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Last Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on September 26, 2011

…of September


3 Responses to “Last Cheesecake”

  1. Bangers Bill said


    Well done BigDummy, well done!

  2. ‎*ring*
    me: hello?
    woman: what u do?
    me: i’m working online
    woman: i miss u and now i’m drunk. he go bangkok and i’m lonely now
    me: who is this?
    woman: u not remember me? i c u butterfly too mutt!
    me: no…i’m sorry, who is this again?
    woman: am drink whiskey alone & i want fuck u. u come see me?
    me: ok, where are you?
    woman: i’m soi bawkhao..u know where?
    me: soi bawkhao is a long street. what name hotel?
    woman: ummm…wait wait 2 mins [talks 2 thai man: what name here?]
    woman: name *inaudible*, u know where?
    me: no
    woman: u come see me?
    me: sure…y not?
    woman: ok…i wait u outside with motorbike taxi. miss u too mutt! about money don’t worry want 2 c u!
    me: ok…i c u 30 minute, ok?
    woman: ok…bye bye
    me: bye…*hangs up……goes back to playing on facebook*

    seriously…u can’t make this shit up.

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