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Why no Big Baby updates…?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on August 6, 2011

… frankly, because no one really gives a damn anymore.

Big Baby without 3G

Even without having been over there, it should take no rocket science to figure out what is going on over at the old site.



• Kenny & Prufrock posting under the usual slew of multiple alias, impersonating contributors to our site, as well as contributors to the blog.

• Prufrock endlessly posting multi-page dissertations about “knowing Daffy posts here”, while repeating that he never, ever, ever checks out the BigDummy site (those IP breadcrumbs must have been placed in our logs by some super-hacker, meant to confuse us). (so, Prufrock, ever dug up those incriminating quotes you threatened to dig up? still digging?)

• Kenny posting the occasional article, pontificating like the proverbial MotU, and getting most of the critical information wrong. When called out about it, he posts under alternate alias’, attempting to discredit the isolated commenter who tried to correct his misinformation (so, Kenny, how’s 3G treat in’ ya?)

• Keith Summers going on like an Energizer Bunny, deluding himself that Kenny is his buddy allowing him to post on his “free speech” site. (I bet Keith has no idea that “Daily Dose of Truth” is actually Kenny, repeatedly putting him down).

• The usual BBK sycophants participating and posting pedo accusations against whoever they pick on that week; the  usual posting of people’s real names in association with libelous accusations;

Kenny & the sycophants

In short, the usual – Kenny breaking various laws, flaunting it, and thinking he is getting away with it, while his blog sinks into further obscurity.

I’ve sent about 6 -mails to him, so far, requesting he intervene at least regarding the most grievous libel on his site, but predictably, Kenny is simply not man enough, to “man up” and even reply – thus, if you or anyone you know has been implicated in these accusations over on the other site, please contact me, as I will be taking this to the next level, and I can represent your voice as well.


61 Responses to “Why no Big Baby updates…?”

  1. smokehouse said

    Who is bob@bobinthe

  2. I’d like to believe that Proofie has moved on to other pastures (conspiracy of course).

    Kenny, Keith, Marc Holt and ronru… what a cast of characters.

    Kudos to Big Dummy for staying away from that mess. No winners there!

    • Shouldn’t be hard to do a Google search for endless paragraphs of mindless diatribes containing the same assortment of cookie cutter cuss words. I guess Proof ie finally figured out that Kenny was playing him, huffed and puffed, and took his toys to another site.

      Of course, what site would have him, is the question.

  3. Soi Walker said

    I think there’s more to it than nobody gives a damn anymore. It looks to be that Kenny is busy focusing his time on his new sex blog he has on wordpress. Every few days he’s posting new articles there.

  4. Wow Daffy, I just checked Kenny’s dead blog for the first time in quite a while.

    Door Locks?

    What have you done to Lil’ Ronru?

    He seems to be having a meltdown about something!

  5. Aw, little ronru…. why so much anger? Why so much bitterness?

  6. MongerSEA said

    Expensive apartment buildings have better security than cheap ones.
    Expensive locks work better than cheap ones.
    There are places where you can get keys duplicated.

    You may now ignore DCSUNEPKN for another month.

  7. Graham said

    Asoke Place has security downstairs. I guess when you’re as popular as a certain person, you need to beef up security 😉

    Oops.. hope I didn’t divulge where a certain person rents an apartment?

  8. Steve said

    I know this site has its center on Thailand, the Mango Bar and the silly asswipe BBK. But have you guys ever considered the Philippines?

    There are surely mongers who prefer Thailand over the Philippines. But there are also those who prefer the Philippines over Thailand and have their reasons 😉

    Why not go out and explore a bit… And no, mongering in the Philippines is BY FAR not limited to Angeles. Just saying…

    Btw, I miss PurpleSpy, his posts were the best on this site so far.

    • Hi Steve,

      Since you seem to be ‘experienced’ when it comes to the PI, how about writing up a quick little orientation guide / article. If you have pics to accompany it, even better — you are right, I’m sure there would be interest, and it certainly would be interesting to compare notes.

      I could dig up my trip from last year to Costa Rica, and add on as well (and I plan on heading to Brazil some time next year).

