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Saphan Loy : The Big Baby Kenny Ng Loses His Chips

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on November 28, 2011

Sometimes, others say it the best – so it was with Mundane Bangkok‘s razor-sharp observation of:

For an object lesson in what happens when a blog administrator abandons all responsibility for managing comments refer to the BigBabyKenny blog. (I never get tired of this quote -Daffy)

and so it is with Saphan Loy‘s latest entry over at his blog, which is best to reproduce here in its entirety, because, let’s face it, he just has such a way with words 😉

Abandoned blog alert: It looks like Big Baby Kenny Ng has finally lost his short stack. His unmonitored blog now spools into oblivion, overridden by spam and nothingness. We believe it is safe to say that the big man is down for the count. Plagued by employment problems, he has ignored his blog hopefully in order to write something academic, or to keep the heat off the back of his neck: It could not have come at a sooner time. Nobody returns to old digital property on the Internet. It languishes like one of those old brothels at the turn of the century, once full of laughter (at him) and reckless mirth, now filled with cobwebs.

One could say that he squandered his fifteen minutes of “fame” or infamy, whichever one prefers. But the real question remains, how would you, in fact, have spent that fifteen minutes? For one, he should have hired a writing coach, or made liberal use of the writing lab on campus to help him with his tortured, often incorrect prose. Two, he might have hired a personality coach, to help him when he compulsively felt the need to cut and paste content from other sites, or at the very least, to help him meet an actual woman and potential marriage partner. Or three, he could have consulted his psychiatric care provider. Yeah, the one with a Singha beer in her hand and the blue contact lenses and the sun-dark farmer’s tan.

Well, we all predicted it, didn’t we? It seems that when there are few left holding any cards of value whatsoever, the odds greatly improve. In our opinion, the Big Baby’s downfall occurred when he started the useless charade of allowing the Galt airtime on his blog. That was the kiss of death. What is unfortunate, of course, is that he will now have to concede his defeat, unless he has an ace up his sleeve, which we doubt he is capable of producing. The drama of it all was fun while it lasted. Even the paranoia of Prufrock had its moments. But alas, you know what they say about all good things.

The View from Above


20 Responses to “Saphan Loy : The Big Baby Kenny Ng Loses His Chips”

  1. Graham said

    I do recall saying to my pal Kenny once….

    He who laughs last………


  2. bigbabykennethng said

    Graham, my blog and career are both dead. Can we go ride bikes together now? I miss you guys and realize I pissed in your rice bowl. Can I get back in the club? I have no friends in SoCal and nobody will talk to me. But I can’t wait for my next trip to Thailand over Christmas.


  3. AMC Gremlin said

    I wonder about you Mr. Kenneth Ng, Professor of Economics at California State University Northridge. Why do your continue with your self-destructive behavior? Running a new sex tourism blog on wordpress and your reformed blog at BBK.COM is what’s hurting your career. You aren’t so blind that you don’t see that, are you?

    Now you ask Graham about being friends again. Are you kidding? Your behavior on your blogs explains why you don’t have any friends. Maybe if you took a good look at yourself in the mirror and focused on changing your personality instead of worrying about what quality threads you should wear you might have a few friends. You’re not getting any younger and spending all your time and money attempting to woo freshmen asian girls who sign up for your economics class isn’t going to work the way it did early in your career.

    Then again, you can still score with young asian hookers on your semi-annual trips to Thailand. Too bad you decided to take on Graham and made him an enemy. If you hadn’t you’d be able to ghost write about your sexcapades on tfs2m

  4. Wombat said


  5. BBK said


    Please note that the post above by Bigbabykennethng is not by me and should be removed.


    • Remove impersonated postings?

      Yeah, we’ll get right on that, Kenny… as soon as you remove the bazzilion posts impersonating me on your blog – particularly since you have been so responsive to the several requests to have these corrected and removed that I have sent you (read: no acknowledgment from you, ever).

      I guess I’ll wait for you to be out of town to take action…

  6. Graham said


    Please note that ON YOUR BLOG you state my name is Graham H Jones and work(ed) in Saudi. – Which isn’t my name and I have never been or worked for a Saudi company

    What’s the matter, don’t you like it when someone posts miss-information?


  7. BigDummyKenny said

    @ BBK – Most people knows that you don’t comment here using the name bigbabykennethng. Relax, you’ll soon be on a plane to Thailand for another month of taking in “Thai Culture” (hahaha-hehehe-hohoho)


    • crackerhead said

      Taking in “Thai Culture”

      WTF. Lets call it like it is and it sounds like Kenny Ng going on another sex tourism trip to Asia.

      But he never ran a sex tourism website. Oh no no no and ha-ha he-he ho-ho!

    • …and he never referred to Thai Girls as “Fresh Produce”, or gave detailed instructions for the Streetwalker Super Market….

      Yep, not Kenny, not him…

    • Crackerhead said

      He can hang out with Summers friends when he get to Bangkok. Wait. Why not just spend a week in China so he can chum up with Keith in person.

  8. Come to think of it – whatever happened to his sycophant fans – you know, ronru, and Bill, and Raul, and the whole menagerie? The single IP that they all hid behind (I’m sorry, the room they are all sharing) has long been removed from the filter, yet, nada, zilch — looks to me like they have finally figured out that they have been played by Kenny as well.

    …. just as Zer0-Proof did, and just as undoubtedly Werewolf finally got sick of him.

    • Crackerhead said

      I don’t know the whole historty but have read enough to see what was going on. I think they’ve tired of the Summers story and see the only other activity is coming from the dozens of spam comments that are randomly posted and found greener pastures.

      I want to know, where is Zer00proof commenting now? His ramblings were mildly entertaining. His remarks that he no longer drank and then would suddenly show up late at night/early morning and have an explosive tourette’s outburst at the keyboard gave me quite a few chuckles.

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Oh, you noticed that as well – the alcohol denials, yet the clear symptoms of someone who obviously was “using” and high on something… 😉

      Good question about where he’s commenting – I mean, he’s pretty much burnt all of his bridges. He used to comment on Big Mango (search engines can find some gems of self-importance, still), as well as Dave’s Mango Sauce (and we have Summers. the cretin, to thank for the demise of that blog).

      No luck looking at his fave site,, as the forum on that site had been shut down for well over a year, and doesn’t even show the link to their forums anymore. Other Thailand forum sites don’t even have 9/11 threads, or delete them quickly, so no luck for him there.

      Of course, the only site that’ll gladly have him (laugh, snicker, chortle, chortle) is BDK, and as we all know, he’s too scared to show up, driven into hiding by his own paranoia. He’s a funny puppy.

  9. Wombat said

    The property market has collapsed. So his “fortune” has gone. He is probably back in Canadia wondering why everyone he meets thinks he is a loon.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, you mean his “vast international business empire”?

      Anyone in town can check Tilac during mid-week – but I think you’re right. The silence would support him having run out of town with his tail tucked. He hasn’t even accused me of sending him dozens of SMS messages as part of some black ops lately…

  10. Prufrock says:
    May 1, 2009 at 6:44 pm
    Thanks Kenny.

    As you can see, this 911 thing is eating me up. The proof is there. How and why is it being ignored?

    Considering all that went on after 911, there absolutely must be a proper forensic investigation into the 911 catastrophe.

    Please click the link and then take a look at the paper. You just can’t cook science like this.

    Unless the US gov’t opens a new investigation, this will be my last post on the matter.

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