Night In Bangkok”

  1. Yeah, Cowboy and Nana go in cycles, and it’s nice to see Nana on the upswing, again — seems that even the flooding last night on Soi 4 didn’t seriously impact the fun.

  2. MongerSEA said

    Confirmed that Apache is moribund. No great loss.

  3. Robert said

    I’m most surprised that adman didn’t come up again with a glowing report about the Arab bars in Soi Cowboy. His past unforgettable full of shit review of Sahara is still the ultimate crap as far as I’m concerned.

    • adman said

      Ronnie boy, I’m calling bullshit. The photos and reports were exactly what I experienced when I was in Rio after the remodel and Sahara after it first opened and after it had been open about a year.

      That you have a problem with it doesn’t make it my problem.

      If you have a more accurate account post up the photos and report.

      You won’t because you’re a lazy ass blowhard. That and my guess you haven’t been in either of the bars.

      Waiting for the creative excuses (yawn) as to why you won’t be submitting a report.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @adman – I’m happy to give Bullshit Awards where they are due. To be fair, Robert is expressing his opinion and despite the amount of Bullshit he has conveyed in the past here he seems to have rather strong feelings about the Arab’s Bars.

      Although we don’t know if he’s actually been in one of the bars you should take pride in knowing that to him it wasn’t just everyday crap that you wrote. No, it was much more, it was in fact the “ultimate crap”. 😉

  4. Robert said

    Would it occur to adman that the girls bad attitude towards him is a direct result of being a stingy miser, obese and repulsive person who gives bad vibes? I don’t have any bad “attitude” issues with Go Go girls or mamasans..

    • bigbabykennethng said


      I’m fat, cheap and repulsive but I never have a problem with the girls. Not sure who is doing the service attack on BigBabyKenny but it has become the legacy site.

      For a fresh look at the Thai Girl Scene without the presence of that idiot Prufrock head to bigbabykennethng. Plus those idiots at CSUN will never find it.

      Graham everything that has happened in the past is water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned.

      Drop me a line.

      Killer Kenny

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Wow,,”Robert’s” got some bullshit stamps coming up.

      First, as he’s never been to Thailand, and second – oh, wait a sec…. You just label *anyone* as fat and repulsive, don’t you? Anyone except yourself….

    • adman said

      BigDummyKenny, another bullshit award to Robert please. Poor Robert. His intuition is about a sharp as BBK’s photography skills.

      It wouldn’t occur to Robert that I also mentioned the attitudes were much better in Nana than they were in Cowboy. Nor would it occur to Robert that I notice what other guys in the bar are experiencing and how most girls were behaving in Cowboy. He would never notice that although the girls are sitting with guys, some were sitting with distant looks in their eyes, while others were engaged but you could see the girl had established a no touch zone between her and the customer.

      These things Robert would never understand. He’s too ignorant and unrefined to understand.

      I can understand Robert’s frustration and demeanor towards me though. Despite his hopes that I’m the person he’s described, I am nothing like that. I’m the type of guy that walks into a place and shortly thereafter walks out with the stunner he had his eye on all night but didn’t have the balls to approach.

      I would like to reiterate what Graham told you a few days ago:

      Graham said
      June 29, 2011 at 1:47 AM
      Ah, young Robert, have you learned nothing from embarrassing yourself countless times in this arena?

    • “These things Robert would never understand. He’s too ignorant and unrefined to understand.”

      He can’t understand, when he’s never been there.

  5. Raider said

    I have to agree that Cowboy has slipped of late. A lot of bars very quiet, a dearth of lookers and a frequent lack of energy. It’s a long time since I’ve been to Nana Plaza, though I’ve walked down Soi 4 enough to agree as well that — even if Nana were to close down — nowadays the rest of the soi probably has enough ‘vibe’ and critical mass to survive as an entertainment area.

    I spent Wednesday night on Soi 33 with a friend. We went into three different bars between 9pm and 11pm and in each one we were the only customers. Really, really dead. We saw the bargirl with the most phenomenal body (and an entertaining, if mildly hostile attitude) behind the bar at Hookers. She’s definitely worth a look, and someone’s spent a bit of cash on the fixtures & fittings for the bar. It’s very comfortable, though, aside from staring at the 36-22-35 figure of the cashier, it certainly wasn’t appealing with no other customers.

    It’s the middle of the rainy season, so maybe empty bars are to be expected. After 11pm I hooked up with a different wing man, and we went to Cowboy. Stopped into Rawhide, which was not good. We were about to explore some more bars when he ran into an “old friend” outside who wanted to go short time with him. (Maybe that means that *I* was the wingman). It had been an uninspiring night for me, so when he went short time I went home.

    Thursday night I went to Queen’s Park Plaza on Soi 22 with some friends, and in spite of the weather, it was probably the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Most of the small beer bars in the plaza had a few customers in them, and there was a bit of life generally.

    With most bars closed this weekend for the election, I’m planning a night out on Monday with a friend who’s flying in. Maybe we should get out to Soi 4 and see if Adman is right about the resurgence of the NEP gogos.