  9. Steve,

    Funny you mention that, my dad works and lives in Manila. Headed over next month for about 4/5 days to treat the old boy. Davao is also fun.

    The positive of the country is that its much cheaper than Thailand and there are reasons for that.
    Namely crime and more crime. Very dangerous place compared to Thailand IMHO. Dad heads out every morning with an armed driver and unfortunately not an armored car. Other than the girls there isn’t much reason to be there unless you are working.

    The Philippines easily has 5 times the crime on tourists/visitors to the country than Thailand.

    The girls can be cute and fun in a beer bar sort of way! The problem is variety!

    Philippine Girls are all basically built and look the same. They are sort of plump in my opinion and the option to find a taller fair skinned type is basically unavailable.

    And lastly, a tuk tuk rules over a jeepney any day

    I also don’t think this blog centers on The Mango Bar at all. They have their own (lacking pictures) blog.

    I do agree with you that Dr. Kenneth Ng is a silly asswipe. Have a good night I’m headed over to Stickman to see whats going on.

    • Graham said

      BBG, yeah, yeah, I know… the pics have been promised to me, what can I do? If I could of asked our pal to take some snaps but I think no pics are better than out of focus pics.

      I think there is a pic DW somewhere on there?

    • “They are sort of plump in my opinion”

      Agreed – we have the Spanish colonizers to thank for that contribution to the gene pool…

  10. Steve said

    Well, BBG, each to his own I guess. After having spend many “sexy time” (quote by Borat) vacations in Thailand, when I spent my first time in Manila and other places I thought “This is awsome! Why the fuck havent I come here earlier?!”

    I still will go to Thailand again for sure, but for me the Philipines (=the girls) are better cos of their easy-going, more physical nature and exactly because of the variety of the girls. Since when is tall and pale a typical Asian feature anyways 😉

    The crime, yes, could be less, but I havent encountered any and I walked the street of Malate drunk in the middle of the night from bar to bar lots of times, lol.

    But I better say yes, the Phils are dangerous, the girls ugly and its simply a mess… never go there. Anybody, Please leave it to the Pro’s *cough *cough 🙂

    About details we can exchange next time on a barstool at BigDongs (Or was it Bigdogs? lol) when I am in Thailand again. Would be my pleasure, honestly.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Steve – As you can tell from the posts concerning Thailand we rely almost entirely on submissions from readers. I don’t travel to Thailand or the Philippines that often. The reason we don’t have any post on the Philippines is we have yet to receive any. That’s probably our fault since we started as a parody of BBK’s site and the readers were here because of that and the Thailand connection.

      I hear you on Purple Spy’s reports. They were entertaining and although there were a few readers that seemed to believe some of his accounts were bullshit he always backed them up with the photos.

      We’ve been working on getting the site reorganized, but this is a side project that I work on when I have time and this year I just haven’t had that much of it.

      If you (or anyone else) has any reports from the Philippines you’d like to have posted go ahead and send it to us via e-mail or as a comment and we will post it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  11. “Since when is tall and pale a typical Asian feature anyways”

    Ummmm Japan, Korea, China………….

    fair skinned (what I actually said) Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia….etc.

    Your right to each his own!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      One of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen in my life was a tall, dark skinned Malay girl with green eyes in a KL night club. Not very often that at the first sight of a woman the only thing that comes to mind is, “Wow.”

    • Agree, some darker girls can be quite stunning.

      I was just trying to address “Steves” points.

      1. The Big Mango Bar comment
      2. Assumption that readers haven’t explored “Why not go out and explore a bit ”
      3. He never addressed my point about the rampant violent crime there
      4. The comment about taller and fair skinned. Nearly every country in Asia has taller more fair skinned girls than the Philippines does. The exception maybe is NE Thailand and Cambodia.

      However I would love to meet Steve at Big Dogs or I could give him a tour with some Central Bank Girls next month.

      Steve, email me I’ll buy the first beer!

  12. Steve said


    I was just trying to add a new topic to this site.. I didnt assume no reader ever went to the Phils, lol

    I also addressed your crime thing. I said I walked around Malate at night often and nothing happened. But yes, I heard lots of stories. Yet, I have seen more bruised and beaten up Farang on Soi 4 than in whole Manila, lol.

