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What Happened to ?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 16, 2012

Is this the end?

Is the noose tightening? Maybe “Herr Professor” would like to chime in?


27 Responses to “What Happened to ?”

  1. Garth Adeleman said

    Interesting inquiry. Anybody know the answer? Was it really his site? I thought he was shut down by the man.

  2. Garth Adeleman said

    Better yet, what is up with the Saphan Loy site?

    • Bangers Bill said

      Saphan Loy posted a new article a few days ago. He also makes mention that the BigBabyKennethNg website had been taken offline:

      “or those of you following everyone’s favourite economics professor, this may come as a shock. His alternative blog, formerly has been removed for a Terms of Service violation. Now, truth be known, it was clear that this particular blog wasn’t really our cherished Professor Ng’s work. Professor Sexpants probably got a sore ass from having his identity replicated by someone with a clear agenda, one that included calling attention to his actual and degrading writings of yesteryear. For Ng to complain to the folks at WordPress because someone stole his identity is a real riot, given the fact that he has engaged in that strategy on his site for a very long time. Whatever the truth, what goes around…you know the rest.”

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Garth – The BBK wordpress site had many of his posts from his original blog so it very well may have been and the powers may have caught wind of it and they forced him to take it down, again.

    Saphan Loy may be busy with his literary project he mentioned earlier in the year. Maybe if you post an inquiry over there he’ll reply.


  4. WordPress management recognized that this website was a forgery and disabled it upon being informed by my lawyer. This site’s continuous antagonism towards my legitimate travel information site will be dealt with in due time as well.

    • Bright Spark Alert said

      So much for defending free speech, eh Kenny?

      “This site’s continuous antagonism towards my legitimate travel information site will be dealt with in due time as well.”

  5. BigDummyKenny said

    @BigBabyKenny – Legitimate travel information? Where?

    I’ll take “antagonism” to mean that you don’t like our readers and contributors continually correcting errors and omissions made on your site.

    Thank you.

  6. First, was never a commercial enterprise making money or intending to make money off the sex tourist trade. was hosted on a private leased server which was paid for out of my own pocket.

    Second and more importantly, was never a site that promoted the sex tourist trade. It was site about traveling and infrequently dating, and marriage in Thailand — what the site referred to as The Thailand Scene.

    This was well-known and recognized in Thailand blogosphere circles.

    The most consistent advice I offered on the site was that men seeking long term relationships in Thailand should look outside the bar scene for suitable partners.

    On this was called Going Off The Reservation where The Reservation was a slang term referring to the bars and clubs which cater almost exclusively to foreigners and which are populated with girls who either hang out there on their own time or, like the prostitutes employed by brothels like the Big Mango Bar.

    Third, was an open uncensored site where not only was discussion not restricted but where posts from any reader on any subject were published and debated. although not intending to be an educational site, provided anyone who regularly read the site the most accurate and comprehensive real life look at the nitty gritty details of traveling in Thailand.

    I have always seen myself and as the ultimate protectors of truth, in a blogosphere populated by self-serving commercial blogs like this one, or stickman, or the Big Mango brothel website. I stand by the truth of my statements.


    • “ was never a site that promoted the sex tourist trade”

      Kenny’s attempt to once again whitewash his sex tourism site has a whiff of guilt about it.

      For those of you at CSUN who regularly check in I’m providing a link to see some of Professor Ng’s finest work along with some quotes from CSUN’s favorite son.

