No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else.


Posted by RealDaffyDuck on November 27, 2011


28 Responses to “Whoooooops!”

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that Professor Ng is in damage control mode right now. More than Kenny I worry for Prufrock…..not a peep out of him since 9/11 10 years anniversary. I really hope he didn’t have a meltdown that led to some padded cell time.

    • Raider said

      Prufrock is still around; I got an email from him today. Here’s the text of it:

      Some part of this little ditty or if you are into the play . . . pretty well the whole message should explain just why
      people are in the streets and calling for real change.

      Unfortunately, I expect that this global movement has already been co-opted by the very forces it seeks to
      expel from our lives.

      The next goal was some sort of regional and then ultimately global currency, was it not?

      Well this, I expect will be the answer to all this activism.


      There’s just too many stoopid people around to effect any real change.

      But, um, that’s never been a reason to stop trying.

      There’s societal crime and systemic corruption afoot.

      It’s rampant in the world.

      It’s just pure evil.

      Support what yu believe in and prosecute anyone you see stealing, betraying, killing,
      deceiving and hurting other people.

      Support civil human conduct.

      When the weather gets colder, bring a big pot of soup to the demonstrators in your business district.

      Clear any fear they may have by having a cup of it with them yourself.

      Share your bread and share your lunch with them.

      Bring a blanket or two . . . . some gloves.

      Help them help the rest of us.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yep, looks like a genuine Prufrock message – tons of paragraphs of repeat / redundant / empty content. As usual bemoaning the evil cabal’s controlling his life.

      Funny. Glad he’s well (relatively speaking). I wonder why he’s no longer contributing to Kenny’s bastion of free speech?

  2. Breaking news form CSUN. It seems Professor Ng had a big meeting with the Dean’s Office and his department head. While it was agreed that they cannot make Kenny take down his site due to free speech rights…..they also reminded Mr Ng. about a code of conduct clause that he signed which includes cyber stalking (think Big Mango Bar) and this type of behavior IS grounds for dismissal.

    Professor Ng was informed of this meeting a couple of weeks age sooooooo that would explain the lack of activity, the complete lack of mango comments and lots of activity around the “pedophile” he is helping to “catch” on his blog. “That is the only reason I keep it turned on”

    On another note Professor Ng was not invited to the Economics at Acapulco event yet again because a number female students were not “comfortable” with him off-campus in a bar setting.

    On another sad note, Professor Kenneth Ng has signed an agreement that he will not meet ANY students in his office for one on one consultation.

    The agreement is actually to protect the department from potential lawsuits from female students.

    However, it isn’t fair to allow male students to meet with Kenny when females cannot so he has to meet with all students only when another staff member is available. Turns out fellow staff members are not happy because his decisions have now begun to affect their time at work.

    Great job Kenny!

    • Soi Walker said

      I’ve read several cached BBK.COM articles from his original website. I come away feeling he’s a very vindictive person and for what reason? I’m not sure. I’ve seen people say it’s because his post was pulled from the Big Mango website and then I’ve seen some people say because he was rejected by one of the bar staff.

      He’s damaged his professional reputation and given his age it will be difficult for him to repair should CSUN decide to terminate him.

      Has anyone looked at his website lately? What a mess. Besides the posts that contain spam comments the only active thread is about someone Kenny admires. Keith Summers.

  3. Graham said

    I seem to remember Kenny posting a picture of a girl celebrating with the caption ‘Mango Collapse’ – or similar.

    Looking back over Kennys crap, I see he still states (his typing, not a commenter)…
    Graham H. Jones. Graham is an Engineering Consultant in the oil industry who in the past has worked a consultant for Saudi ARAMCO.

    As we all know, my middle name doesn’t begin with an ‘H’ and I have never worked in Saudi. This poor guy is being slandered by Kenny!
    Graham H Jones, sorry pal, your only wrong doing was to have the same 1st and last name as me.

    The Mango took a lot of shit on his site. Many idiots attacked and spread many lies and rumors. If you ask me, Kenny will get everything he deserves!

    • …and the undeserved bashing of Graham H. Jones has continued all throughout the site, on numerous comments endorsed, supported and written by Kenny himself.

      He truly does believe that repeating a lie must make it come true – failing to realize that in order to do so, the liar needs at least to have credibility – of which he has none.

      In the end, the best ‘revenge’ is success — hence, he is a Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor (heck, not even a real professor), with ZERO potential for any further advancement, while the Big Mango Bar is thriving and growing. 🙂

      Heck, from the look of things, CSUN is actively looking to hire someone to basically replace Kenny — of course, they can’t say as much, but I would not be surprised if Econ 101 will at first be taught by a new hire on a rotation basis, and if the new hire proves well-liked and successful, to see Kenny being “reassigned to an inactive post” (language that all those familiar with Thailand’s political reshuffling will be very familiar with).

