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BigBabyKennethNg or BigBabyKenny?

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 2, 2011

It is apparent that someone is busy reviving version 1.0 of Professor Kenneth Ng’s sex oriented blog  Gradually the articles are being republished as they originally appeared.  The question is, who is behind the restoration of the blog? 

I have received several e-mail asking if I am behind the Big Baby Kenny “New and Improved” blog.  The simple fact is I am not.  I simply don’t have the time and more importantly, the interest, in reviving the BBK v1.0 blog.

The obvious answer would be Professor Kenneth Ng himself.  Seeing that the activity on his blog has dwindled to comments between the Keith and Anti-Keith crowd it’s understandable why he’d republish his content.  To counter the argument, for Prof. Ng to do so would be quite risky to his career.  It was the California State University Northridge campus administration which pressured Prof. Ng to remove all content which could be construed as promoting sex tourism.

Rather than leave content which was not sexually oriented remaining, Prof. Ng shuttled his entire site and rebuilt it from the ground up.  Perhaps this was his strategy all along: waiting for the right time to revive his blog and shift readers to the new site.  Since it’s been over a year that he gained notoriety for his blog and the traffic on his site has been steadily dwindling it appears that time is now.


2 Responses to “BigBabyKennethNg or BigBabyKenny?”

  1. Oh, I have no doubt that “Super-Sleuth Prufrock” and his unfailing “sources” will quickly decide that this is yet another blog that I have cooked up – after all, they still believe that I am BDK.

    No hope for those guys.

  2. adman said

    You must have a tremendous amount of free time on your hands RDD. This blog, Saphan Loy and now the new and improved BBK. I don’t know how you do it.

    My guess is Kenny thinks he can’t get pinned with the new site because people would say “he’s not that stupid”. I’ll go with his photography and professional skills as an indication.

    Speaking of professional skills, anyone see this latest gem?

    This class is a simple case of doing better than your peers. Everything is graded based on the whole class average. Do the homework it helps your grade. He makes you read 3 books!smh. 2 term papers on the books. His tests are so hard its ridiculous. Most of the time the average was around 30/100 and im not exaggerating.Take someone else if possible

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