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Western Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 12, 2011



5 Responses to “Western Cheesecake”


    What is wrong with y…. oh, wait a second…. never mind – I’ll take #wg51

  2. Graham said

    12, 51, 43… damn. I forgotten how hot the Westerners can be. You can poke your Asians up your arse… If only these girls had the same morals, standards, scruples, attitude as our Asian babes, then I’d not have to suffer 12 long haul flights every year. 😦

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Graham – Yes, traveling half way around the world can be a pain.

      Just for you, next week’s Cheesecake will have a local flavor: Middle East Cheesehummus

  3. And you don’t have to teach the white girls how to give a proper blowjob.

  4. crackerhead said

    All them girlz get a wink from me 😉

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