      By the way. SWSM stand for Street Walkers Super Market for those of you who unlike Professor Kenneth Ng are not experts on Thai Hookers. P4P means Pay for Play = Promoting prostitution in Thailand

      Some quotes from Professor Ng……………

      “SWSM (pronounced swizum) is an acronym for The Streetwalker Supermarket. It is a small side street next to the railroad tracks near the Petchaburi/Rachadaphiskek/Asok Montri intersection where girls stand on the street looking for P4P”

      “You can separate the regulars from the club girls by keying on their dress and how aggressive and forthright they are when you drive through”

      “The Gold Standard of SWSM hookups is a pair or troika of Thai club girls swinging by the SWSM together. When you see this and are interested take my advice and negotiate for the group package”

      “You can also dictate the order in which you bang the girls so that the fat ugly one bats cleanup and when it is her turn conveniently run out of bullets. Then you can whip out your “since you can’t do her, it is only fair that someone do her if she wants her portion of the money” argument. After all she is getting paid and fair is fair. Right”

      “Instead of going to a loud overpriced RCA/Rachada disco, wasting your time trying to sweet talk girls who have no interest in you, flushing money down the crapper buying drinks for girls who won’t give you the time of day, and going home broke, horny, and alone, swing by the SWSM. The club girls at the SWSM are the ones who are interested and will give you the time of day”

      “After you have become a SWSM regular, sorting the girls into their appropriate categories avoiding problems and finding what you want becomes second nature”

      “The SWSM and places like it are what make The Thailand Girl Scene the bomb”

      Yea Kenny……..BigBabyKenny was about dating and the Thailand Girl Scene if the Thailand Girl Scene equals girls standing out on a street corner waiting for a customer.

      “Using the SWSM is easier if you have a car” “With a car, you can drive up, get in line, crawl along the line of girls, talk to the ones you are interested in and easily transport the chosen ones back to your condo/house/hotel”

      – Aint the internet a bitch…..thank goodness for the wayback machine.


    • Wombat said

      Of course, one could also read his treatise on malingering in university libraries & stalking the girls who are there doing legitimate research. Inspiring from a professor.

    • Graham said


      If the Mango is a Brothel, why were you rejected by one of the girls when you propositioned her.
      – silly question. Don’t answer that!

      You talk shit, you give out miss-information and you have no credibility what-so-ever.

      Someone stick a fork in him. He’s done.

      Much love – The Dumbass Oilfield Roustabout!

      P.S…. when are you going to meet up with me? C’mon, a big boy like you will have nothing to fear from me!
      I am all about the love. I’ll even buy the drinks as I know you don’t have money to burn.

  7. Saphan Loy said

    There are so many things wrong with Professor Ng’s comments above that it is difficult to know where to begin. First, there is absoultely nothing legitimate about his website If he were attempting to provide a travelogue or some kind of antrhorpological analysis of Bangkok’s sex trade, his failure cannot be more complete than is evidenced by his galleries of photographs of women attempting to live their lives in Thailand by visiting a shrine, or dancing on the hoods of vehicles. Secondly, his threats of legal action are laughable. The promotion of transnational prostitution (as he has written about) is a felony, and his semi-retarded lawyer (whose success with WordPress is enemic) had better bone up on Costitutional law before he threatens anyone. He (or she) should spend some time reading through the reams of commentary that Ng allows to thread through his retarded website that detail the following: pedophilia, mental illness, and third world protitute exploitation.

    The View from Above

  8. I love you, Kenny!!! You’re the best. Keep writing about ladyboys, and don’t let anyone stop you, you homo man. Power to the People!!! And we love California!!! Spark up, bro!!!

  9. Jimmy Boy said

    Hey Professor.

    This video on youtube says it all

  10. RealDaffyDuck said

    Are you kidding me?

    Is Kenny a glutton for abuse and punishment? How long until his ‘supporters’ start showing up?

    Traffic that bad, Kenny? You getting that desperate?

  11. has always upheld the highest standards of free speech, and respects the truth, while providing a censorship-free environment for open discussion. continues to push the envelope as a compelling destination to read-up and learn about Thailand culture, and valuable information for travelers to South-East Asia, along with advice on how to discard the shackles of corporate domination, like Apple’s devices, so that you can enjoy free and open computing. will continue to thrive, because provides something other hater and detractor blogs do not – dedication to quality, accurate information and providing a compelling, open and free-speech environment. will continue to stand behind its formula for success: No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, and No Bullshit!