    If you like tall, fair skinned Asian girls, Beijing might do the trick 🙂

    Concerning their easy-going personality and their performance in bed Filipinas do it for ME all the time. But thats only me, others may have a different taste.

    I wont be in Bangkok next month, but I keep track of this site and will email you when I come next time. We might have some funny and interesting experiences/stories to tell. And dont be surprised if my real name is not Steve, lol.

  13. Steve said

    In the last decade the murder rate in Thailand was on average about twice as high as that of the Philippines. At present, it seems alsmost equal:

    You have any specific statistics about crimes against tourists, BBG? I know stistics are never 100% correct, but usually tell us more than a “feeling” of security/insecurity or making general judgements from individual stories we hear.

    One more thing… in the end.. I actually dont care much the crime rate in Thailand or the Phils. I love to monger in both countries and never had any crime-related problems in neither of them. Even if you prove me that the crime rate against trourist in the Phils is 5 times higher than in Thailand (which I strongly doubt), I would still go to the Phils any time 🙂

    Still, any statistical data would be interesting to me.

  14. There is a threat from kidnapping in the Philippines. Kidnapping could occur anywhere, including on coastal and island resorts and dive boats and sites in the Sulu Sea. On 12 July two US citizens and a Philippine national were kidnapped from a resort on the island of Tictabon near the southern port city of Zamboanga.

    When was the last time you heard of a kidnapping in Thailand? Of a US citizen?
    At a resort?

  15. There is a threat from kidnapping for ransom in Philippines. You should be particularly vigilant when travelling on public transport. Armed hold-ups occur on jeepneys and buses in the Philippines, and have in some cases resulted in fatalities.

    – Australian Embassy

  16. On 23 August 2010, an armed man hijacked a tourist bus in Manila. During the incident eight hostages were killed.

    – BBC

    Sorry Steve, the list goes on and on of incidents that do not occur in Thailand.

    Even during the red shirts riots there was no targeting of tourists or foreigners.

    Two very different countries with two totally different levels of crime.

    On top of all that Steve is a shill!

    Bub eye!

  17. Different strokes for different folks, BBG – S, Steve, send along a PI travel report, and we’ll post it, I’m sure.

  18. Graham said

    Hey Daffy,

    Stop getting your feathers in a twist! When you ask for pictures, (which we are told are coming) Kenny and his pal who hang on every word we say then starts posting crap on his site – which leads to the cowardly comments being submitted on the Mango site which I then have to moderate.

    You seem to forget, Kenny is posting crap about keys and having to pay for water, so his fans (haha) are having to dredge other sites looking for info to misinterpret and try to make his site look interesting.

    So hold your horses. If there were no pictures taken, then I’d not have said there were pics taken! Our pal the photographer is in Thailand on vacation and was doing us a favor so I am not going to make any demands.


    • Horses being held 🙂

      Thanks for the explanation – it didn’t help that what silverboi was posting made no sense, in or out of context. This makes more sense.

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that *someone* is desperate enough to copy’n’paste every single word posted on your site to their site, making it appears as if he’s got traffic. You’d think with all the sock-traffic about Keith Summers he’d be plenty busy as it is.

      Of course, we all know what will happen once you do get those pictures posted — nothing. The bitter-bunch will pretend nothing was posted, or was ever in question.

      Just the same as will happen once the Duke’s building is done with renovations – still amazed how the Duke took down an entire city block, economically – you sure have some mongo power there… if only these idiots had a clue, but we won’t tell them. 😉

    • Graham said

      What makes me laugh about my pal Kenny is that although the Duke was sold over 2 years ago – if he were to go and ask the new owner how its coming along – he’d be told.

      Now, onto Kennys latest. How much of a cheap bastard is he? He is DEMANDING free water in a pub. Oh, and by the way Kenny, Hanrahans is an Irish pub, not English. Does Kenny realize that to get that water to him, a waitress has to pour it. A glass has to be provided. A table mat for the glass. No doubt he wants ice and a straw. The glass will also have to be washed and dried. Why should Hanrahans do all this for free?

