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A Moment of Silence….

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on December 19, 2011





7 Responses to “A Moment of Silence….”

  1. I wondered how long that would take. LMAO

    Very timely considering Ng’s career is also dead with the hire of his replacement.

    The Department of Economics welcomes Professor Kent Hymel. Dr. Hymel earned his Ph.D. at UC Irvine and joins the economics faculty in Spring 2012.

    • adman said

      Is it possible that they’re expanding the classes being offered? I see that Professor Ng is still on the schedule for Spring 2012.

    • This makes sense – they would hire his replacement, and assign Ng’s classes to him, initially on a part time basis.

      This way, they get a good comparison on how well classes will do, taught by the two different teachers – based on NG’s ratings on, I think we all know how that will trend…

      Once it’s obvious that the new instructor delivers better quality, Ng will be transferred to an inactive, or ‘research’ position, which will usually end with the recommendation for him to resign… or, if he refuses to do that (which he will – “I’m not going to let anyone make me take it down. That’s just a personality thing.“), will be laid off in the next round of budgetary layoffs.

      Mind you, this can’t happen until and unless the new instructor is being given tenure as well. Look out for that development next.

    • 2 Cool 4 Words said

      Hahaha. He’s gettin his just deserts here guys. What goes around comes around.

  2. Rumsfeld and Chaney put him on the schedule to make you think that.
    This whole thing is an inside job

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