    • Robert said

      Good report Raider and interesting to read that Queen’s Park Plaza was busy on the night you visited. It seems like the place is having sort of a Renaissance.
      Only the other day blogger Sukhumvit Psycho reported identically:

    • Raider said

      I hadn’t read the SukPsycho report, but looking at it I see that he mentions the slow death of Washington Square. My friends and I actually walked through Washington Square on the way to QPP on Thursday, and it looked more like a construction area (or de-struction area) than an entertainment zone. Pallets and rubbish in most available spaces, shopfronts covered with roller doors and graffiti; there were still quite a few of the bars, restaurants and massage shops open and doing business, but it’s an eerily uncomfortable area to walk through now. The long-discussed “death throes” of Nana Plaza may or may not have been greatly exaggerated, but the signs of impending death are all over Washington Square. Maybe that explains the apparent resurgence of Queens Park Plaza (just across the street on Soi 22) or maybe it’s mere coincidence that two of us hit the Plaza on busy nights.

  6. Robert = GT200

  7. BigDummyKenny said

    @adman – Thanks for the write up. Things a bit wet in Bangkok lately?

    @Raider – Thanks for the info on Queen’s Park and Washington Square. I’ve read on several blogs the same things about Washington Square bars closing down. Sounds like leases aren’t being renewed and once the last leasehold is up they’ll raze the place. If you have any photos you can share send me an email.

  8. jay said

    nice one raider and adman, cheers for some real reporting

  9. Crackpot said

    Washington Square has always looked like a shithole,particularly the strip featuring Silver Dollar and Lone Staar. In fact,I think theres a recycling operation/refuse point between these two bars. And opposite Bourbon Street too,with the comedy murals,theres another huge pile of debris.Then theres Taffys…..a shithole inside,if you can see through the clouds of cigarette smoke.Strangely enough though,I’ll miss it when its gone.Must get a flight soon to have one last roll of the dice there.

    • Robert said


      Is Wild Country (next door to the reportedly now closed Texas Lone Star) in Washington square still open?

      Last year I walked in there about 7pm. An Aussie biker was sitting at the bar playing cards with five “girls.” Well, two of them were cute, the other three were old. Guess who stuck with the card player, and guess which ones jumped on me? That’s right, I got the three hags but they were actually fun.

      Talking to them post-activity, two said they were 47, one said she was 52. There was a painting of a naked girl above the bar, and everyone told me it was the 52-year-old when she was 19. I think I believe them, as there was a definite resemblance. A really striking likeness. And she was the one I liked best. (One of the “47-year-olds” quite honestly I would have guessed was 60. The other one was about right at 47, a little chubby but sort of cute.)

      So, three older ladies who knew their job ended up peeling my clothes off, sucking me, doing HJ. I came twice. this went on over 90 minutes. The biker left at some point, and some older guy came in and started getting sucked off at the bar. The ladies told me he’d come twice yesterday and was back today for more. Me, him and the biker were the only three customers today, they said, and they open about 1pm, and this was about 8:30pm by now.

      Lady drinks are 60 baht. Not expensive at all, but it’s Thai whiskey, and they even insisted I sip theirs a little, so I can see I’m not getting ripped off for cola. I was a bit free with the drinks, buying the three of them maybe a dozen rounds. No doubt you can get off cheaper. But a helluva lot cheaper than lady drinks elsewhere.

      They alternately sucked me and did HJ, and the ones who were not on that were all over me. I was buried underneath them. Pants around my ankles, shirt completely unbuttoned. It was actually nice.

      The owner of the bar, a Thai lady, started buying me whiskey at some point. On the house. Even so, I had been so free with the lady drinks that the drinks tab came to 3230 baht. (I checked the slips. They were correct.) so that added up to a bit. And since I came twice, I tipped each lady 500 baht. This was more than others, said, but I came twice, and at SOL I’d pay 700 per pop. This was 1500 total just for the pops and company. The ladies seemed absolutely overjoyed at that. I guess they were expecting 200. The owner bought me a couple more whiskeys. I had the option of some free beer, but I could tell I really needed to get out of there before I started buying more rounds.

  10. Crackpot said

    I never made it inside Wild Country….but always planned to (as it had a reputation of sex on the premises).Every time I strolled past,the place was empty,closed or had a monster sitting on the verandah. Samesame for Cats Meow next door,which is also closed. Did these bars close because of harsh economic realities,or that the leases expired? I was in Lone Staar recently too,and that was empty and flat,like they knew it was on its last legs and had stopped caring.Word was it lost a certain something when the old boy popped his clogs. Thats three Washingon Square bars gone in a couple of months.

    According to Stickman,Bourbon Street is moving up to Ekkamai or Thonglor in the not-too-distant future. That will kill the area for sure. Silver Dollar and Taffys are the only other character bars,both shabby in the extreme though and looking tired.

    Taffys is one of the unfathomable dens left in Bangkok,a mystery how it survives. In fact,its a mystery how Taffy survives,the alcohol and smoke should have wiped him out years ago.

    I’ll type out a submission on the Hairy Pie Club when I’m next in Bangers.Will include a bit of history,a few anecdotes,and tales of what happens when I’m there.

    Only problem is that as an ex smoker,I’m over-sensitive to tobacco smoke,and the HPC is full of it.Might need a gasmask or oxygen tank just to survive in there.

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