      I’m willing to bet that Kenny already has a new article pre-written and waiting to be published, about the “Sinking of the Big Mango”, if so much as a puddle is to be seen on Soi 4.

  4. Ng is done… idiot who gave up his professional and personal reputation to wage an online (pussified) war with what is basically neighborhood bar “Cheers” with hookers and overpriced grilled onions.

    The one exception is that Sam Malone was tall, had hair and was athletic………the polar opposite of Graham. hehehehahahahhohoho

    I had the worst experience with a Soi 6 girl at Full Moon Bar yesterday!

    Anybody want to hear that instead of talking about BBK?

    • Do tell.

      Time’s a’ wasting!

    • Graham said

      BBG… that’s fighting talk where I come from!

      Any athletic challenges you want to compete with.. bring it on!! Apart from Ballet Dancing. I’m no good at that.

      As for over-priced onions, were you, or were you not presented with a free onion at one point?

      And last of all.. the Mango doesn’t have hookers! I feel I’ve been very clear about this. However, the Mango is recruiting!

    • Wombat said

      BBG I hear that Graham is a consumate athlete. Do not take him on in a limbo contest.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @BBG – How bad was it? In other words, send in the story.

      @Soi Walker – I just checked his website. The usual impersonations (with Keith and Marc both complaining about it) and an increasing amount of spam comments probably isn’t what Kenny had in mind for his website.

      @Graham – Maybe you can make temporarily satisfy BBG by providing free grilled onions at the next couple Mango parties?

    • I very much doubt “Keith” and “Marc” are actually posting any comments on Kenny’s site, at this point. I believe Marc Holt *never* posted any comments on Kenny’s site, and while Keith is terribly dumb, I think even he could figure out sooner what it took Prufrock years to figure out …. that he was being played by Kenny.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Starts to sound like an episode of Survivor.

  5. A Living Hell = When all the extra new homes in your neighborhood have been rented by displaced Hi-So Bangkok Shitheads.

    Poodles and little rat like dogs now barking at all hours of the night. My Soi has become a parking lot for Mini Coopers, Volvos and Fortuners.

    I plan to take out my frustration on some poor girl in a short time room tomorrow down in Patts.

    Her pussy will serve as reparation for my misery in dealing with her fellow Thais for the last week.

    Thais helping Thais = Charging 5X the going rate for a short term house rental during a time of crisis. Nice!

  6. Mission accomplished and now I feel better. I had two of the loveliest ladies today…….Nan and Pim. I will plug one of my favorite places to go to in Jomtien which is Rioja’s Gentlemen Club on Soi 7 off Wat Bun Road.

    The perfect place for daytime guys like me who need to be home in the evening. They open at 1200 and close down at 2200

    Real drinks….poured correctly and a nice decor inside. Good selection of ladies on most days. Think Soi 33 atmosphere from a couple of years back plus less expensive prices and no rush when you head upstairs.

    Tomorrow heading down to Patts on the motorbike early to catch my beloved Cardinals in the World Series. Maybe watch the game in Soi 8 or Gullivers.


  7. Adman said

    Didn’t know Jomtien had a mongering scene BigBlackGulliver.

    My knowledge of Patts and Jomtien is very limited as I’ve be to Pattaya one time earlier this year. Didn’t care much for it.

    Have yet to visit Jomtien.

    • “mongering”

      Adman, I don’t use that word it makes me feel dirty. LOL

      I’ve seen many sources state that 1 out of every 150 people in Thailand are working (in/out/part-time) in the sex trade in Thailand The “scene” is everywhere. The better question is where it isn’t not where it is.

      Hell, the noodle ladies that work out outside Hualamphong will sell you some pussy if you ask.

      Pattaya is nasty, in your face, crime ridden, drug ridden. and downright dangerous. I rarely go there at night and normally keep my visits to weekdays and Sunday afternoons.

      Given the choice I like Bangkok much better but Patts is 25 minutes from my front door to a bar seat in Patts near the beach.

      location, location, location

  8. “Any athletic challenges you want to compete with.. bring it on”

    @ Daywalker

    OK short legs….you and I foot (no Porsche, no R4) race from the front of the bar waaaaayyyyy down to the police box on Suk and back. For saaaaayyyyyy 10,000 Baht.


  9. Adman,

    Maybe your right after all Kenny Ng weighs around 300 pounds and yet escaped Soi Cowboy by running from Graham.

  10. Wombat said

    When did fat boy lose weight?

    • I believe that his new department head has chewed most of it off him.

    • No, she didn’t chew the fat off of him, that’s his balls that he’s lost.

      As the Disgraced CSUN Economics Professor, also known as The Professor of Porn, used to say : “I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down, That’s just a personality thing.”

      Seems someone’s concerned about his online reputation – Google searches for Kenny now appear to be oddly cleaned up.

  11. To make it fair you need to touch the police box at Suk and then stop at Big Dogs to down one beer before proceeding to the finish line at The Big Mango.

    That last step would make it fair for the short legged guy from the UK.

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