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Raider: Making the Rounds In Bangkok – 08/2011

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 4, 2011

This board’s been quiet for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d offer some updates on a few bars I’ve been to recently. In no particular order:

Degas Bar – Soi 33

I had a couple of drinks, then found myself in a disagreement with one of the girls. I don’t want to go into detail, but I was dissatisfied with things and spoke to the cashier about it. She dialed the phone and a few minutes later “the boss” showed up.

He was European, and from his accent I’d guess him to be French or maybe Belgian. I’m not known for my keen ear for accents, though, so he’s as likely to be from South Africa or New Zealand.

He listened to my mild complaint, asked a few questions and handled everything professionally and to my satisfaction. Any business can have a problem – the test is how the problem is handled. In Thailand they often aren’t handled well at all. Degas was a class act. Go there and buy whiskey – New Zealand needs the profits.

Papa Bar (also Soi 33)

I had never been to this bar before. A friend and I stopped in there one night because we liked the look of the girl standing outside telling us how handsum we were.

As we sat down, my friend offered a drink to that girl.

I might have felt slighted, but I looked around and spotted a girl I liked better. Apple cheeked with a noticeable cleavage, she caught my eye from across the bar. Soon we had a little 4-person party going. My girl turned out to be fresh off the farm, while my mate’s girl was quite a bit more experienced.

We’d been to a few bars before Papa’s, so I don’t think either of us was capable of having sex. After two hours of drinks, cuddling and a bit of pool we wisely went home without either of the girls.

I did, though, go back a few nights later to renew my acquaintance with my girl. I went in straight after work, sober. I realized that she was a bit fleshier than I’d thought when I met her the first time, and when we were both sober she was nowhere near as much fun. She was more interested in the TV than in me, and the fifteen minutes it took to finish one drink seemed to take forever. I paid my bill and took off.
Still, the crew of girls in this place is young and attractive enough, they generally seem pretty friendly, and can shoot pool decently too. Worth a look if you’re on Soi 33.

Tina – Soi 22

Tucked in the back of a small square behind a few restaurants, a massage shop and a guest house, Tina is pretty hard to find. Basically, it’s the second driveway on the right if you come from Sukhumvit Road.

I’d wandered into this bar once years ago, so this was a return visit.

Nothing much had changed. It’s dark, has a crew of very marginal girls who focus on putting their hands all over you.

The guy I was drinking with got a massage from a girl who resembled a tank.

I drew the long straw. The girl who took an interest in me was the best of the bunch (though the bunch didn’t set the bar very high). She was short and fairly cute. She was also from Chiang Mai. She had at least three tattoos, her navel was pierced, she has two children, and she smokes. She didn’t smoke in front of me, but I could taste it on her breath while she spent twenty minutes with her tongue down my throat.

I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this place, but if you like getting groped in a dark bar by second (or third) tier girls whose main recommendation is willingness, then you might want to pop into Tina.

Titanium – Soi 22

I had a pal in Bangkok from the US, and he wanted to go somewhere other than a go go bar. I suggested Titanium.

He’d never been there, and my last drink in Titanium was in December 2006. After going there with him I’m not sure why I stopped going there. The décor is above average, as are the girls (though they’re not the youngest crew in Bangkok). The drink prices are slightly over the mark, but they pay for the excellent live music.

Titanium features two bands. The all-girl Unicorn Band has been playing there for years. They are a pretty good band with a sexy little tambourine player.

Better still is the new band called the Big Boy Band (they’ve been playing there for about a year). The Big Boy Band is an English-language classic rock cover band, but probably the best one in Thailand, with a play list that has a bunch of titles that you don’t hear every day in other Bangkok bars.

Titanium features a freezer room on the second floor where you can do vodka shots. My pal and I dragged two Thai girls in for a round of shots. Not really my favorite thing to do, but it can provide a change of pace.

I enjoyed my visit to Titanium so much that I’ve been back two more times since. Each visit has been good fun.

Titanium is highly recommended if you like good ole’ Rock & Roll.

The Pent – Wireless Road (Ploenchit)

This is a member club (g-club) that I hadn’t been to in three years or so.

After we’d spent a couple hours at Titanium, my friend and I were ready for another bar. We initially took a cab up to Resort on Ratchada 13, but the place was dead. When we asked, we were told that they don’t have a band or coyote dancers on Sunday nights, so we decided not to order, went outside and grabbed a taxi to Pent instead.

