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The Terrible Fate of the Big Mango Bar…

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on October 18, 2011

Where it's at!

It would appear that, right about now, and throughout the month of November, our good friend, the Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor, must be steaming knowing that his the target of his unhealthy obsessions is not only still in business, but in fact doing VERY WELL!

After a very nice architectural overhaul, new staff, new menu, and more space, followed by a plethora of parties – it certainly does not look like the bar waaaaaaayyyyyyy down Soi 4 has gone out of business, despite Kenny’s multiple “predictions” in that regard.


Awesome news for the Big Mango Bar, though – PARTY ON, DUDES!


It also appears that Michael Smith, known as Smitty has just recently taken on new responsibilities, by joining startup in Singapore, to serve as its Chief Product Office. Congratulations, Smitty!


32 Responses to “The Terrible Fate of the Big Mango Bar…”

  1. MongerSEA said

    Read over the material generated by this venue to coincide with their changes and you’ll see they now offer girls explicitly for take-away. This does bring their Brothel Status more into line with the Disgraced One’s claims.

    You said –

    “We want staff that can be barfined in order to spend more time with them away from work”

    We responded-

    Well, 1st of all we had to find staff that will always be on hand to keep the place going. Next up was to recruit more staff to interact with the customers. It took a little time, but we now have more staff to keep the customers company. – We’re still recruiting.

    • Graham said

      MongerSEA – read again. There is no suggestion of what goes on with staff that are barfined. Maybe you are judging everyone by your own standards?

      The Big Mango Bar is not a brothel. What a girl does in her own time is HER BUSINESS. Not mine.

      I’d also like to know where the ‘brothel’ part of the Mango is? If you want a guided tour of the building I’d be happy to give it to you.

      Also, there are no quotas and no targets. If girls want to hang out with a customer – outside of work – that’s up to her.

      Everything that Kenny said was crap.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Brothels have on-premises accommodations – short-time rooms.

      The Big Mango has no such – I looked. Extensively.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Besides, the Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor’s obsession originated from his repeated attempts to pick up former staff, being equally repeatedly rebuffed, and his intense jealousy over BM owners scoring on other girls that also rebuffed him.

      Of course, now that Kenny is muzzled and neutered, and unable to speak up, none of that matters anymore.

    • Wombat said


      Methinks you are being a little bit precious.

    • bigbabykennethng said

      Graham your a Big Mango Investor just admit it!

    • Graham said

      Bigbabykennethng…… Prove it! 😉

  2. adman said

    Kenny’s skills in wooing women is on par with his photography skills. Even with a manual he still can’t figure it out.

  3. Oh, and look – Stickman mentions Big Mango Bar favorably in last week’s column as well…

    The Big Mango in a sub soi off Sukhumvit soi 4 has re-opened their second floor with a new bar and layout. Upstairs is now a party zone and available for private functions. Some more improvements are on the way. The bar is recruiting staff now and interested parties can apply in person at the bar or via email at : On Fridays and Saturdays, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum and Tequila are available for 69 baht. The 69 night they call it!

    Kenny must be proud – I mean, after all, he once lauded the BigMango guys as :

    “You still possess what allowed you to start from scratch and build the Big Mango Bar into the success and all around great fun place to patronize it was.

    Still intact is what will allow you to reinvent and restart The Big Mango on a sounder foundation and build it into something larger, greater, and, of course most importantly, more profitable than The Big Mango bar ever was (maybe you should consider calling the new place The Huge Mango Bar).

    You walk away with your creativity, imagination, entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional business acumen still in your possession.”

    After all, Disgraced CSUN Economic Professor Kenny *is* BigMango’s biggest fan – gritting his teeth and all.

  4. BigBlackGulliver said

    “Compare that with the sub soi off Sukhumvit soi 4 where the popular Big Mango is found”

    Stickman Weekly 4/8/2012

    Wasn’t this the place the Professor Kenneth Ng said was closing down?

    How can it be popular and yet going out of business at the same time?

    – BBG

    • Do we have anyone on premises to do a quick drive-by of the Duke of Wellington, with some pics inside and outside? Might make for an interesting article?

  5. @ BBG – Quite a conundrum, until one realizes there is the real world and the imaginary.

  6. Graham said

    Kenny and his boys are talking utter shit again.

    When will they get the balls to come and say this to my face? Oh no.. they won’t as they’re coward keyboard warriors worried that I may beat the crap out of them.

    Come on Kenny… grow a pair. Come visit me you LYING piece of shit.

    • Graham said

      – the guy calling himself ‘Uncle Dave’ is full of shit. – another of Kennys aliases no doubt.

      Kenny, you lost. It’s over. You’re done. Accept it. Move on.

    • Oh yeah, I saw that – especially since the idiot still claims that I am a co-owner of the BigMango Bar (where’s my dividends, bitch!?), that I own this website, and who knows what else… frankly, I usually stop reading after an initial glance, as those drunken rants are always the same scripts.

