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adman: Rainy Season

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 12, 2011

I’ve had some bad luck the past three months because I’ve been forced to make more business trips than usual to Thailand. How can that be bad luck? Well, the weather is terrible in Thailand this time of year. This year in particular is the worst I can remember since I started business travel here.

For you tourists, there’s a reason this is the low season in Thailand: the weather sucks. Take last week as an example. Humid, sunny and incredibly hot during most days and it rained every night except one. In the north they’ve had some very serious flooding. Here in Bangkok I’ve sat on Soi 4 and watched the water turn the street into a river with the height going above the curbs.

Those who haven’t been to Thailand during the rainy season, I would say that you shouldn’t be enticed by any discounted airfare and hotel rates unless you’re going to one of the island destinations. During heavy rains Bangkok nearly becomes gridlocked. If you should decide to walk the sidewalks, most which are stones and bricks sitting on top of sand, you are almost certain to get a loose stone to shift under your foot, shooting a spray of muddy water onto your opposite shoe, sock and pant leg. Because many people who usually take motortaxis to the office don’t want to get wet, they take the BTS or MRT and you’ll find each car packed. If your luck is like mine you’ll find yourself pressed next to at least one person who’s diet consists of too much chili, som tam or curry.

Some of you mongers may believe this would be a good time to be in Thailand, what with fewer people traveling here. But it seems most of the better looking girls have gone back home. Presumably since they made a wad of cash during the high season. This is nothing new and I’ve noticed this before. But this year it seems even more girls have gone back home.

Another night and I see it’s starting to rain again. I usually enjoy my trips to Thailand but I can do without any more June-October visits.


8 Responses to “adman: Rainy Season”

  1. Jessica M. said

    When would you suggest visiting Thailand? What is the absolute best time to go? I would love to visit there someday.

  2. RealDaffyDuck said

    I found anytime between November and March are perfect times, weather wise.

    Avoid Christmas / New Year. Sampled, cramped, busy and expensive.

  3. Graham said

    “discounted airfares”?

    Due to it being holiday season in Europe, this time of year the fares are sky high. I had to pay almost £3k for my flight 3 weeks ago. Even economy was over £1000.

    • adman said

      Was the plan into Bangkok full at those prices?

    • Graham said


      The departure gate wasn’t as busy as I’ve seen it. There were some empty seats at the front end of the plane. I am not sure about the rear end.

  4. Raider said

    When would you suggest visiting Thailand? What is the absolute best time to go?

    I’d probably say late November if you want to get good post-rainy season weather and girls who might be a bit hungry for cash.

    February going into March has great weather as well, but it’s at the tail end of the busy season and just ahead of Songkran, so you might find the girls a little less hungry.

    Worst times:

    The middle of April, unless you want to participate in Songkran water throwing.

    mid-December to mid-January; great weather, but tons of punters on holiday.

    As per the post, the wet weather runs mid-June to mid-October. Normally your talking just a 20-minute downpour once or twice a day, but this year HAS been very heavy with the wet. The last time I remember this much water in BKK (in fact I remember it as MORE) was 2006. 2009 & 2010 seemed comparatively dry to me.

    Of course, the most brutal heat is from late March through May, when it’s 90 or 100+ every afternoon, and rarely dips below 80 degrees overnight. I find that to be worse weather than the rainy season, myself.

    So, to recap:

    June rain
    July rain
    August rain
    Sept rain
    Oct rain turning to cool
    Nov cool & pleasant
    Dec cool but crowded around New Year
    Jan cool but crowded around New Year
    Feb perfect
    Mar pleasant turning to hot
    April boiling heat & Songkran festival
    May hot, hot, hot

    • adman said

      Jessica M. – Raider summed it up. If you want to go to the beaches in the south and don’t mind the hot weather and rain then this time of year is fine. I’ve heard some in Bangkok prefer to go to the beaches this time of year because there are usually breezes that make it feel a bit cooler.

  5. lach said

    yup its pretty fucked over here at present – when it rains it pours down and the drainage at cowboy and nep sux big time

    agree the stock of girls in the bars is pretty light on – most of the girls i know are at home and wont be back till october

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