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The Duke’s rebirth… another Kenny FAIL!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 8, 2012

of the
The Duke sure looks pretty nice after the renovations, eh?
Big Mango’s doing really well, too (Happy Birthday Daywalker, you crazy roustabout!)
One party after the other, cool renovation, new bigger menu, pretty girls.
Looks to me like that bar waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down Soi 4 is  “WINNING!” (and not in that Charlie Sheen kinda way) – while Kenny, Prufrock, and their “entourage” all seem to have gone….. absolutely nowhere.
Everyone Else = Last Laugh!

25 Responses to “The Duke’s rebirth… another Kenny FAIL!”

  1. Garth Adeleman said

    Didn’t Kenny predict the sale, not the demise of the Duke? Who knows. He said a lot that I always took with a grin of salt.

    • Yea……..

      “The lease most likely expired or was abandoned and the landlord is preparing the space for a new leaseholder”

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Since Kenny covered those two options, I think we can be safe to assume that the third option, “Mango Boys sold the property for a tidy profit” is what actually happened. Judging by how well the Big Mango Bar is doing, and all the renovations and improvements, I’d say DW made a good return on his investments.

      Of course, if either of those are true, and the Duke is under new management and ownership, then why did Kenny’s hatred and antagonism continue on beyond that point? What have those new owners ever done to him?

      We should ask Kenny – after all, he reads our site daily…. directly from his CSUN offices.

  2. Bangers Bill said

    Garth – Yes, he certainly did say a lot. Unfortunately most of what he said was nowhere near the truth. He did say it was sold. He also said it went out of business. I think there’s a post on BigDummyKenny where it was pointed out that the building the Duke was in was vacated while undergoing structural renovations and that “After Hours” was opened across the street and was staffed by many Duke employees. Kenny knew about the building being remodeled and all the other businesses, not only the Duke, were forced to close up while renovations took place.

    It’s what he chose to say as well as what he chose not to say. Kenny demonstrated he has no integrity as he never retracts or updates his stories when he’s wrong. I call that behavior unethical and it makes me wonder why the continued association of California State University with Kenneth Ng.

  3. Wombat said

    To be honest I doubt there was much of a return on the Duke. No shame in that. How many dream of moving to Thailand & starting a business but don’t. I have only been thinking about it intermittently since 1989.

    As for fat boy I believe it is called tenure. Though if a handicapped lesbian from an ethnic minority who happened to have read a chapter in a book on economics once hoved into view then he would be screwed, figuratively.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I do believe the University has hired another Economics Associate Professor as a lecturer in a position IDENTICAL to Kenny’s – that, along with the crack-down on any links to him… well, form your own opinion.

      Bangers Bill : “I call that behavior unethical and it makes me wonder why the continued association of California State University with Kenneth Ng.”

      Kinda goes along with standard Academic ethics of “best to do nothing”…

  4. Graham said

    I missed Kenny at my party the other week. As it was a free bar – I thought it’d be right down his street?

    • He’s too busy trying to increase blog traffic with Keith and Paul to bother. BTW kudos to Big Dummy Kenny for ignoring that whole mess. What a waste of time.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Graham – I’m sure if Kenny wasn’t busy with his CSUN classes he would have attended. Nothing personal I’m sure.

      @ BBG – Mess and waste of time sums it up. Appears to be Kenny’s last stand to keep his blog alive with some content other than the spam and his various sock puppet’s comments.

    • RealDaffyDuck said


      Nearly *all* the comments in this thread are by the same series of sock-puppets, originating from the same 3 IP ranges – our ronru friend from Australia, one from Thailand, and a very frequent one from the CSUN / Northridge campus IP range.

      Not a single of those comments is actually from the ‘real’ Keith Summers.

  5. That is sad! Three grown ass men cyber jacking each other off.

    I assume the Thai IP is Prufrock.

    What is the purpose of keeping that blog alive? Pride?

    • Pride?

      Isn’t that spelled “stupidity”?

      Not sure about it being Prufie. It’s not his usual IP range, but most of all, it’s not his usual rambling style in any of those posts.

      I miss the crazy loon and his incoherent SMS’ – NOT!

      Incoherent Ramblings

  6. Shiner said

    Didn’t Kenneth Ng get his hands slapped about posting on her blog from campus during work hours? What a giant twat. The best move Cal State University could make at this point is to offer him a severance package to get the promoter of sex tourism out of their classrooms once and for all.

    But never mind Professor Ng and his floundering teaching career, what does he have against the current owners of the Duke of Wellington? That asshole knows it’s not owned by the Big Mango owners but Kenny continues to post comments that says it is. What a gigantic twat! Kenny would be an easy target for a lawsuit if he had anything worth going after.

  7. Wow I didn’t know you and Prufrock were texting buddies. That must have been fun/annoying!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Oh yeah, we’re really close – NOT!

      That’s why I found it funny when he kept claiming that *I* texted him dozens of times, when it was him who sent me these missives.

      Frankly, this was during the time that he claimed to be receiving these text missives, so maybe he fired this back at me assuming the SMS he received were from me (or, maybe, it was just the voices in his head) – then again, this was also right around when I posted some articles addressing Prufrock on BDK (you know, the site he *never* reads), and the message arrived within 45 minutes of the article going up (you know, on the site he never reads).

      Whatever happened to good old Prufie – he’s not even seen in Tilac Bar anymore.

  8. The Duke of Wellington’s closure was the beginning of the Mango Empire Collapse – it was shut down after being repossessed by the landlords when Graham stopped paying rent, and the landlord then sold the property to a new owner.

    The Mango is next – it’s just a matter of time until it goes down the same way.

    This is just more propaganda by the Mangonauts and their business partners to try to maintain a facade of normalcy.

  9. BigDummyKenny said

    @ BigBabyKenny – Repossessed? Just curious where did you get your information? We’ve already covered this Kenny, but it seems your memory needs to be refreshed

  10. It is well-known that the lease had expired or was abandoned and the landlord had prepared the space for a new leaseholder – which was incorrectly reported as a “renovation” of the entire building. This was propaganda spread by sympathizers of the Mango Bar guys.

    The owners and investors lost their initial investment plus more as the bar bled money month after month as the prospects of a sale dwindled, until it was abandoned, and the investors had no further recourse.

  11. adman said

    BBK, you can blow smoke all you want. The photos and the links say all that need to be said.

    The fact is that the entire building was renovated and the business’ in the building were closed during that time.

    The fact is that the Duke of Wellington Pub is once again open in the same space.

    The only thing well known is that you have had it out for the owners of the Big Mango since they removed your submission about stalking girls at Buddhist shrines.

  12. More hate being spewed from the team of dedicated detractors and haters from the big mango brothel. Unable to stomach the continued success and popularity of they continue the hate campaign of impersonators and continued character assassinations, missing no opportunity to attack and defame myself and the many visitors to

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  13. BigDummyKenny said

    @ BBG & RDD – It’s interesting that Prufrock’s habit of going off on a long diatribe has rubbed off on Kenny.

    But nice to see that some things never change. He doesn’t answer questions and just blows smoke when his credibility is challenged. I haven’t brought out the Bullshit award in awhile and Kenny’s comment certainly deserves the red ink.

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