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adman: Bangkok Speed Bar Hopping

Posted by BigDummyKenny on September 24, 2011

Back in Bangkok and the rain. Just unbelievable. The last place I remember having this much rain over a few months time is Hong Kong a few years back when the typhoons kept doing near misses on the city.

Despite the rain last night a Japanese buddy and I hit the bars. We decided to go Speed Bar Hopping. The rules are simple. Look in a bar and if we both say yes we go in and buy one drink, if either of us happen upon a girl we like we have one more drink with her to decide to barfine or not. No barfine and we move to the next bar. Started early and hit it hard until mid morning.

Started at Nana Plaza and it can be summarized in one word: “Busy” or “Girls”, take your pick. This in spite of the steady rain that opened into a downpour later in the night. The bars were busy early and my Japanese friend commented on it as well. Appears some of the cute girls have started to come back from the countryside. A bit early with it still low season but I guess they miss the city, the foreigners and the money…well, maybe just the foreigners and the money….yea, yea, ok, they just miss the money.

Went through quite a few bars: Lollipop, Pretty Lady, Las Vegas, DC10, Spanky’s, Rainbow 1 & 4, Billboard to name a few. All busy and plenty of girls to chat-up and admire.

Before the downpour hit we went off to Soi Cowboy. Got there a bit after 10:30 and not much going on. In a few bars, Raw Hide, Sheba and Joy, no more than 8 girls in any one of bar around midnight. Asking a couple girls and they said it had been very busy early in the evening and many girls were barfined early. That wasn’t the case in Shark, Midnight or Sahara where we still saw plenty of girls.

After Shark my Japanese friend suggests Baccara (shock – a Japanese guy in Baccara?). I can say the piss attitude of the girls, but even more so with the staff is still in full force. If you’re looking for prompt and friendly service, places I would avoid are Rio, Midnight and Baccara.

Stuck our head into Deja Vu as we were leaving Soi Cowboy. There were 4 or 5 very attractive girls out front…inside not so much. They’re still working on the space where Apache Bar was located and work seems to have slowed considerably from last time I was through about a month ago. It appears that knocking out the wall out between the old Deja Vu and the addition will be done in the future as the remodel on the addition side looks to be finished. The sign outside is done and what was the darkest part of Soi Cowboy is now one of the brightest. If you plan to spend the night sitting outside Cocktail Club be sure to bring your sunglasses. You want to know why they charge 180.00/baht+ for a drink in bars like Sahara, Midnight and Deja Vu? It’s to pay for the massive neon signs with their massive electric bills

Around 1:00am we made our way to Insomnia on Suk Soi 12. I’d been there once before and not much was happening but on this night the place was jammed. Quite a few tables of Thai girls without companions around with that look in their eye that they wanted someone to spend the night. Maybe they were only looking at me that way. Yes, I’m sure that was it. This had my Japanese friend regretting he brought sand to the beach but he endured while I enjoyed the scene. Not sure if the DJ was the regular house guy but he had a good set going while we were there and the girls were into it.

Mission accomplished: Night of Speed Bar Hopping survived.


11 Responses to “adman: Bangkok Speed Bar Hopping”

  1. Soi Walker said

    Are you serious? Running around like a mad man all night doesn’t sound like fun. Also would require drinking quite a bit of alcohol. Maybe I’m just getting too old.

  2. He did say “look in” But if you had one drink in each bar named I would be hammered! And then in slurred speech I would choose the wrong girl…….again

    Adman definitely hits it hard when the wheels touch down at the swamp.

    Living here I miss that leaning forward in the plane seat, grab my bag, get a taxi, feel the humid air and hit the strip attitude.

    Being here 24/7 you get in maintenance mode and forget those things that make it special.


    • BigDummyKenny said

      It’s the blurred vision that gets me. I wind up telling the waitress the number of a girl I want which doesn’t exist.

  3. adman said

    BBG – You think I would have learned maintenance mode after countless times waking up with an aching head and eyes that burn at the hint of sunlight the next day: I haven’t. The drinking pace was brisk but not torrid. I don’t go to the gogos that much unless a customer, friend or co-worker presses me as I prefer the clubs. I still like the gogo bars but only for the change of pace it provides. Lately it seems the girls in the clubs are much more approachable and friendly 😉

    Soi Walker – Concerning your old comment, it seems the average age of westerners on Nana and Soi Cowboy was pushing 70, so you would have fit right in 😉 and yes, we did drink quite a bit. I would guess 15-18 drinks over 7 hour period. Most places we only had one drink but I vaguely recall having two drinks in Lollipop, Rainbow 4 and Baccara.