      I am sure he was enjoying the wifi, aircon, tv’s, music – all for free.

      Hanrahans does a great value breakfast. How could he have the cheek to deny them wanting to make money where possible. Just shows what a cheap charlie he is. I guess that’s teachers wages for you?

      Also, the staff there are good and I don’t believe they took their time serving him. Unless he was being rude to them.

      For someone who is supposed to know a little something about economics, he sure is one dumb idiot.

    • “Hanrahans does a great value breakfast. How could he have the cheek to deny them wanting to make money where possible. Just shows what a cheap charlie he is. I guess that’s teachers wages for you?”

      Naw, Kenny’s rich, dont’cha know?

      Just goes to show, on the other hand, that he knows fuck all about the simplest economic principles…. and he ignores even more so the simplest of all “eating out” principle – don’t piss off the people that have the ability to spit in your drink, or make sure that you glass is not ‘absolutely clean’ (if you know what I mean).

      “Also, the staff there are good and I don’t believe they took their time serving him. Unless he was being rude to them.”

      I think you pretty much nailed it, right there.

    • I’m just surprised he had the balls to walk that far down Soi 4.

      CSUN Calender

      August 24, 2011 Wednesday Fall 2011 Officially Begins, Department Mtgs

      See ya next year Professor Ng!

  19. “It just goes to show you that bad economic principles and teaching are timeless and powerful”

  20. Graham said

    How fucking dumb are those idiots on Kennys site? Apparently you guys are hanging around the Mango finding out information on people and then writing lies about them on the internet and contacting their families?

    Do these sock puppets realize how pathetic they sound? What a bunch of dicks.

    Grow up.

    Anyone who has any issues is welcome to come pay me a visit and have a chat face to face. No? Didn’t think so.

    Keyboard Warriors… bunch of low-life cowards, the lot of them.

    • Sounds to me like Professor Ng is still bitter and hurt about being outed, nothing more nothing less. I love the fact that I am in your bar collecting names and information.

      The last time I was even on Soi 4……..Songkran, 2010.

      I remember vividly hitting Nigel in the head with icy cold water as he passed by Hillary Bar where I was camped out for the day.

      Poor Kenny….like everything else he just doesn’t get it!

    • Yeah, that’s right, me and Gulliver, collecting information. Because we have nothing better to do.

      So, Graham, am I the only one to ever take you up on the face to face chat thing? I guess Kenny’s just not “man enough” for something like that.

    • adman said

      It’s all lies and fabrications on that site. Kenny with his bullshit and his readers with theirs.

      The night the person said there were no customers at 10:30 is a lie. I was there and in addition to myself there were two other tables with customers and a few at the bar as well. Probably little Ronru/Robert upset nobody will come out and play.

    • Graham said

      Daffy. Correct. You are the only one to meet face to face. And you were just far too pretty to slap 😉

      Adman, thanks. Do we know each other? I am sure there is a drink with your name on it at the bar somewhere 🙂

  21. wombat said

    “How fucking dumb are those idiots on Kennys site?” Surely that is a rhetorical question!

  22. Daffy,

    Kenny has plastered your name all over his site and continues to state lies about you.

    Your right down the road from CSUN!

    Head over there and demand a meeting with Adam Gifford, Department Chair to discuss his antics.

    If that doesn’t work wait for Kenny to show up at the semester meeting at Acapulco’s.

    Oh wait, that won’t work they don’t invite Kenny anymore because he’s been tagged as a sex tourist and the female student refuse to show up. Ouch! True story!

  23. Steve said


    just saw your comment. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

    Being called a “shill” even by the most frequent commentator here doesnt really motivate me to write something up for this site. Like I am some weirdo or looney if I go mongering in the Philippnes, lol. How more silly can it get….

    I would have awesome stories to tell from my last trip only. My next one will be in 2-3 months from now.

    But.. getting as only feedback how silly it is to go to Pinas, being called a “shill” (what exactly does BBG mean with that anyways, lol) and the rest of the folliwng comments simply ignoring my topic, doesnt really inspire me to publish anything on this site.

