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Clicking Away

Posted by BigDummyKenny on August 13, 2011

Once in awhile I get an e-mail from a detractor suggesting that I get rid of some of the “Amazing Thailand” links.

I’m not sure if these are people who have an agenda to get a website removed but during most weeks every single website in the list gets at least one or two clicks. Here is the Top 10 links so far this week:

URL Clicks 26 24 23 13 13 11 11 9 8 7 6

The criteria I have for removing a site is simple: I’ll review the list from time to time and if a site hasn’t been updated for quite awhile I may remove it if there’s very little interest based upon the clicks the link’s received. As in the past, I’ve added sites that I’ve found interesting in and also added sites on the suggestions of readers.


3 Responses to “Clicking Away”

  1. Ed said

    I have you in my fav blogs list, (right column under weather), at Any chance of a link trade? Ed

  2. Crackpot said

    Clicking the links is the only reason I pop by these parts,to reload on Bangkok goings-on. All nicely lined up,in one place.

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