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The Prof : An Exciting Trip to Indonesia!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on September 4, 2011

(We received this guest submission from a contributor who just calls himself “TheProf”, but since we’ll publish anything that anyone sends in, here it is – this is also a reminder to “Steve” for his Philippines travelogue)

I recently had the opportunity to undertake a trip to Indonesia. What a great trip, and without further ado, I want to share this exciting travel experience.
The flight was uneventful and professional, as I have come to expect from Asian airlines. Aironesia Airways was no exception – their wings adorned with the safety inspiring Garuda, the prop-powered Clipper B-314 took me safely to my destination.
The plane’s approach was fantastic, in terms of the views it offered en route to Indonesia International Airport – I mean, where else do you get these kind of views, before even having landed :
The airport was quaint and friendly, still relying on rolling stairs to help passengers disembark. As you can see, it just recently rained, which added to the arrival experience by infusing the air with a humid, tropical smell.
It was exhilarating.
A former British Colony / Protectorate (or whatever the Brits called the places that they took up residence in, and then pilfered for various resources, as usual), Indonesia is heavily British influenced, including the tendency to “drive on the wrong side of the road” (apologies to any Brits – of course, us folks in “The Colonies” are the ones driving on the “wrong” side – “Rule Britannia”, and all that good stuff!”)
My driver, who had waited for me with my name card, properly displaying my academic title, promptly drove me to my hotel, where I was checked in with the respect and recognition accorded to me.
Fortunately, due to the British occupation / colonization, everyone spoke excellent English, and called me “Sir” all the time – it made me feel very important.
The hotel was just 20 minutes away from the airport, right on the beach, and I couldn’t wait to splash my tired feet in the soft sand… I didn’t have long to wait.
The view that greeted me at the beach upon arrival.
One thing that I found very fascinating, is how modern and progressive everything in Indonesia was – for example, the police patrols were all equipped with Segway scooters:
How cool is that?
I also spend some time sightseeing, like checking out the Indonesia harbor, and the “old town” part of the city (note the distinctive Louis XIV building designs)
There’s more to see, but this should keep you all in awe as a starter.

4 Responses to “The Prof : An Exciting Trip to Indonesia!”

  1. gorgeous!!

  2. Wombat said

    Disappointing. Not a single out of focus photo of a restaurant bill.

    • BigDummyKenny said


      I have come to expect much less from the readers who contribute articles on BigDummyKenny, thus you can imagine my disappointment when someone like “TheProf” attempts to raise the bar for content. I sincerely hope that future contributors will use this article as a guide on what not to do when submitting material for posting.


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