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Raider: Making the Rounds in Bangkok

Posted by BigDummyKenny on July 7, 2011

I wanted to get out to some places I hadn’t been in a while, so when a friend called tonight and invited me to join him for a gogo run, I said yes. He said that he’d been to Bada-Bing! in Patpong a few days ago and had a good time; he wanted to go back.

I hadn’t been to Bada-Bing! since just after it opened (2 years ago?), so I agreed to go with him.

Can’t say I really enjoyed it. They allow smoking inside, and nearly every customer was lit up, including the guy at the table next to me, who held his cigarette in his hand, stretched out on the bench in my direction. The place stank like a stale ashtray.

The girls were generally fit. The one heavy girl had a curvy body with bodacious tatas and a nice face when she smiled. The rest of them were lean, but with a single exception they just didn’t inspire me. A couple of them had obviously been to the surgeon to get chin implants. The surgeon recommended a “size-3″ but the girls insisted on a “size-7″ and the effect on both of them is rather like the Wicked Witch of the West — waaaaay too big.

Most of the girls were on the wrong side of 25, and a few on the wrong side of 30. There were plenty of flat tummys, but when I looked at the whole package I could only find one girl in the place that really appealed to me, and her not enough to even bother to offering a ladydrink.

My friend was having a great time with a girl that he obviously knew from his last trip in, so I was hanging patiently. When we’d been there an hour, though, and the dancers were into their third rotation, I told him that I was going to take a walk. He could stay and play with his girl; I’d come back later.

He told me that he was ready to go too, so we paid the bill and left.

It turned out that he was not just ready to leave Bada-Bing!, he was ready to go home.

I wasn’t. I said goodnight to him and I headed for Club Electric Blue, where I hadn’t been in more than a year.

It was bad. Empty of customers. Obnoxious mamasan. The crew of girls was about the same quality as the ones I’d just left at Bada-Bing! but they were generally under-25. One very slender girl with short blond hair was smiling at me and trying to make me laugh. She was topless and bottomless, with just a piece of lace wrapped around her hips to defend her modesty. She was cute, and probably the best of the bunch, but again, not good enough for me to want to buy her a drink. I downed my drink and hit the street.

I walked up and down avoiding the touts and checking the gogo bars, but just didn’t feel inspired by anything I saw.

My pal, before he went home, had told me about a new go go in Nana Plaza called Las Vegas that was open on the top level. He said that he’d been there earlier in the week. He told me that it was reasonably upscale, that they had a good crew of girls, and that they put on choreographed shows — “even fan dances”.

This sounded like a good place to go, so at midnight I hopped a taxi to Nana Plaza.

I went straight to Las Vegas. The decor was probably not quite as nice as my pal had suggested, but it was nice. One side of the room had a glass-ceiling-ed mezzanine dance stage, though there was no on dancing on it. The center stage had a dozen girls on it; all of them topless; all of them under 25; all of them appealing. They had a good selection of different body types, no obvious scars, no cream cheese tummies and a minimum of tattoos. The one unfortunate thing was that about half the girls were wearing large white panties topped with black garter belts. The effect was to look rather like they were wearing babies diapers. The girls wearing black briefs looked fine. The costume designer may need to re-think that one.

The mamasan and staff were a bit pushy but I handled that quickly and easily. It was clear that it was a new place because it is being over-managed. That won’t last, but there was a bull-dyke in a man’s jacket and a too-short haircut that was directing the girls very obviously, pointing to them where they should stand, signaling when they could come of stage and when they needed to stay. She looked like one of those guys at the airport in the orange jumpers that directs the jumbo jets from the taxiway to the terminal with exaggerated arm movements, using his whole body to indicate direction. She was obnoxious, but harmless.

Ten minutes after I arrived the dozen topless girls exited the stage to make way for the 8 show dancers.

They did, in fact, come on stage with large feather-fans.