Pent was about 40% full, with a good band in the front room and coyote dancers in the back room. One thing that had changed since I was there last was that there were very few white faces to be seen. The crowd was mostly Thai, with a sprinkling of Japanese.

Having been away for three years, I didn’t expect to see anyone that I’d remember, but as we stepped in the door of the back room a tall, white skinned coyote dancer raced across the room screaming and threw her arms around me, saying how much she’d missed me.


We moved out to the front room where the Thai band was playing Thai music. My pal, who was very drunk, had chosen a slender hostess from a 4-girl lineup based on her having the most noticeable cleavage.

He chose well. She was tons of fun, and they were dancing, while my girl and I sat on the sofa and got reacquainted.

If you like member clubs, the Pent is a bit different because it has three rooms – the front room with the Thai music, the back room with coyote dancing, and a quiet middle room with a swimming pool where you can enjoy a bit of food and some quiet time with your girl of the night. I like this club, and I like the girl there. I’ll be back soon.

Queens Park Plaza – Soi 22

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been to QPP and it seemed busier than in the past.

I made a return visit two weeks ago and it still seems to me that it’s enjoying something of a revival in business. While it doesn’t compare with NEP or Soi Cowboy, the bars all seem to have customers and the customers seem to be having a good time.



The Hairy Pie Club – Washington Square

The name of this bar is a little more complex, but I can’t remember the longer name, and – honestly – there’s no reason to. A friend and I were talking about this place – just about the name really. We paid bar at another bar a few blocks away and walked to Washington Square just to go to this bar.

We peeked in the door and decided it wasn’t worth going in. We left without entering.

Not recommended.


4 Responses to “Raider: Making the Rounds In Bangkok – 08/2011”

  1. MongerSEA said

    It’s a blog, not a board.

  2. adman said

    Raider, I was over at Soi 23 (Cowboy) and Soi 33 on Sunday-Monday and noticed there seemed to be plenty of girls and few guys. Not sure but I’m betting the torrential rains over the past few days had something to do with it.

  3. Bangers Bill said

    Nice report Raider.

    Went to Midnight bar and witnessed what other websites reports as a regular occurrence: the scamming of customers. One guy claiming to have only bought himself and a dancer one drink each and being charged over 700 baht.

    About an hour later an Australian guy got into it with the same server, claiming he gave the girl 2000 baht for a bill with the server claiming she was given 1100 baht. After about 15 minutes of shouting by the server and customer things started to get ugly with some pushing and shoving taking place and the doormen being called in to assist. Things continued to escalate with pushing, shoving and fists eventually being thrown.

    If you decide to go into Midnight it’s worth repeating that you need be careful when paying the bill. I’ve gone so far as to ask for the check and the server’s pen and written down the amount I’m giving her. If your server won’t let you do that, get the boss over so she can verify how much you’re giving the server. Special mention here to watch out when paying the bill if your server is the overweight one.

    Also went to Baccara on Saturday night. The place crowded as usual and there was a big party with food and a band out front. Everyone was having a good time but there’s one thing I don’t get. Can someone tell me what draws the customers upstairs? I can understand the draw downstairs with the hostesses out front and the 2 sets of dancers but for the upstairs?
    A year or two ago I could understand but not any more. The girls are mostly short and a good number of them are overweight. There are only a couple worth a look and a handful of girls who’ve had breast augmentation, but that aside I don’t understand the draw when compared to the downstairs crew who are generally fitter, taller and the lighter skinned variety. It’s my opinion that the best view of the girls upstairs can be found from the first floor 😉

    • Soi Walker said

      Baccara isn’t high on my list. The only time I stop is when I’m starting out my Friday nights for the free food. Their fixed and inflated ST and LT policy is silly as is their bar fine. Who would pay 5K LT for one of the upstairs girls when you could get the best hostess or downstairs girl for the same price? There’s a reason there are still plenty of upstairs girls after 1am while most the downstairs girls are gone.

      Another thing. Have you noticed more Japanese guys passing on Baccara for other bars? A Japanese buddy who frequently visits Thailand said he and his friends don’t even bother with Soi Cowboy anymore and head for Nana because the Baccara girls are “all business” as he put it.

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