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BarRaider: Low Season Shuffle

Posted by BigDummyKenny on September 3, 2011

This last week I found out about something which occurs in the bars with the gogo girls on an annual basis that I’ll call the low season shuffle. I wasn’t aware of this so credit goes to my TGF and her sister for pointing this out. We went to one of the venues last week (Nana, Soi Cowboy or Patpong – take your pick) to buy her sister a few drinks since she’d been complaining how slow business has been. I noticed a couple girls in the bar who I know worked at one of the other bars earlier in the year.

I mention to my girl and her sister that one of the girls looks like a girl my friend would barfine from Bar Z. She confirmed that she just started working there during the last month. I told them I was surprised that a girl would leave a place where her customers knew they could find her. It was explained that the girls get tired of working in the same bar and seeing the same customers during the low season so they switch. The customers know how to get hold of her because the good customers have the girl’s phone number.
I suppose this makes some sense given that some guys will only go to certain bars, so the change is going to literally expose them to a new group of customers. To read between the lines seems that what she’s saying is the customers aren’t barfining them because they are locals who’ve already given them a go and have lost interest.

My TGF’s sister says she knows one of the girls and asks if I want her to come over and buy her a drink, TGF nods with approval so I say yes. Chatting with the girl I ask her how long she’s worked in the bar and she says “2 weeks”. I asked her what she did before working here and she said, “Oh, I was not working.” I asked point blank, didn’t you work in Bar Z before? You would go with my friend John (not his real name). The short of it is she said yes and confirmed what my TGF’s sister told me. The girls said this is common and they had friends from bars like Rainbow, Tilac and Rawhide who have changed bars in the past couple months.

Also, did you catch how the little minx tried to tell me she’d only been working in the bar for 2 weeks? She’d been working in the bars for over 2 years, but she was telling the truth about how long she was working in that bar.

So guys, don’t be a stooge when you come to Bangkok this coming high season and a girl tells you she’s only been in the bar for a couple months. Do you think her English got that good from working three months in a Bangkok gogo bar?


12 Responses to “BarRaider: Low Season Shuffle”

  1. Graham said

    Its also quite common for tips and drinks to ‘dry up’ a little for girls who have long term regular customers. I know a lot of girls that ignore long term customers in favor of new customers. In the past I’ve had customers ask why the girls treat new customers with more interest/respect than the loyal reliable punters. Short answer is they have more chance of getting drinks/tips out of new customers than the regulars who know the ins and outs of bar girl socializing.

    The girls are not loyal and are only looking to make tips for that night. The tips they get in the bar usually finances their food drink for the night.

    This is for many bars. Don’t know about the go-go scene.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Makes sense. I’m always dismayed by reading “veteran” expat sites, with the regulars deriding the girls for being mercenary, or just “out for money”.

      Well, Duh!

      The girls earn infinitely less than the average bitter asshole swilling his beer while staring at footie, and they have very al bills to pay. If you want attention from them, either buy them a couple of drinks, or give them a couple 100 baht in discretionary tips for sitting with you.

      (“you” meaning “those guys”, not you personally, obviously)

  2. adman said

    Come on Daffy. Occasionally it’s fun being the asshole swilling my beer. Not much of a footie fan though.

    Not likely the girls will ever figure out that during the low season it’s mostly the locals who are visiting all the bars, not just their bar. Being regulars those guys know the scene and how things work.

    Soi Walker’s comment makes sense. To paraphrase, the fun girls with their heads on straight have made their money and gone home. Not many of those in the bars during low season are ones you want to go out with for fun. I will say I noticed a bunch of new faces in Long Gun, Sahara and Shebas on Friday night. Although I suspect a few of them are fresh off the farm types because quite a few looked to be a questionable 18 years old. Saw some real cute ones stood out in Long Gun and Shebas though. I didn’t barfine any of them though as I was too busy being an asshole swilling my beer.

    • All criteria have to be met – if you’re not intently staring at footie while swilling your beer, your ‘asshole qualifications’ are questionable, then… 😉

  3. I was in Patts yesterday, drank 6 beers, bought a fly 2 beers,
    a small bottle of that cheap shit perfume in the tube and then took her upstairs for a Apcalis fueled session.

    I then headed back downstairs and watched Scotland vs. Czech Rep. while swilling yet more beer.

    I had a good time on a lovely sunny and breezy day near the beach in Thailand..

    I feel very honored I’ve made both Daffy’s and Prufrock’s Asshole List….among others I’m quite sure.

    • Not so fast – you swilled beer, while watching footie — yet you banged a bird, which disqualifies you.

      The assholes are so obsessed with beer and footie that they ignore the girls, eunuchs that they are 😉

  4. Thanks Daffy, I feel a little better but my heart is still heavy cause I’m still on Prufrock’s list.

    • That’s a whole different list. To qualify for Prufie’s list, you just need to be smarter than him.

      It’s a long list.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ BBG

      Ummmm-hmmmmmm……my heart is heavy too because I have a feeling we will never be seeing the final Business Adventure installment.


  5. @ Big Dummy,

    You and Daffy bitch worse than a Mia Noi with an empty refrigerator. Its in your inbox as I write this post.

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