    One note on Baccara. My buddy had serious buyers remorse on his girl (that he paid 5k baht LT). He wanted to go to the 2nd floor (against my advice although we didn’t have much choice because downstairs was packed) and he went for one of the girls in the fully clothed set (also against my advice). To tone down and paraphrase what he said; the clothes hid the physical consequences from childbearing and she wasn’t very enthusiastic back at the room. I on the other hand was very happy with the girl I met up with in Insomnia. I do love those friendly girls in the club.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Baccara has always been very hit or miss – I have found a couple of girls there (2nd floor) that deliver, but that are ST only. Baccara girls generally don’t appear to like LT, and coupled with a barfine policy that discourages LT makes a Baccara a definite “mss” for me the past few times.

      Shark is usually my fave, and when it’s in “season”, Suzie Wong

    • adman said

      Always many girls in Shark and most the time they are up for going out to the clubs.

      Did I mention I like the clubs? 😉

  4. Bangers Bill said

    Real Daffy Duck
    I share your view on Baccara, Shark and Suzie Wong.

    Suzie has a very large group of girls that leave during the low season and begin to return in November. It’s been that way for at least a couple years now.

    Baccara? I say let the Japanese guys have it. May take another year or two, but they’ll be tired of the ever increasing money demands the Thai girls make as they try to out barfine each other just like they have on Soi 33 and Soi Thaniya. They bring it on themselves, both the Japanese and the girls (last year about 30 or so girls left at the same time because of the barfine policy there being so high only some of the Japanese guys would bar fine the girls). Looking at Soi 33, I remember a time that it wasn’t a mostly Japanese hangout. Maybe 8 years ago it was mostly westerners there, as the Japanese would go to Patpong Soi Thaniya. As they drove the prices (and attitudes) up on Thaniya many started to move to Soi 33 because the girls there dressed nicely and could be taken out of the bar to nice restaurants and hotels without being looked at twice (look at how the girls in Baccara dress compared to the other bars to understand). Now you look at Soi 33 and most the westerners have given up on it and most of the Japanese guys have as well; It doesn’t have the foot traffic it once did although I’ve noticed a few more western guys going there in the last year. Also, I’ve noticed more and more Japanese guys venturing into other bars besides Baccara on Soi Cowboy (gogo bars where I would never see a Japanese guy on a Friday or Saturday night) and many more Japanese in NEP this year than last. Stickman made mention of the dual pricing taking place with the Japanese guys being quoted the higher rates. They may be astute businessmen but not in the bars.

    This should be a lesson to Western guys that if you don’t budge on price the owners and managers of the bars will eventually “get it” and take notice.

    If I take the time to think about it, in my book Shark is the best place to go for a fun night out. I don’t recall a single time where they haven’t had a good lineup and the girls always seem to be up for a good time.

    I’ve read about your misfortune with girls and their bad attitudes on Soi Cowboy. Give Shark more of a look as I think you’ll find the girls more to your liking. Cowboy 2 is also worth a look IMO.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Suzie has a very large group of girls that leave during the low season and begin to return in November. ”

      Indeed, and one of the reasons I expect to be back there in November… 😉

      “If I take the time to think about it, in my book Shark is the best place to go for a fun night out.”

      Wholeheartedly agree on that one – then again, Angel Witch/Nana has never failed me either, in that regard.

      Both places deliver solid GFE and PSE performers.

  5. BarRaider said

    I’m gonna sound like a broken record on this but here goes anywayz…There’s a reason the girls in Baccara don’t like LT: Thai Boyfriends.

    These girls know working at the other bars they’d get 1k-2k ST and 3k LT -or- they can work in Baccara and get 3k+ short time -plus- 100 baht for each ladydrink (paid out at the end of the night or after a customer pays bar). Something else is most the girls in Baccara have been in the game for quite a few years. The times I’ve been there with my girlfriend I’m always amazed at the number of girls with boob jobs and how well most the girls speak English or Japanese. Banger Bill correctly noted the girls dress up more so in Baccara (also in the Rainbow bars in Nana) more so than the other bars. They can afford to do so because the Japanese guys are throwing the money at them.

    It’s quite simple. Being a hooker year after year takes it’s toll on these girls and it’s not about having fun the way it is in some of the other bars. Call it seasoned, hardened or whatever you wanna call it, the majority of Baccara girls want to get the job done and get home to their Thai boyfriend.

    Suzie’s, Long Gun and Angelwitch are the bars I remember most for having Party Girls but that’s been more than a year ago.

  6. @BarRaider agreed…..numerous times when I had free night in Bangkok I took a lady long time only to have her find some excuse to take the lesser money and head back to the bar or her Thai boyfriend. Maybe it was my bad breath! Either way, Soi Cowboy is a great place to take visitors or customers on a Thailand visit but to find a girl for more than 3 hours head over to Soi 22 and Queens Park Plaza. Newbies every week with limited English skills and no tattoos.

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