    • Uh, Kenny, you *do* realize that your efforts to promote your site on here are kinda, uhm, pointless – mostly because you are a laughing stock.

      Though, food for thought “Mr. No Censorship”, we are not altering the URLs of any sites you post on here, unlike you (Mr. No Censorship” are regularly doing over on your site – relentless altering any URL links that post to this site, by pointing them to a site more appropriate to your own lack of class).

      How do you consolidate that behavior, with your “No Censorship” claims…?

      Oh, right, you can’t.

    • Wombat said

      Thriving? Your last post was 2 months ago. About a buffet. No doubt you stuffed yourself.

      Thriving? More like abandoned.

      Thriving? Yeh just like your career.

    • Graham said

      “respects the truth”

      Why is it you publish that my name is Graham H Jones and work for Saudi Aramco and graduated in 1991 at London University having studied Petrochemical Engineering?

      It is no secret that last month I had my 37th B’day party at the Mango (that you said was sold?) If I was born in 1975, then I graduated Uni at 16!! Which means I started Uni at 12!! I am good… but I am not that good!

      Oh, and my middle name doesn’t start with an H either, you fucking halfwit. So well done for slandering some guy who has nothing to do with your little feud!

      So tell us again about how you speak the truth?

      Also dipshit, you claim the Duke was abandoned? It was sold. Sold to the same guy who owns it today, with the same staff.

      Truth? You can’t handle the truth!

      You should re-brand your site as a comedy site, as we’re all laughing at you!

  12. Just more froth from the dedicated haters and detractors – continues to push the envelope of truthful censorship-free reporting, enjoying record setting popularity and web traffic, while this site lingers in obscurity.

    The information reported on is accurate – I have always said that I will correct and remove any information that is pointed out as being inaccurate as long as this is brought to my attention on This is being done frequently when dedicated haters and detractors impersonate many of’s regular and valuable contributors.

    • Graham said

      Kenny – refer once again to the comment above your drivel. You really are one dumb sex-tourist.

    • Wombat said

      Continues? Since when? 2 months ago. About a buffet. Must be some case of indigestion.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Kenny’s traffic – 3 IPs, one of them from the valley / Northridge. Not even Prufrock tunes in anymore (I guess he finally figured out Kenny was stringing him along with fake “Daffy” posts, and predictably he was none too pleased). Kenny successfully burnt all of his bridges, and it’s telling that he’s been reduced to begging for traffic over here.

      Meanwhile, back at the Mango — Graham is partying it up, the Mango is doing better than ever, and party nights are packed (good thing too, or else losers like Twoser would have no free food)

  13. So let me get this straight………. The Little Professor posts on the parody site of him as BigBabyKenny but doesn’t have the guts to post on his own site? Actions like this say a lot about a man.

    Big Dummy needs to break out the bullshit pen or just delete the comments.

    They provide nothing to the conversation

    • Yeah, and once we do that, you just know exactly WHO will be the one screaming bloody censorship all over the blogosphere!!

      I have a theory that he can’t post on his own site anymore, because he is watched, and with the university having basically hired Kenny’s replacement, and having him teach half of Kenny’s classes, Kenny must be scared shitless to make so much as a single mistake (always considering that he won’t back down from authority – that’s just his personality thing, right?)

      He must think that posting on here is “safe” – though I don’t see what he is hoping to achieve. My guess, based on his baiting of “whoever complains about impersonations *ON MY SITE*”, is that he’s trying some of us to start posting on his site — at which point, I have no doubt, the sockpuppets would re-appear (which he is also too scared to actually use over here). Also, notice how elsewhere he’s baiting his former buddies?

      Funny guy.

  14. adman said

    Kenny, your claims are laughable.

    You claim to be a defender of no censorship when you’ve altered, deleted or failed to release from moderation at least 20 of my comments on your (now defunct?) website.

    For you to talk about other people playing fast and loose with the truth is humorous: you are the poster child for that type of online behavior.

    The claims you make reveal you to be a liar.

    That is the plain and simple truth.

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