The show ran fifteen or twenty minutes and it was tightly choreographed and well-rehearsed. The girls had obviously been recruited for their dancing skill. They moved with grace and with almost perfect precision. It was a professional looking show that involved several costume changes and even some simple props (for example, large picture frames painted black; the girls each danced behind a frame with a fairly artistic effect).

The show was very well done. When it was finished, the show girls left and the go go dancers returned. The crew was full of 8′s and 9′s, but there was also a pretty good crowd of customers and I was getting tired. As the clock spun round to 1:30 a.m. I realized that I’d been up since 5:30 in the morning, and tomorrow is a work day. I decided I should head home.

As I walked out of Las Vegas, the next bar is also fairly new — Billboard. I had been there once before and enjoyed it, so I decided to stick my head in again. I walked into the center of the bar. Three girls were completely nude and eating each other’s pussies on the revolving stage. Another crew of 4 girls who looked like university freshmen were all naked and soapy in a jacuzzi — bumping together and soaping each other up.

It was a lively scene, and I almost sat and ordered a drink, but good sense prevailed. I left Nana and went home.

On a few other nightlife area notes:

Robert above asked about Wild Country. Another friend of mine mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that it is now closed. I watched that friend have virtually the identical experience to Robert one night… lady drinks for the older girls, blow job under the table in return, and one of the older hookers saying that she was the model for the painting. It must be the standard program.

Walking by Apache Beer bar in Soi Cowboy yesterday it was closed and the shutter pulled down, with construction materials piled out front. Apache is gone.

For 24-hour eating, the little square where Sunrise Tacos is now has an American “1950′s diner” in the back part of the complex. It’s been there for a few months and is open all day every day. I noticed that the original Sunrise Taco takeaway shop is now a french place, though it wasn’t open late at night. The new Sunrise Tacos on the opposite side of the parking lot is always busy, and open all the time.

And for cheap drinks in Nana Plaza, The Balcony Bar, located at the top of the escalator in front of Mandarin Go Go Bar has a big banner up advertising a 59-baht special on all drinks all night long. I didn’t try it, so not sure of the deal, but it seems like a good option if you want a quick cheap drunk in the Plaza.

[This was originally a comment provided by Raider and with his permission is presented as a post. Thanks for the excellent report Raider. – BDK]


2 Responses to “Raider: Making the Rounds in Bangkok”

  1. Robert said

    As always, top notch and excellent reporting from Raider.

    Informative, accurate and unbiased (Stick & Dave The Rave please take note..) of the latest happening at the bars and slightly off the beaten track.
    The all too often reviews of Shark, Tilac, The Rainbows etc are by by now tiresome / repetitive and its refreshing to read Raider reports of the current happenings in the vicinity of Soi 22, the newest Nana bars and the much maligned Patpong which with all its faults I personally quite enjoy hanging around.
    Couple of great live music venues, silly but funny ping pong shows (hello Mr Loy..) and lets not forget the legendary SOL or The Kangaroo bar (if one wants privacy).

    IMO Raider dynamic, up to the minute style of reporting is precisely what readers want, so badly lacking at the moment and what a Thailand nightlife site should be all about.
    Not endless boring arguments about 3G in Thailand, keeping a once controversial blog going just for the sake of trying to prove to the world that the Mango owners didn’t win the *war* (they did) or worse of all – being a stage for a criminally insane madman with a neo Nazi agenda and allowing the sick dog to spew his poison at will.

    With this type of information, the good trip reports, the cheese cakes BUT some badly needed changes this site can revive what the Big Mango blog used to be in its glory days and become a truly leading Thailand nightlife site.

    Taking into account that Stickman plans to retire later this year there’s even the possibility of making good $$$

  2. SBDOTKU said

    “Billboard. I had been there once before and enjoyed it, so I decided to stick my head in again. I walked into the center of the bar. Three girls were completely nude and eating each other’s pussies on the revolving stage. Another crew of 4 girls who looked like university freshmen were all naked and soapy in a jacuzzi — bumping together and soaping each other up.”

    Note to self – be sure to check out Billboard!

    Outstanding Red Leader!

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