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BarRaider: The Holiday Haul

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 25, 2011

Seasons Greets to all. BarRaider back to give you a bit more of the info on the lives of those TGs who may be working in the Venues and how they feel about you: are you their one and only tee-rak, or just another customer? Well, this post may help you with that if you haven’t already figured out where you stand.

You may see this time of year as the time you build your relationship with your TG, but to many TGs this is the time of the year for them to hit it big.

For me to say the girls anxiously await this time of year would be a bit of an understatement. It’s that time just before Christmas into middle January when many of their regular customers return and the best time for new relationships to be formed. Hooking up and building relationships with the right customers means she can stop going to the bar night after night and spend her time doing as little as necessary, all the while collecting a nice monthly salary.

As a reminder, my TG’s sister (real one) works in one of the bars in Soi Cowboy, so I hear many of their conversations (pretending that I don’t understand most of it) when her sister and a few of their friends come over to hang out and drink my damn liquor stock dry (but that’s another story). Also want to say that if anyone thinks that I’m suggesting you shouldn’t go ahead and contribute to your favorite TG’s well being, that’s not what this is about. I want to give those of you who are really into a girl a heads up so you can avoid heartache over someone who couldn’t care 2 baht about you. What I hear these girls talk about doesn’t give you the best impression of these girls and it’s worth you guys hearing.

OK then, here we go.

It’s this time of year that the majority of the girls customers and sponsors come back for a week or two for holiday, all bearing gift to make their sweetheart happy. Many of the girls only have a couple of sponsors who bring them money or merchandise. However, there are a few that make an absolute killing. Last night I listened in disbelief about the haul one of the girls made this year:

Gold Braclet AND and Gold Chain
New Wardrobe (guy is in the clothing manufacturing business)
Camera & ipad
Lastly, cash in the amount of 50,000B from one guy.

It’s not the haul that I’m impressed by, what impresses me is the juggling five different guys in less than a week (before anyone asks who the girl is I haven’t a clue other than her having a few tattoos and black hair – like that helps). How does a girl do it? Balancing the arrival of 2, 3…sometimes 5 of her best customers during the same week? The wisdom of how to juggle guys has been passed along from senior girl to newcomer for decades now. These girls know how to use the soft spot a guy may have for the girl to take advantage of the situation so they don’t invest too much time with any one customer during the time she has several customers in town. To many of the girls, it’s all a game and they get a good laugh out of how easy it was to meet several customers in one day or evening. Here’s how it goes down.

Excuses, Excuses:
When I hear my TG’s sister and her friends talking, there are several variations to the same excuses that they tell guys over and over:
– She has a sick relative she needs to see
– She’s needs to leave for a few days (either a last minute emergency or something that was planned well in advance)
– One of her sisters or friends is drunk or some other problem that requires her to attend to the situation in person

When you hear these excuses, don’t expect to find the girl leaving you to head back to the Venue she works. She may well be heading out to meet with friends, but it’s more likely she’s going to meet with another customer at a hotel, restaurant, club or bar. Getting to the heart of the matter, so to speak. How do you counter their excuses and behavior if you’ve really fallen for one of the girls and want to sleep well at night, confident that your TG is with you and only you? It’s really not that difficult if you’ve got a clear head. Simply create a situation that makes it clear where you stand with your TG.

How? If your TG gives you any reason at all for leaving you, be prepared to counter her excuses. If any reason given has to do with her family/friends not being well, tell her you’re very concerned too and want to go along. If it’s nothing serious and she says she wants to go out with friends, tell her you want to go along because you have so little time to spend with her while you’re on holiday. Don’t do this right away. Tell her this as she’s getting ready to leave and grab your things and leave with her as she heads out the door. Also, don’t give her the opportunity to use her cell phone alone so she can’t call off her meeting with the other guy. If she creates a scene and refuses to let you go along, you can be almost 100% certain she’s either meeting another guy – be it her Thai boyfriend or another customer.

Also consider the chance you’re on either end of this equation. You could be the one suddenly getting a call from your TG saying she can’t make it for one reason or another. In that case, insist that you ask her where she’s going. Telling her you’ll meet her there probably won’t work, since the girls know that they can make the excuse that plans changed, their phone ran out of power and she didn’t have your number memorized. Not much you can do, other than know something came up and whatever it was you can either believe it or follow up.

There it is guys. Sounds damn simple, doesn’t it? Just stick to your plan and if it comes down to it, demand that if she doesn’t agrees to you going with her or she won’t let you meet her then you’re calling it off. If she doesn’t have anyone else and really is into you (and only you), she’ll agree to your terms and will spend most of your vacation with you and not with someone else.


8 Responses to “BarRaider: The Holiday Haul”

  1. Bangers Bill said

    BarRaider, I know this will go against your suggestion that guys contribute to their favorite bar girl, but realistically, giving them gold, money, electronics and other things does little to improve their life. Most are terrible at money management and often need to sell most of what they receive to support their bad habits. Be it drinking, a lazy Thai boyfriend or something else. At the beginning of the high season next year, they will have little remaining of what they earned this high season.

  2. RealDaffyDuck said

    Great write-up!

    I make it really easy on girls to juggle their *other* teeruks… They know that I know what the “deal” is, and that I, essentially, don’t care. As a result, they tell me a more truthful version of reality – “I have two customer come see me this week, if tab’ time, I see you” — and they know that if they don’t, I won’t make a scene, or give them any headache.

    Consequently, they *do* manage to find the time, and I am more than cooperative when one of the teeruks calls 😉

    • 2 Cool 4 Words said

      Ditto. Good words of advice. Whether its your first time or 10 time, guys gotta know it’s how the girls make their living. Don’t get emotionaly involved. Have fun while you’re there and leave with just the memories and save yourself 30K baht a month in bargirl supports 😉

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Plus, you end up with far better relationships by *not* being emotionally involved.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh, and here’s a big shootout to my big friend NAWTY, who, once again, couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

      Thanks buddy, I appreciate dedicated stalkers readership like yourself.

    • Nice place….a little overpriced due to the size and quality of the house.

      Who is NAWTY? Was he NAWTY and lost his house to a bargirl?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      He’s another stalker, and a Daffy impersonator over on Kenny’s irrelevant fiasco of a site.

      The house was a “must sell” because of divorce (surprise, surprise!) – I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. He’s just another angry fat man stuck in Thailand.

  3. adman said

    Interesting post BarRaider. Right now having a sponsor is more important than ever. Went through Nana and Soi Cowboy and business was down. No customers in the bars means no potential sponsors for the girls.

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