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New Big Mango Improvements

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 8, 2011

Big MangoUPDATE: Stickman did an update on BigMangoBar as well: “Is the Big Mango in Sukhumvit soi 4 the coldest bar in town?  With their new air-conditioning units they have recently installed it sure is a bit chilly!  And please note that the Big Mango now opens its doors at 10 AM, and not the 5 PM it used to be!

Our friends from the Big Mango Bar just posted a BIG MANGO BAR UPDATE, announcing various improvements to the bar waaaaaayyyyy down Soi 4.

They sure have a funny way of dragging out that whole ‘going out of business’ business – by making improvements, being packed with customers, and turning a decent watering hole into an even funner destinations.

Apparently, girls will finally be available for barfines (yay!), albeit there still won’t be any ST room on premises (sorry, ronru) – I mean, with three ST hotels within a few steps from the BMB, why bother 😉

Kenny’s embarrassing blog, in the meantime, has pretty much gone out with a whimper – reduced to hosting spam comments, and serving as an endlessly boring outlet for Keith Summer’s sociopathy … appropriately enough.

“For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog.” – mundane Bangkok

13 Responses to “New Big Mango Improvements”

  1. Graham said

    shameless plug time….

    2nd Floor has poles, a little stage, private seating area and new bar.

    Available for ‘private parties’

    Fridays and Saturdays – Shorts (Gin, Vod, Rum, Wky, Teq) are offered at 69bht each. The 69 Nights!

    We’ve also had some interest from some people asking about live bands making the odd appearance… could be interesting!

    • Get an 80s cover band, and I’m there!

    • adman said

      Mr. Daywalker. This is utter shyte. Once again I see you using subterfuge to entice customers to come to the Big Mango Bar.

      The top right photo is all the proof anyone needs. As if to say, “A good place to hang out with your friends.”

      What do you know about it Mr. Daywalker? Next thing you’ll be telling us is that you were there and it’s you in the photo.

  2. Graham said

    Adman – you are right. The bar closed months ago. Didn’t you read about it on

  3. Uncle Frank said

    A whole lot of floodwater coming into Bangkok. Does the Big Mango have flood insurance?

  4. Daywalker said

    Uncle Frank… fear not, we have a bar upstairs now and you can tie your boat up outside.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I think he was wondering what will happen to the downstairs.

      A valid question, though, as I have noticed that 99% of all street-level establishments seem to be entirely unprepared for the yearly floods.

      What’s the history on Soi 4 in that regard?

    • Daywalker said

      Well now the Big Mango Bar has two walls between the bar and the outdoors. If the soi floods over 3 ft, it may start to trickle through the shutters (we’ll close the place if there is major flooding)… once it goes over 3 ft then there is another wall/door to negotiate.

      I have a resident Maintenance Engineer who will deal with as necessary.

      If the electrics go tits-up – we have generators to keep the kitchen freezers going.

      I might have to impose a ‘no solids’ in the toilets if the water starts to rise though!

      Hopefully it’ll not come to that.

  5. Baccara Upstairs Girl said

    At Baccara I don’t worry too mut about floot because upstairs high above water more than downstairs. Also Kenny tell me he no want worry me so he send money for buy life jacket. I tell him no worry because me hap implant in mil and mil will float same me! Hehe. I know sure because I no can swim but after hap opeartion I go to pool and when hap water above neck I start to float!

  6. In addition to the bar doing so well, it appears that former Mango Guy Michael Smith has just recently been hired to lead Singapore startup Congratulations, Michael!

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      Meanwhile back in SoCal…….Professor Kenneth Ng has been tasked with teaching Econ 160 and 161 for the 25th year in a row.

      Once you start to examine the situation you can see the origins of the hate.

    • Bingo, exactly – Graham, Michael, and Nick are not just doing well, but keep doing better and better… and Kenny is going nowhere. In fact, worse, since CSUN has basically hired a replacement for him, and it appears the new Associate Professor is getting far better reviews on his classes than Kenny – and he certainly makes a much better impression at his first meet-and-greet at Acapulco’s 🙂

      Seems the new Econ 160 professor has received a 5.0 approval rating on Rate-My-Professor.

      Compare that to Kenny consistently scoring in the low 2’s … and you see the writing on the wall.

    • “Greatest Hits” from recent ratings of Kenny at Rate-My-Professor show that Kenny has learned nothing:

      Lectures are vastly irrelevant to economics and at times borderline offensive, like explaining the best way to rob a small asian girl.

      Everyone passes because his grading system, but avoid if you want to learn about economics.

      He goes off topic constantly that i ended up sleeping in class.He wont tell you what you missed and has that smirk of looking down on you for not knowing.I suggest that if you have not taken econ before and his is the last available class, wait another semester.Not worth it.

      HORRIBLE TEACHER! very hard quizes and exams. he doesnt teach well I sit all the way in the front and I still don’t learn because he gets off topic so much… he’s the only professor available for econ 161 next semester but I’m going to a community college just so I won’t take him again.

      This dude cannot teach. He just talks the entire class and sometimes goes off on stories that have nothing to do with the topic. Take someone else if possible.

      I am about to graduate college next semester, never once have written a comment about one teacher here at CSUN, but this professor, by far, is the WORST.

      He is absolutely incompetent, he does not teach properly which is why most of his class is failing and his tests are ridiculously hard. He gets off topic a lot and talks about poker and other stupid things…he does not teach

      Can anyone tell me how someone can be called a teacher when the average test scores are in the 50s and upper 40s? He does not know how to teach which is why he uses a curve. As other’s have said he often rambles on about poker, gambling and other personal interests. He was kindof creepy too.

      Creeepy, and a terrible teacher

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