    But if it ever should make a turn away from all this silly and childish fight with Kenny (who got what he deserved, except a good beating still being on hold it seems) I see potential. You guys surely have more to tell than just this feud. In the end, Graham should have created this site, no one else. Its his and his partners’ business issue, not ours 😉

    • Daywalker said

      Steve, we ignored Kenny. He was even approached to end the feud. He couldn’t. He kept going.

      I think people need to realize that he pisses off many people. Not just a few guys in a little bar.

    • Steve,

      I suggested you submit a field report of your experiences in the Philipines. I believe it would make a great addition and should certainly open up the floor for discussion.

      I have no idea why BBG said what he did, but one single person should not deter you from sharing your experiences. I am in favor of it.

      I’m sure so are many others.

  24. Steve said

    RDD, fair enough. All I cna say is now that I will think about it. Thanks for the reasonable feedback in any case.

    Graham, yes, you are probably right. I always found it funny how he emphazises for his defense that the Mango Bar is a brothel… If we assume this is true, it means our professor published dozens of article’s on a brothel’s website and has a feud with a brothel in Thailand. Wow… I think this shuns more bad light on him than on you guys 😉

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “If we assume this is true, it means our professor published dozens of article’s on a brothel’s website and has a feud with a brothel in Thailand. Wow… I think this shuns more bad light on him than on you guys”


      Damn, you are absolutely right – yeah, never looked at it that way, but you are right.

      CSUN Economics professor Kenneth Ng locked into fight with brothel in Thailand, over being ignored by them, and being rejected even by hookers. Fight on, prof. Ng!

  25. There seems to be a nigger in the woodpile when it comes to those mango party pictures!

  26. Graham said

    At last! Got the pics of the party up. Pics of customers have been omitted so that certain idiots can’t start hate campaigns against them.

  27. Graham said

    NEWSFLASH says:
    August 29, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    The Big Mango had a party last weekend and guess what?
    NO PICTURES posted on the Mango website.

    Quiz of the Day says:
    August 29, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    They didn’t post pictures from the BIG (haha) Anniversary Part or last weekends Football party because:

    1) They are embarrassed to show an empty bar?

    2) They are embarrassed that there are no girls at the party?

    3) Their customers are afraid of their photographs being put online because the Big Mango has been publicly identified as a whorehouse.

    4) Their customers are afraid of being identified by the cyberstalkers, like Daffy Duck, Keith Summers, and Big Black Gulliver, and having themselves outed as whorehouse customers to their neighbors back home.

    5) The owners are a nasty disagreeable lot who no one wants to be around.

    6) All of the above.

    – You were saying? When will these sad pathetic fucking losers learn? When are they going to man-up and come out from behind their monitors?

    By the way, we didn’t take photos of last weeks party. We have many parties at the Mango. We take pics of the significant parties. It’s not like we walk around with a camera round our necks all the time.

  28. bigbabykennethng said

    Proof positive that anyone can teach at the university level in California.

    As a follow-up to my groundbreaking article on Thai Schools I will be soon publishing:

    California Schools and Universities – How bad are they?

    Stay stuned.

    By the way, love the Mango Party pics. I wish I could have been there and don’t expect an correction of my legacy site due to the fact that I’m still quite bitter.

    – Killer Kenny

    • Well, apparently there are two criteria that this Professor had, which Kenny lacks (asides from being a full-fledged professor):

      “He’s a good teacher, he’s smart,”

      I’ll assume that the Cal State directorate will not do anything to this professor either…

    • Graham said

      We’ll not expect any corrections on the Kenny site. And of course, the short bald guy is not ‘Graham H Jones’ as labelled by Kenny.

      – It IS a Graham Jones though!

  29. bigbabykennethng said

    Proof positive that anyone can teach at the university level in California.

    As a follow-up to my groundbreaking article on Thai Schools I will be soon publishing:

    California Schools and Universities – How bad are they?

    Stay tuned.

    By the way, love the Mango Party pics. I wish I could have been there and don’t expect an correction of my legacy site due to the fact that I’m still quite bitter.

    – Killer Kenny

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