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Big Trouble for Little Kenny…?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 5, 2012

Stranger and stranger developments in the looooooong saga of what may soon be the former Associate Professor Kenneth Ng of CSUN.

A quick search on Google for “CSUN Kenneth Ng” or “Kenneth Ng” yields no further direct association between disgraced CSUN economics professor Kenneth Ng, and CSUN.

Oh noes!

The “” link is Ng’s own domain (the same server hosting, by the way).

A glance at greets you with a home page proclaiming “Welcome Spring 2012 Students”, and an invitation to discover how to enroll in Ng’s classes.

Great, except:

I mean, c’mon Ng, who are you kidding?

Quickly heading over to, still shows Kenny listed as faculty, but the dedicated web-site for the econ department, along with Kenny’s portrait, is gone. In fact, any outside access to the econ department’s section is completely blocked:

Stranger and stranger… it does appear as if there is some writing on the wall, and someone at CSUN appears to be doing some housecleaning.


Say, Daywalker, are you hiring? Maybe Kenny will need a new job, before you know it.



21 Responses to “Big Trouble for Little Kenny…?”

  1. Garth Adeleman said

    Somethings up. The link here for his web site goes to a page that says his site was taken down. Maybe he has fled.

  2. Wombat said

    Just what Thailands much vaunted education system needs. Another end of the line sexpat, sorry teacher, without a pot to piss in. With a phallic camera. Snigger.

  3. adman said

    I still believe his best option for economic gain is to pursue a career as a freelance photographer.

    Wedding quality of course!


  4. I’m not worried about Kenny he is too stupid and stubborn to understand when he has a problem.

    But poor Prufrock disappeared and was never to be heard again around the 10 year anniversary of the 911 attacks.

    • Wombat said

      He’s too busy managing his expanding real estate empire while ekeing out a paupers existence in a rented studio out in Nakhon Nowhere.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Yes, indeed – whatever happened to Prufrock?

      I wonder if we should post a series of articles of “We believe it WAS AN INSIDE JOB!”, and see what happens?

  5. Where is Proofies analysis when you need it……….

    I understand that a Soi Dog found and ate the guys nuts after he blew them off.

    Oh my!

  6. Wombat said

    You simple fools. Do you not understand? This is all part of the great Zionist conspiracy.

  7. Obvious fabrications from the team of dedicated detractors and haters from the big mango brothel. Unable to move on after their business ventures went down in flames, and after losing large amounts of capital, they continue their hate campaign by impersonations and attempted character assassinations, missing no opportunity to attack and defame the many visitors to has always upheld the highest standards of free speech, and unlike other sites controlled by the big mango bar’s dedicated detractors and haters, respects the truth, and provides a censorship-free environment for open discussion. No comments are censored, removed or altered – unless a contributor specifically makes a request to have materials removed that expose them or violate their privacy. continues to push the envelope as a compelling destination to read-up and learn about Thailand culture, and valuable information for travelers to South-East Asia. (for example to be aware that Apple’s iphone will not properly work in Thailand, while Android phones are a better choice, especially if you value less big brother in your lives).


  8. (shakes head, rolls eyes)

  9. Mr Obvious said

    The former sex tourism blogger and pathetic CSUN professor continues with his lies and disinformation. No wonder professor Ng has such poor ratings on the rate my professor site.

    • Oh, I bet he’ll claim those are just more lies and defamations by the mango boys — disregarding that his negative ratings go back waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy before the feud.

      The guy’s a grade-A loser.

  10. No-no-Ng said

    Ng is such a loser he can’t even keep his domain name and server online. Doesn’t the idiot ever read his emails? Surely his hosting and domain name registrars sent him reminders? Or is he just so piss poor that he can’t afford to run his crappy site any more. That would be a big blow not only to his own ego, but also that of that fucker Summers.

    Talking of which, Summers has nowhere he can post his lies. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! At last, the world is rid of that mfucker.

    • Maybe Kenny has just gone more native than we thought – from a Thai/Face point of view, it would make sense to let the domain expire and get snapped up by a domain hoarder – and then claim that it was just some externally caused accident that forced the site to be taken down.

      Of course, only a really dumb person blind himself to think that anyone will believe that.

      Hahaha Hehehe Hohoho!

      As for Summers now missing an outlet – Summers never posted in the comments on Kenny’s site, so it’s a non issue.

    • Though I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing a return of the sockies before long. I guess better start exercising the ban hammer.

    • Though my guess would be that Kenny’s struggling to move to another host, after his old hosting provider inexplicably did a “take-down” of his old sites (because both and are BOTH in the same condition.

      He’s probably in the process of recovering all his valuable data…

  11. Big Boring Kenny said

    This coming week is finals week at CSUN. Now, since this is the end of the school year I was wondering, is the bounty for a photo of Professor Kenneth Ng at a gogo venue still available? What is it up to now? I thought I saw at one point it was 15000 baht but can’t find the thread.

    I read that Kenny is on a short leash and has been told to walk the straight and narrow, so there’s a good chance he will be staying clear of Thailand. But I’m gonna be in Bangkok in a couple weeks and want to know the details on the bounty just in case I happen to see him.

    • Whatever the current bounty is (I believe it was 10,000 Baht), I will raise it to 20,000 Baht and pay the balance.

      Maybe we can have a ‘pledge drive’ to see how much others will pledge to the cause – it never hurts to motivate.

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