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adman: Back in Bangkok

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 22, 2012

Unlike last year, this year I managed to miss all the holiday madness in Bangkok and spent a more relaxing time in Singapore. So when I found myself back here this past week I noticed significant changes in the gogo as compared to 4 or 5 months ago.

For the most part I've shunned the gogos in favor of the clubs for a number of reasons. As I've said before the girls in the clubs are better looking, but more importantly the attitudes are much better than those in the gogos. These girls are out to party and have fun. If you have any game at all there's no reason for you to go home alone. So although I spent my first weekend in the clubs, this weekend I had a business associates who wanted to take a look at the gogo scene.

So off we went to Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza this weekend. The general observation is the momentum has strongly shifted in favor of Nana Plaza and away from Soi Cowboy. Friday we hit Soi Cowboy first and then Nana and on Saturday we hit Nana and then Soi Cowboy.

Nana Plaza – Good Times!

In most Nana Plaza bars there weren’t many seats to be found both nights. The Rainbow bars were packed, Spanky’s, Angelwitch and Lollipop too. That said, I didn’t like Rainbow IV as the girls seem to be catching the Soi Cowboy attitude syndrome. On both Friday and Saturday, plenty of 8s and 9s that were friendly and not pushing for drink after drink. On Saturday my buddy found a tall hot one in Rainbow 2 that was all over him. Nice catch mate! We cut out of Nana and made our way to Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy – Just Say No!

If not for Baccara, Suzie Wong and a few of the girls in Deja Vu, I wouldn’t bother with Soi Cowboy at all. Those places are best for the eye candy, but the attitudes – ugh! Tilac continues to employ heavy weights. Deja Vu, Midnight, Rio, Sahara: the owner of these bars is doing his best to make sure the dancers stay in the bar, as the drinks are overpriced and the dancers and servers are a pain in the ass. Buy one girl a drink and you’ve got 4-5 girls coming over nagging you for more. His latest acquired bar, Rawhide, has the most expensive drinks on Soi Cowboy as I paid 260 for a mixed drink. In several of the other bars we went the customer count was low. Cowboy 2, Afterschool and Shebas had only a handful of customers after 10pm. Many of the bars were lacking any lookers. If you like short, fat Thai girls I highly recommend Cowboy 2 and Shebas, as they have the best girls in that category.

We spent no more than 2 hours on Soi Cowboy each night because it just didn’t have a fun vibe. Maybe this weekend wasn’t the best weekend to go to the bars with the Chinese New Year tomorrow. We noticed more Asian customers on Soi Cowboy and in what was a first, on Friday we saw two Chinese Tour Groups there. That doesn’t change the fact that the bars are more expensive and the girls are not as good looking as they are on Soi 4.

Nana and Soi 4 has the party vibe going. So if you decide you must go to the gogos, I suggest Soi 4.

Still, the best place to have fun are the Clubs. Skip the gogos, hit one of the clubs around 11pm, grab a bottle and chill to the music while taking in the scene. There are plenty of girls who speak reasonable English who won’t shy away when a foreigner comes up to talk. One note about Climax after 1am. Gogo girls that I saw at Soi Cowboy earlier in the night showed up to make up for not scoring a customer at the bar earlier in the night.


17 Responses to “adman: Back in Bangkok”

  1. Graham said

    I agree. I am not a fan of Cowboy. The fun seems to have gone. The girls are on a hard sell but seem to have a bad attitude.

    Nana Plaza seems to have a bit more of a fun vibe.

    I also find that some girls actually look better when dressed in their civilian clothes and hang out in the clubs. Of course, that has a down-side to it!

  2. Banger said

    The attitudes in Nana are sinking too. Greed is the motivation,and these days it’s seldom sugar-coated.Scowls rather than smiles everywhere.

    Regarding the photos…what’s the pizza banner about? Has Straps turned into a fast food joint? And the Carnival sign all illuminated…must be an old photo,there’s always a few letters unlit.

  3. adman said

    I don’t know what the Pizza sign is all about. Didn’t notice it until you mentioned it.. I’ll make my way back there this week and find out what that’s about.

    Yes, the Carnival photo is from several years back. The last photo was from Sept if I recall correctly.

  4. Daywalker said

    Adman… I’ll b in Straps on Friday night. I’ll try and order a Pizza.

    – If you’re in the hood… pop along to DW IV Birthday bash! 37bht for a pint! 🙂

  5. RealDaffyDuck said

    You can thank the Thai govt.’s masterful managing of past and current crisis’ for the greed driven attitudes and sour faces of the girls — low-season, less customers, less money, and big bills to pay do not make for fun girls.

    • I rented a great room in Patts Saturday afternoon 800 Baht. I stopped in at a no name beer bar on Na Kluea around 4 pm and met two 18 year old girls who were fresh…..4 weeks on the job. Both had the Korean look with the high heels and big eye contacts. 600 in barfines, 1000 each for longtime (I stayed 3 hours and went home).

      Both were cute, fun and had great attitudes. Give me a newbie Patts beer bar girl over some Cowboy gogo hole with a thousand dicks on her odometer anyday!

      That said, I’m meeting my buddy from Hua Hin at Cowboy on Friday. He will be buying……I’ll be looking and watching the tourist’s watching me.

      ps I find it hard to believe that Graham is 37. He looks old enough to be my father…..just sayin

    • Just Sayin said

      Yea, them cowboy girls get more meat in em than a oscar mayer packing plant. Other options available as you say.

  6. BigDummyKenny said

    @DAYWALKER – Did you say there’s a party at the Big Mango on Saturday?

    What’s that about? 😉

  7. Daywalker said

    Its that (empty/closed/sold?) bar waaaaaaaaaaaaay down soi 4.

    – thought I’d give a little something back to the good people that pass through the Mango.

    I am good like that 🙂

  8. BigDummyKenny said

    @BigBlackGulliver – I had no idea he was that young. Looking at the photos it appears the many years of being an oilfield roustabout has gotten the better of him. If he thinks he’s 37 then who are we to argue. One could say the photos on tell a different story, but we all know that cameras add 10 lbs and give you the appearance of being somewhat short and bald.

  9. I’ve met him at the bar. The camera doesn’t lie. I want to see the original birth certificate.

  10. Daywalker said

    I get this a lot from the older folk. They find it hard to accept a (much) younger man driving a Ferrari and living their dreams 😉

  11. You mean my Honda Click and drinking beer on Soi 6 isn’t living my dream?

    Wow, where did I go wrong?

  12. Daywalker said

    Riding a Honda and drinking in soi 6? Then I guess I ‘am’ living your dreams!! 🙂

  13. RealDaffyDuck said

    Her name’s Honda? Odd name for a Thai girl.

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