      Pretty much right on, though – hiding behind his perceived anonymity, simply because he’s too chickenshit to “man up” (isn’t that Herr Professor’s always favorite expression?).

  7. adman said


    I just read the latest comments about the Mango on the blog of CSUN Professor Kenneth Ng and deduce that what Visa Runs said is true. The anniversary date brings up bad feelings in Kenny and he need to vent due to being forced to take down his sex tourism focused content.

    The upside of course is that everyone who reads a few posts and comments on his website realize nearly everything said is wrong and that it’s him authoring most the comments under a variety of sock-puppets to keep the site alive.

    • In all fairness, while some traffic and posts on his website originate from a Northridge IP (as well as a mobile phone IP), the posts you refer to originate from a Bangkok IP (both a very cheap DSL provider IP, as well as a mobile IP) – then again, it doesn’t take rocket science to put 2+2 together, and figure out what sole, lonely “friend” Kenny has left 🙂

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      Forget about Ng…….he’s done. Along with the Prufrock who hasn’t posted under his own name since 9/11/2011.

      I just got home 2 hours ago from the best Songkran I have EVER had. We went to Mukdahan/Sakon Nakhon for a week and rented a place in the mountains.

      I left with 4 people in the truck and returned with 5……the newest member of our family is “Jane” my sons new 16 year old nanny. She is sitting here right now in what has got to be the smallest pair of shorts and T-shirt I have ever seen up close.

      There is some stupid “sin” show on Channel 7, my wife is upstairs in the shower and I have truly devious thoughts on my mind right now. The first was almost asking her if she wanted a scotch and soda.

      Just thought I would let you guys know. And yes, she is cute/hot. Oh Lord give me strength.

    • Wait a sec … where and how did you find a 16 year old nanny IN THE MOUNTAINS???

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      Khun Yai was selling some fruit at the Mukdahan Market and we got to talking with her. Granddaughter wants to go to a trade school in Chon Buri. Her mom lives in Bangkok with terrible boyfriend, Dad is remarried…… yada yada yada She gets a nice air-con room with a balcony, a new Fino to ride and tuition paid.
      I get a live-in nanny and an increase in my short time fees from getting wound up watching her prance around the house.

      We were actually looking for a Lao chick to come stay with us so its not a stretch but it worked out in a pleasant manner that I never expected.

  8. Graham said

    I couldn’t care less if there were 100 people out there of the same jealous nature as Kenny who hates the Mango. Fine… we can’t please everyone. But if they’re brave enough to go telling lies and making shit up – at least have the bottle to own up to it.

    Hiding behind screen names to me just proves they are full of shit.

    My door is always open (apart from when it’s closed). Anyone wanting to know the TRUTH about Kenny and what he got upto, need only come and ask me.

    • Therein lies the difference – Graham graciously invited me for a talk, at the very beginning, and I took him up on his offer. I’m glad I did. Compared this to Kenny who is deadly afraid to meet with anyone, much less “man up” to his drivel.

      As has been pointed out, a quick glance around Kenny’s site pretty much clearly show it to be full of shit – that is, if anyone even finds it (SEO “master” ain’t as good as he thinks he is, in fact, he pretty much sucks at his claims — as do all of Kenny’s “friends”)

    • Graham said

      The difference is Daffy.. you listened, asked questions, took on board what was said and processed the information you had gathered. These low-life scumbags are already neck deep in their own shit. If any of Kennys sockpuppets were to approach me now, I’d most probably just beat the shit out of them. But they need not worry, they are too chicken shit to stick their head above the trench lines.

  9. BigBlackGulliver said

    “the bottle to own up to it” That must be one of those East Ender sayings.

  10. Graham said

    Anyone know if/when Kenny is coming back to Thailand? I can’t wait to meet up with him! 🙂

    • BigBlackGulliver said

      Well his so called job ends on the following dates……….

      CSUN 2011 – 2012 Academic Calendar

      May 25 Friday Instructors’ grades due
      May 25 Friday Last day of 2011-2012 academic year

      So the Professor of Thai Hooker Negotiation

      will be back soon after that to get his little pecker wet.

      Happy Anniversary Kenny……its two years today that you got outed. I still find that funny as hell…..Jing Jing

  11. Graham said

    This one is just for Kenny…. something that I came across recently. For all the sad Kenny fans that want to bash the Mango… read it and weep chumps. Read it and weep.

  12. BigBlackGulliver said

    Yea but this one was better……….

    and probably the best quote about Lil Kenny

    “CSUN have hired themselves a true winner there. Which parent wouldn’t want a tenured professor who promotes prostitution with abused, underage girls to teach their kids economics”

  13. Shine Stalking said

    In Kenny’s defense, CSUN is located in San Fernando valley which is the porn capital of the world. It’s possible the temptation is just too much.

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